My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the e veto. You might be wondering ive already done this review derrick. This is the tourer version, which means its got the passenger seats inside of it. They can take a driver and eight passengers, so lets get started Music so very much like the veto review and ill pick that up on the screen, if youre interested in the commercial side of electric vans and electric vehicles, the front of this you wouldnt know thats Any different to the regular uh veto or e veto, sorry, the veto or the veto. Tour um led lights, but you will notice that the charging port isnt in the front anymore. It is down over here, and you have ac and dc and well talk about some of the figures on that, but otherwise nice fog lights down here at the front, this ones in white ive seen them in silver and they look really well with some privacy, glass And its got the tow hitch over here on this side, hopefully that you wont need it, but otherwise very similar front and they get that team across that e veto range and especially the tour run. People wont know what that, unless they know, lets have a look down along the side. Moving down along the side, youll start to see the e blue electric with the electric blue on it um badging. So you will notice that these are continentals and they are two four five 55 17 inch alloys with disc brakes on that good big wing mirrors double doors on either side differences there to start to become apparent, then, between the evito tour and the eqv, which is The more premium passenger only version where this is the commercial van – that theyve put seats into um manual doors, but good big entrance in it and everything is carpeted and has rails in it as well.

So you can remove them, and what you have here is a bench seat of two and then a separate seat of one, so theres lots of different configurations. You can move them up. You can move them down, but we talked about the inside in a minute. Good big long, wheelbase, um and then at the back, then youve got that barn door. So lets have a quick look around at the back, but otherwise you could have this branded. You could have this with privacy glass overall, just a a really good veto van is up to the ev tone. Its the tour version lets have a look at the back down along the back then again, similar to a regular veto. Youve got that high level brake light. Youve got some more badging, so it is the blue e. So you know, but without that its just a regular tour youd see a lot of these in hotels, shuttle, buses, taxis, larger families. This one has the barn door and for even with the three rows of seats, sorry, the main front row and then the two rear rows, theres still a good space in the back of this, like very impressive lets, have a look on the inside well go through Each of the rows and access it, how you get in and out, but uh closing this down is a handle up here with the eqv more money, but you will get that power tail lift in it as well.

In the back, you will get um access to the jack and easy access to get out. The seats yeah well spec well finished lets have a look on the inside whats it like inside the mercedes, evito tour, um, very similar to the sprinter and the veto that ive already covered and some of the stuff about the eqa on the door. Um, like all the vans that ive covered the veto on the esprit or ev 20 sprinter to save energy theres, a driver, seat, thats, heated, three stages: you have your lock and unlock, and you have your electric wing mirrors and um front. Electric windows youve got a good size door bin for your water bottle. The two cup holders that are on the top of the dash are a small bit small for the likes of this theyre. More for coffee cups and youve got a decent sized door. Pocket seats are manually, adjusted and youve got lots of different um movement on it, lots of different positioning, and you have that arm rest here as well down front of my knee. You have light control, you have the handbrake release and if you remember from the veto, its a foot pedal and then its a pull handle release, so you can hear it clunking. You can hear it there and then to engage it. You push it down. Nice air vents on it, as i mentioned, youve got the two coffee cup holders, lots of document holders um very similar dash, but just that small bit more premium versus the veto, because obviously this is a passenger version.

This has your speedometer on the left. With your battery gauge, you have your infotain or your digital display in the middle, and you can rotate as to whether you want that to be range. Energy used lots of different features, and then you have your energy consumption, whether youre on charge for regen, economy, 50 power and boost, and then the actual power that youre taking out the driving steering wheel is much nicer than the veto that the commercial one, because it Has the multi function buttons on it? You have your regen paddles. Behind it left hand side, you have your um drive mode, selector, reverse neutral drive and park and left right hand, side. Youve got your indicators, you have your window wipers and then you have your cruise control underneath that as well. It is a traditional key and very um similar to the other vans, so you pop it in you turn it to engage and then to turn it on. You hold it down: um nice infotainment system, you have android, auto and apple carplay. You have navigation, you have radio, your telephone, youve system and youve got voice control. Uh your volume youve got your selector wheel. Youve got your dynamic button, your hazard lights and then youve got your manual air conditioning unit here set the temperature you want set the fan, speed and whether you want air control or not, and you can direct where you want it, recirculating, etc. Youve got one 12 volt down the very bottom in the very middle remnants of a transmission tunnel there, and then you have glove box which is actually not a bad size and two full size.

Now the passenger in the middle would probably be a bit uh. Dependent on under height will be restricted with regards to the central dashboard, but otherwise it is um. Good quality good feel weve got that comfort unit up top as well. With regards to, if youve got the sos button, youve got your sunglass holder, youve got your lights and youve got your two visors, both with mirrors and lights. You would be very comfortable driving this all day. Every day, lovely driving position were going to take out the road after this, but lets have a seat in the back and see what its like for passengers. So this is set for me. Im 187 centimeters six foot two and all money, but lets have a look in the back whats it like a button. The back of the mercedes e veto middle row is actually not bad. Great space like massive and good head room. Youve got your reading light. Youve got your handles, but there is no chargers. There is no cup holders in this middle rope. There are in the rear row. If you want to get in the back, then you just knock this down and then theres a lever at the back here then as well, and it ships it forward so theres plenty of space to get into the back of that rear wall in the either side Of the rear, youve got cup holders, youve got pockets, cubby holes and youve got 12 volt chargers as well.

