This is the new hyundai kona electric, and here are the five things that you need to know. The new hyuna kona electric is based on the face lifted, hyundai corner that was launched here in malaysia earlier this year, which means it gets the newly designed bumpers, as well as the led daytime running lights, headlights and tail lights. Although the kona electric here actually gets body colored wheel, arches as opposed to the plastic cladding on the regular corner, there are three variants on offer here, although all of them essentially look identical on the outside down to the blacked out roof with roof rails, as well As the 17 inch alloy wheels, the only way to differentiate this lower end variant against the two higher end is the omission of the front facing radar sensor which well get to later Music. As we mentioned earlier, the new hyundai kona electric will be offered in three variants here in malaysia, segregated by their battery size performance, as well as charging speed. The two lower end variants called the kona electric light and plus both get a ‘.2 kilowatt hour battery providing 100 kilowatts or 136 horsepower and ‘5 newton meters of torque. The figure translates to a central spring time of 9.9 seconds onward to a top speed of 155 kilometers per hour and due to their identical battery size, both of them do 305 kilometers on a single charge based on the wltp test cycle, where the two models differ, Though is their charging speed with the lower end light variant, getting a 7.

2 kilowatt on board ac charger, taking six and a half hours for a full charge? The middle spec plus variant meanwhile gets a faster 11 kilowatt charger which shakes off two hours of the charging time down to four and a half hours topping the hyundai coolant electric range here in malaysia is the corner electric max, which gets a larger 64 kilowatt hour Battery pack, alongside the same high speed charger as the plus variant, the larger battery, gives the max more performance here, bringing it up to 150 kilowatts or 204 horsepower and in terms of performance figures, that means it does the sanctuary spring in 7.9 seconds onward to a Top speed of 165 kilometers per hour, the larger battery also gives it more driving range up to 484 kilometers on a single charge and charging it with the 11 kilowatt onboard charger takes seven and a half hours all three variants of the new hyundai kona electric do Actually, support high speed dc charging at up to 100 kilowatts, but based on a 50 kilowatt benchmark. The max here takes around 90 minutes to charge to 80, while the two lower end variants takes around 60 minutes, similar to the exterior the cabin of the new hyundai corner. Electric is also pretty much identical across the board with standard features, including a 10.25 inch. Digital instrument cluster display a 8 inch touchscreen infotainment display with wireless apple, carplay and android, auto 6 speakers; a single zone, automatic climate control, electronic gear selector, as well as parking brake as well as leather upholstery.

In two color options, the two higher end variants get additional powered front seats with the max, in particular, getting heated and ventilation systems head up display, as well as a wireless qi charging pad for your mobile phone as standard all variants of the new hyundai kona. Electric comes with lane, keeping and lane following assist forward. Collision avoidance, assist leading vehicle departure, driver tension warning as well as high beam assist the two higher end variants. Meanwhile, thanks to their additional radar sensor adds a smart cruise control system with stop and go functionality blind spot collision avoidance assist rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist as well as a safe exit warning. The new hyuna kona electric starts from 150 000 ringgit for the light variant moving up to 170 000 ringgit for the plus variant and 200 000 ringgit for the max variant. All prices are on the road without insurance and inclusive of tax exemptions.