Now, as you might know, mg is actually a chinese company. Now it was bought out by the chinese mega company saic, and the mg5 is actually sold as the railway i5 over in china, because, allegedly when saic tried to buy mg, they couldnt get rover, so they also launched their own brand. That kind of sounds like rover and the badge looks a little bit like rover as well. So although the mg5 is a new car in the uk, the railway i5 has actually been around for a few years now, and one of the big giveaways that this is a chinese market car is the massive grill massive grills are all the rage in china and Thats, why you see a lot of car manufacturers going over to whopping big grills at the moment? Think bmw well pretty much mainly bmw but whats quite funny on the mg5. Is that? Because this is an electric car, it doesnt need any kind of cooling. So this massive grille up front is there purely for the aesthetics, even if its a bit iffy and because were running on 16 inch wheels the proportions of this car just dont look quite right now, even though this is a chinese car, it actually reminds me of An austin montego estate, which is a very british and very rubbish car two things you cant say about the mg5. The back of the mg5 is pretty uninspiring. Youve got quite an apologetic rear wing back here, but you do get this chrome strip.

That has a whiff of sophistication about it, but of course, the reason that you buy an mg5 is because its an estate car now a lot of electric cars today are either suvs, which are really expensive or super minis which are more affordable but well super minis. So the great thing about the mg5 is that back here you have 507 liters, which is really decent. Now there are bigger petrol cars out there like say at leon estate, and you can watch my review of that by clicking the link in the top right hand corner. But 578 liters is still very decent for an ev in this price range and you actually get a bit of under floor storage as well. If you want somewhere to tuck the cables away now, the big benefit as well of the mg5 is that its built from the ground up to be an electric car. So the batteries are stowed underneath the passenger compartment, and that means it doesnt take up valuable space in the back of the car. Hence why we get a very healthy boot space, theres, no storage, underneath the bonnet we dont have a frunk or a fruit, but you do have this little indent in the cover here, which i could guess you could use to store an instant pizza if youre, really Desperate for space and while im under here, we might as well talk about the motors theres one and its electric for obvious reasons, its over the front axle and it produces 156 horsepower now, thats, actually paired up with two different batteries: theres an entry level model, which Is a 52.

2 kilowatt hour battery with a range of miles and a 61.1 kilowatt hour battery with a claim range of 250., not bad, bearing in mind that the mg5s rivals are usually more expensive with worse ranges, and most of the time is smaller now to charge. This thing up this actually utilizes a hundred kilowatt charging. So if you find a suitable charger, which admittedly, is very difficult to find in the uk, you can go from zero to eighty percent battery in around 40 minutes and it gets even better when you take pricing into account. So the mg5 is eligible for the governments plug in car grant, which currently sits at two and a half thousand pounds. Although, if youre watching this video many many years into the future, the grant may have changed or could be scrapped altogether. But anyway, if youre watching this in 2021, it means that the mg5 with the grant included, comes in at just over 25 000 pounds. And if you want to go for a long range, well, thats only 26 500 pounds. Now you can actually get loads of new and nearly new deals on these over at yes, auto dot, co dot uk. So you might be able to save even more money im trying to find areas where mg has cut corners to bring the price of its car down, but im really struggling to find them, because the quality of this interior is a lot better than its price tag.

Would suggest, for instance, exclusive cars come with faux leather and its a really high quality, faux leather tube, and you get it on the seats, the dashboard and also a bit on the doors. The steering wheel feels kind of sporty, as well with perforated faux leather hand. Grips and also a flat bottom theres, a mesh like graphic on the dashboard, which does its very best to jazz up the rather dull interior design. But on a more positive note, you get metal effect, switch gear for the drive, select and also the climate controls. There are some dodgy plastics in here, particularly down here in the center console and also on the dashboard, but then out of sight and youre not really going to come into contact with them unless youre a car journalist and its your job to start prodding around bits Of the car, all cars get a small touchscreen infotainment system, its not what youd call high tech and can be quite slow and chuggy at times, but you do get apple, carplay and android, auto thrown in for free theres. Also, a part analog part digital instrument. Cluster. Now the digital screen does the job, but again like the infotainment system, it can just be a little bit on the clunky side. One of the few gripes i do have is that you have heated seats in here, but there are two settings which is off or absolute lava pit still, if you bear in mind the cost, its a really well equipped car, its just let down by a bit Of dodgy software, which, admittedly, you can get around by just loading up apple, carplay or android, auto, which is what most people do as soon as they get in the car things are pretty good in the back so im, just under six foot, ive got the drivers Seat in my position and leg room, not all that bad.