I just cant seem to find them in the middle section and the rear section. The two seats so its broken up to a bench of two in a single seat and they can move around independently, youd be getting in. On that side, two isofix in the middle and two isofix in the back as well lets have a spin in the back to see if i fit as mentioned before, im 187 centimeters six foot two and theres so much raw space in the middle row. I could fit in the back here, but youve been putting the bench forward cup holders, as i mentioned uh some speakers, great headroom, and if you do move that seat forward, you will be able to fit me into the back. Well. The whole thing moves forward. Very good, okay, yeah lets, take it out for a spin whats it like driving the mercedes e veto tour, as those of you who know who are subscribers to the channel and have watched a lot of my reviews and ive got a nice section of electric van Reviews, you know i like an electric van, and this is the marriage of both worlds. It has the convenience of carrying a number of passengers and this can carry up to nine passengers. Sorry, nine people in total the driver and eight so its uh, three rows of three three front: three middle and three back and the rear rows of seats are all on rails.

So you can take out the rear rear. The last row of three, if you wanted to have a lot of luggage room, so this is shows the capability of this shape. This form factor of van and doesnt have the downside of having to carry a huge payload, so obviously youre going to be carrying eight passengers, but theyre not going to add up to a lot potentially. So what you have here, then, is you have a 100 kilowatt hour battery 90, kilowatts, usable, a wltp of 351, sorry, 350 and thats. What i got when i got in this this morning, ive had it for a couple of hours: ive done, motorway ive done urban and its not knocking anything out of it. I watched a couple of reviews for people when they put on the um air conditioning. It absolutely kills it now. It hasnt been cold enough for me to stick that on for the driver, there is a um heated seat for some reason. This uh, this van, has a preset that once you sit into the van it comes on, it took me a little minute to figure that out. I was wondering why my seat was getting so warm but um. So the form factor is, is the veto form factor and you can see in my review on the channel, but it is for passengers so perfect for – and i get to ask this a lot potentially large families, businesses that are looking to move people around so whether Its a hotel shuttle bus, whether its a taxi – and this takes a lot of boxes now we dont have a price as of yes its just after coming into ireland, so its the e veto tourer.

This is not the same as the eq v, which is more luxurious. This has manual doors uh, the cabin wouldnt be as nicely fitted out. Uh still acceptable. Dont get me wrong and you would have seen that when i did the uh the walk around and the sit in the cab and in the back, but the eqv, then youd have um automatic opening doors a bit more stylish. Looking but anyway, the evita tour or the one im reviewing today um handling is nice again, as always, you know that theres a huge battery and you can feel it in it, but it has that low center of gravity. It has a nice driving position. The seats are good. The suspension is set up well for a heavy battery, great visibility, front and side, but rear, not great, because youve got the headrest of the second and the third raw seats within that as well. So you can see elements of the um. The back window, bush youre, really sure, were going to be reliant on the wing mirrors and then theres a nice reversing camera with a couple of different viewing modes on it as well. There is a dynamic driving mode. There is a couple of stages of regen three stages: it sets off in the d, but you can go d, minus or d plus, so d minus is uh the heaviest regen level and its clear and simple. This one is a step up on the e veto that i reviewed the commercial one, because it has a nicer infotainment system.

It has android, auto and apple carplay um, and it has all the multi function buttons on the steering wheel as well um, whereas the if i remember correctly, the ev, the commercial one wasnt that it was uh it was utilitarian, is the word i like to use. First, so the driving its lovely and smooth its lovely and quiet road noise is probably the only thing that youre going to hear and thats, not too bad, um overall yeah, its good yeah. Let me know in the comments what you think if you were a family – and this was in your budget – obviously we we know its not going to be on the inexpensive side, but i can see this being in a in a silver or a black, with the Tinted windows in the back to privacy, glass, very nice for business or for our family, um and youre future proofing as well, because theyre adult sized seats, you know as kids, get older or members of your family. You need access in and out, because its easy to get in and out of Music overall again great to see them coming on the road and great to see them with such a big battery size. With this range, like 350, and even at like at 300 kilometers thats, a lot of range for for carrying so many people around the heating is the only thing that would worry me but like any electric vehicle, you just have to manage that and when youve got Eight people in the in the van along with yourself body heat, will will do a lot to heat up this cabin.

So initially, you might need to turn on the blower to get the ambient temperature up push the internal temperature up overall impressed good, solid mercedes, build quality, and i suppose the battery is the thing im most impressed with and the size of the battery before we wrap Up todays review, just some stats and figures its in a two wheelbase vehicle length, is just over 5.1 meters seats. Nine vehicle curb weight is two eight two three two three kgs and it has a gross vehicle away to our gvwr of three and a half thousand tons, and it has a payload of 677 kgs. The powertrain is a 150 kilowatt e motor up to 300 newton meters, torque possible. It has a 30 percent hill star capability at the gvwr and the wltp test carried out. It was at 130 kilometers an hour. Um battery installed is 90 kilowatt hours. The charging charging power time is um, ac, its an 11 kilowatt and its zero to 100 in five hours, and the dc is a 50 kilowatt, its not the fastest and then 20 to 80 percent. Sorry 22 100 takes 60 minutes and the wltp range is 350 kilometers claimed. I was getting around about 330.. Hopefully youve enjoyed todays review, make sure youve subscribed to the channel hit.