Now, if you were wondering about driving an electric car across country, well, people been doing it, the guy just did it. He found the midwest was an ev wasteland. The machines didnt work right, there didnt work at all and they were spaced too far apart and realized. This is just the beginning of problems. Only a handful of people have electric cars. When i drive from tennessee to rhode, island back and forth right, i see two or three electric cars usually thats about it and i watch them all which ones have tail pipes which know which are teslas. You see the odd nissan leaf, especially cross country youre. Not going to see that many of them theres no infrastructure for it right. These people are saying: oh theres, a wasteland in the midwest thats hard to find it might take you 50 percent more time to get from one side to the other because of the time youre gon na waste. One guy did it and he found out that hey when hes charging it up. They could only do 10 15 of what it was rated for, because the machine didnt work right. They had failures, 150 kilowatt hours, but it would only give them 30. So it would take you know, five times as long to recharge the vehicle, relatively new machines right, they havent been doing electric charges for a while. Imagine when these things get old, they really start breaking down. Yeah the guy says: well, a lot of them are double theyre twin units, so theres two charges on each unit and if two people are charging them together, its bad enough that youre sharing it and now it would make it half.

He said it turned out that sometimes the guy who was there first, was getting three quarters and the other guy was getting less than a quarter of the charge and it was taking even longer, but just think about it. Most of these places, maybe theres four charging units four right, a long time to charge them usually at least an hour. What happens when theres, thousands or millions of electric cars an hour and theres 40 guys in plenty thats, 40 hours, youre gon na be waiting to charge your car right? This fantasy of electric cars is too much for me. They think you know oh yeah, everybodys gon na accept this. You got ta get the electricity from some place to begin with. What are they gon na do start putting a bunch of coal plants, they say. Oh, were gon na fix the infrastructure yeah, how many times ive seen the government say were gon na fix the infrastructure. They said that when its a kid growing up in new york, thats, why its worse than it ever was that was 45 years ago. I go back, the roads are full of holes worse than they ever were. You know yeah, they fixed the infrastructure right bunch of baloney and this infrastructure for electricity doesnt even exist. Yet so fat chance, thats going to be built up, and then people say: oh the electricitys, cheaper. No, it wont be theyll start taxing it as soon as people start using it.

Theyll start taxing somebodys got to fix the roads. Road tax will be on your electricity, but its not even there, and now people are saying its a real problem going around. With these things, imagine when there are hundreds of thousands or millions of people actually driving these things on the road. Where are they gon na get charged up from yeah, just isnt gon na happen? All those companies are gon na start going and they all jump in a bandwagon because thats how it always its like the gold rush back in 1800s right. They all rushed to california and a handful of people got rich. Everybody else lost everything. Dont hold your breath on cross country, electric car travel for the masses for quite some time, never problem now with new machines. Imagine when the machines get old and start breaking down even worse uzmankaji and he says scotty. Should i get a toyota corolla cross or a honda hrv well theyre, both actually pretty good vehicles, i would go for the cross. I had a customer bring me one in tennessee a few months ago, and i was totally impressed by that toyota cross for the money it was solid built in japan. It was really a well made vehicle. I was impressed by it. I got ta say for that kind of money. I was also impressed the other day here in rhode island. I had a guy bring me a brand new toyota corolla hatchback, and it was basically a modernized version of my toyota matrix.

I was impressed. I got paid 21.5 for that thing and it was and made you might look at the toyota corolla hatchback. It might change your mind to everything if that matrix ever wears out, hey id buy one of these corolla hatches for sure, of course, the matrix only got 80 000, so it might last another 20 30 years, but you made a good choice either way, but i Would go with the toyota kocho soalio when you hear a french joke renault motor company thats, a good one. You know back in 2000 renault bought nissan, which was a floundering company, and they made it flounder even more theyre like two floundering fish dry on the sand. Just waiting for the end to come theyre, you know theyre, not very good companies, its just. You know the way that it goes. Renault has been backed up by the french government over the decades, giving them all kinds of money to try to prop them up. Just like the american government propped up chrysler because chrysler made the abrams tanks and different military things. They didnt want to go bankrupt, but really its not a very good company. I would certainly not buy a french car. You know. Maybe theyll make better electric cars. Who knows theyre working on that, but hey electric cars? When are they actually going to be real? Nobody knows when theyre going to be mass produced and have the electricity to charge themselves grenades as far as im concerned is a joke and the joke would be on you if you bought one of them here in the united states because they pulled out decades ago Because of bad sales, bad repair, bad service, just bad all around brandy, ramirez says with gas prices going through the roof.

