Our feature for today is the 2022 mg zs ev, the british marx electrified subcompact crossover gets a nip and a, but what else does it bring to the table? The mg zs ev has its roots in the zs. Subcompact crossover, which is the second mg suv after the mg gs released by the british mark under chinese company saic motor its important to note that the zs name was previously used on a small family car produced by mg rover between 2001 and 2005. after saic acquired Mg in 2007, the nameplate was revived eventually becoming the brands best selling model in international markets. The standard zs made its public debut in 2017, first sold in china and eventually the united kingdom, an all electric version called the zs ev premiered at the 2018 guangzhou auto show two electric motors were offered one producing 141 horsepower and the other capable of 148 horsepower. Both were powered by 44.5 kilowatt hour batteries, available markets for the zsev included, the united kingdom parts of europe, india, china and thailand. It was hailed as the cheapest electric car in the australian market as of november 2020. Some three years after its introduction, the all electric version of the zs has been refreshed to make it more competitive in its highly contested segment. It builds on the success of the outgoing model, which has been mgs most successful electric vehicle to date, consistently ranking among the top 10 evs in the uk. The previous zsev was basically a copy and paste version of the standard, zs sporting, the same fascia without the combustion versions, fog lamps, as the combustion powered zs, underwent a facelift.

So too did the electric version to further differentiate itself from its gasoline counterpart, the star dust. Grill is gone. This has been replaced by a stamped front, mask that presumably improves aerodynamics, while somewhat referencing the previous design, unlike the old version, which hid the charging point underneath the mg logo, the new zsev relocates, the port right next to the emblem mg has included a four stage Led indicator making it easier for owners to view the vehicles charging status, much like the facelifted zs, the 2022 zsev also ditches the original london eye. Projector headlamps in their place lies a pair of sleeker, led versions accentuated by large daytime running lights. The front bumper on the zsev is now more streamlined with a split chin design, removing the faux skid plate on the old model. These styling changes help make the zsev more recognizable as an electric model, as the zv continues to use the same platform. There are practically no changes to the profile. The body colored door handles are still there, as well as the side moldings and body cladding around the wheel. Arches roof rails are still standard, while the two tone alloy wheels, have been redesigned with wider spokes out back the rear, led combination. Lamps have also been revamped. The blocky looking units have been replaced by more contoured ones that echo the boomerang motif on the headlamps. Even the rear apron has been revised with smaller reflectors at the corners of the bumper, along with a split diffuser like this video and subscribe to our channel today.

To never miss a new car review and stay up to date with the latest automotive news. Thanks for subscribing the restyled zs ev largely retains the same functional interior with room for up to five occupants. Theres, an abundance of black leather, with red contrast, stitching from the seats to the center console and even the multi function, steering wheel front occupants benefit from heated seats. While a panoramic glass sunroof lets ambient light in theres still 470 liters of luggage, space behind the rear passengers and the second row bench can be stowed if you need to make room for larger items, adding up to 1 100 liters of cargo volume, while the dashboard Layout remains practically the same. There are a few notable changes. A subtle carbon fiber effect is now more evident on the surface. The twin analog gauges have been replaced by a fully digital instrument. Cluster notice that the center console no longer has control knobs for the onboard entertainment systems, volume and temperature controls thats, because theyve been removed in favor of the upgraded 10.1 inch tablet style touchscreen head unit. The new display comes with mgs new ismart connectivity system that allows smartphone connectivity via a downloadable app. This converts your personal device into a remote control allowing you to adjust various aspects of the vehicle, such as the dual zone, climate control, charging and security features. Wireless smartphone charging is also available, although apple carplay and android auto continue to require a cable.

The 2022 zsev also gets an upgrade in terms of battery capacity. New, for this model is a 51 kilowatt hour battery pack, thats capable of delivering up to kilometers on a single charge, theres even a bigger 70 kilowatt hour battery pack, rated at 440 kilometers of range. In comparison, the old zsevs 44.5 kilowatt hour battery only managed a range of 262 kilometers. Both batteries deliver power to a permanent magnet synchronous, electric motor now boosted to produce 130 kilowatts of power and 280 newton meters of torque in standard range for the long range variant. This goes up to 280 newton meters of torque with a slight dip in power at 118. Kilowatts. Definitely a marked improvement from the outgoing zsev, which had a 44.5 kilowatt hour motor good for 105 kilowatts and 260 newton meters of torque. As you can probably guess, the upgrades also have the effect of increasing top speed. The new zsev can achieve 175 kilometers per hour beyond the 140 kilometers an hour that the outgoing model manages. The 2022 zsev supports both type 2 and ccs charging standard charging is done through an ac charger with a maximum output of seven kilowatts. It can bring the battery to full charge in ten and a half hours using a standard wall outlet, a service station equipped with more powerful dc rapid charging delivers up to 76 kilowatts, which fully charges the ev in just 42 minutes. As for safety rain, sensing wipers will be offered beginning on the trophy trim level.

All 2022 mg zs ev variants from the base. Se to the range topping trophy connect will come with adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and a 360 degree surround camera system. Another standard feature across the lineup is the mg pilot driver assist suite, which includes active emergency. Braking with pedestrian and bicycle detection. Lane keep assist with lane departure warning system is also present. Traffic jam assist, intelligent speed, limit, assist and intelligent, high beam assist are all included as well trophy and trophy connect variants, add rear, cross traffic, alert and blind spot detection with lane assist, live weather updates and real time. Traffic data are also offered on trophy connect. As for pricing, the refreshed 2022 mgz ev arrives in uk dealerships in november 2021 expect a sticker price of 28 495 pounds with government grants on the entry level. Se trim the mid range trophy variant will command a price of 30 995 pounds, while 31 495 pounds will be the price of admission for the top spec trophy connect mg will be offering a seven year warranty on its electrified.