I think if you were six foot and over it might start to feel a little bit on the tight side and the same thing goes for headroom again, not too bad. But if you were six foot and over again might start to feel a little bit tight now, the actual seating position can feel a little bit awkward, and we see this in actually quite a lot of electric cars. So youve got quite a high floor, which means that my knees are kind of up in the air a little bit now a car like the vw id3. You can watch my review of that by clicking the link. In the top right hand, corner has a more bucket light design, so you sync into the rear seats, but you dont get that on the mg5. You do, however, get a pair of usb ports to charge up your phones, but only if you go for the exclusive car, the mg5 becomes even more of a head scratcher when you take it on the road, because in so many instances when you get really cheap Cars, they can sometimes be quite nice on the inside, but it all falls apart once you turn a wheel, but the mg5 is actually really really nice to drive the thing that stands out to me, the most its. How quick it is, like 156 horsepower isnt all that much, particularly when its in quite a big and heavy car, but the five just feels so rapid and put my foot down and pretty much at any speed between nothing and 60.

You get a really really quick throttle response. It just feels properly nippy and if youre like me and youre a fan of formula one and ive been watching it for quite a long time. Youll get a real kick out of the curse switch down here in the center console as well, which i assume stands for kinetic energy recovery system, which is exactly what it meant in formula one. But instead of getting a quick electric boost, like you would do in an old f1 car in here, it changes the battery regen. So what that means is when youre driving along and lift off the accelerator, the car will gently, apply the brakes to recoup some energy and put it back into the battery. Now this has three modes: if you put it in one, it just feels like a normal car like youre coasting when you lift off the accelerator. Two is a little bit more noticeable and three is even more noticeable, but it doesnt quite have the shove that you get in some electric cars. In fact, i believe it was the volvo xc40 p8 recharge that had a really aggressive uh battery regen, and you can watch my video review of that by clicking the link in the top right hand, corner the steering is really good as well its not got that Kind of air readiness that you find in a lot of modern cars today, which are direct but really vague, theres, actually a little bit yep thats the blade departure warning system, its got a little bit of weight to it and also its pretty responsive, no, its not Performance focus this isnt going to feel like a sporty car, but i feel like a good steering system like this.

Just lets. You drive the car with confidence, and the only kind of flaws i feel like i come across are more like little niggles. I kind of was talking about the heated seats earlier, which is kind of more of an on off switch, rather than something that you can adjust and something that does wind me up. A little bit is the semi autonomous driving modes, so there is mgs own version of teslas autopilot that you can get which has adaptive cruise control as well as a lane. Centering assist as well, which isnt too bad when youre on a motorway. But if you use it anywhere else, i feel like the steering can just get a little bit jittery as if it doesnt really know what its doing and if you try and take over the wheel goes really light and the car responds very quickly. So, in all fairness, i would like it if it was just adaptive cruise control, but having that kind of semi autonomous mode where theyre all working together, just doesnt, feel quite right, and something else that really winds me up too, is that, when youre driving along, i, Like to have the a digital readout of the speed in front of me, but when you activate the semi autonomous driver mode, youll then find that it will switch to the semiautonomous menu when youre driving along. So you have to flick back to see what your digital readout is and its really frustrating, because it means that every time you need to keep activating it, youve got to keep swiping back to the screen that you want to look at.

I dont know why it cant just stay on the screen that i want. So if you look at the mg5 compared to other electric cars, no its not the best out there, the infotainment system isnt that good and while the interior with this faux leather isnt bad, there are definitely better cars out there. And can we just talk about the design as well? Desirability has absolutely got to be a part of why you buy a car, and i think the mg 5 has a face. Only a mother could love, but when you consider how much it costs 25 000 pounds, if you want the entry level battery and 26 and a half, if you want the long range, which i think is absolutely the car to go for, then it makes a lot Of sense and its really hard to knock it, so the mg5 is probably one of the big surprises of the year.