Do you think the popularity of the sedan will go back up? Well, it might you know theyre, just inherently more efficient, theyre low to the ground. Theyre, more aerodynamic and suvs do get worse. Gas mileage believe me, dont, believe the nonsense when they give you these rated for the suvs. Oh, this is rated at 38 miles a gallon. I had a brand new lexus that i was trying out for a week and it was only a four cylinder. I put it on economy. I drove from houston san antonio back, which is you know. Round trip is 300 something miles we put about 480 on the whole thing on the trip, and i had it on cruise control, eco, the economy that thing didnt get 23 miles a gallon. It was rated at 30, something but that isnt what that vehicle got. It got horrible gas mileage, theyre, big theyre boxing theyre high up in the air and the one that i had. They give you the luxury one. So it was all wheel, drive and the all wheel, drive ones get worse gas mileage, so maybe sedans will come back. I dont know maybe little bitty cars will start popping up in the united states. You know the volkswagen beetle was popular for a while. Maybe people get back to little cars. If gasoline gets five six dollars a gallon, you get a little bitty car that gets. You know 40 50 miles a gallon. I just uh tested out one of your viewers cars.

You bought a brand new toyota, corolla hatch. You got 40 miles a gallon on a highway on that thing. Gasoline engine plenty zippy, so maybe people just start scaling down a little bit more javier says i drove my truck extremely low on oil. My mistake: it drives fine, but im not sure if i can do anything to prevent damage or help. My mistake understand at least for people like you: cars are designed with a lot of safety, so, even though you were low on oil, you still had oil in the engine. If youre oil light never came on it, didnt do any damage because you had enough oil pressure. Now you dont want really dirty oil, because thats got more friction. It will wear your engine out faster over thousands and thousands of miles, but if your oil pressure light works and it didnt come on, you didnt really do any damage. You never want to drive when the oil pressure light goes on. They do have extra oil thats. Why theres the big crank case pump under it with a big pan, the oil pan that holds lots of oil so that, if you are bad people say, oh, my car ran out of oil. What can i do? There was no oil in the dipstick, i say when theres no oil and dipstick, you might still have three quarts and some cars and thats enough to make it run so dont. Do it again change it regularly? But i doubt if you did any kind of damage, because oil pressure light didnt come on, meaning you still had full oil pressure, meaning everything was lubricated throughout the engine.

Fibo says scotty im going to look at a 2010 kia forte today, with 80 000 miles on. I was wondering: is there anything i should look out for id look out for another car? If i were you im, not a fan of kia, they dont hold up over time its a 12 year old kia, but, on the other hand, depends on the mileage. My tax accountant used to have a kia shes got a v6 mustang convertible. She always wanted, but she had the kia for like 12 years and didnt have any real big problems now mind you. She only put 70 000 miles on it, so she didnt put that many miles on it. If you can get it cheap enough and its low enough mileage, it could be an okay car, dont overpay toyotas hondas are five times those cars. The last three four times longer, if not more, but if you can get kia cheap enough its like, i tell people, hey toyota, make great pickups get a toyota tacoma. Well, if theyre all fifteen thousand dollars, you can find a used nissan frontier for say five. Instead of fifteen thousand, it might not be a bad idea buying a frontier its so much cheaper. Put that in much just dont overpay for a high mileage kia, dylan garasa scotty should flip up headlights come back yeah. I thought they were cool, but theyd never come back. The reason they had flip up headlights is because cars are more aerodynamic when theyre smooth right.

So when you did flip up the headlights, they were no longer aerodynamic, obviously because they had these blocking right. The end of that was plastic headlights when theyre all plastic and theyre molded to the body of the car and theyre aerodynamic all the time. So theyll never bring back flip up headlights unless somebody just gets retro in their mind. They start making them like that. Theres! No reason to they can make the car look any way they want, because its all plastic molded to fit in with the body of the car and be streamlined. So somebody just goes crazy. Retro, hey, look! This guys got pop up headlights. Nobody else has with the designs and plastics theyre never going to do something like that again, oh god, diy says scotty. Is it boxers or briefs? Well, im, an old guy and for ages it was briefs now, im old and its boxers. I have been on a diet and i lost 25 pounds so now theyre not as tight as they used to be. They fit quite well now. You know the shorts theyre, not sticking to me like skin. You know so listen to your friends and relatives. If they tell you, hey, maybe its time to lose a little bit of weight, my son came up with the idea of the diet and he had a good diet having shakes with protein powder and stuff, and they work quite well. I do have to say so and it doesnt matter how you try to stay in shape when you get old enough, things are going to sag, it does not matter tiny whities.