They dont offer enough range and theyre just not practical enough. Well, nae says how about this? This is the new mg zs ev, its a sub 30 000 pound 270 odd mile, electric suv with a seven year warranty and a kick list that is longer than my right arm. But is it any good before we find out subscribe like this video and hit the bell icon to be notified when new videos go live the mg zs ev isnt completely new? This is a facelifted version of the increasingly popular family car, which means some styling changes. Some spec tweaks and a couple of new batteries, the biggest of which, as mentioned, will do nearly 300 miles on a charge. Every model comes in under the current cap for uk governments plug in car grant and at the time of filming, it was possible to have one of these big battery mgs on your drive for 319 pounds per month with a reasonable 10 ish percent deposit evs expensive. Not this one, okay, so 300 quid a month is still a big chunk of cash, but wed wager that a lot of you guys who are considering an mg zs, probably spending that kind of money on a diesel, nissan qashqai and just think you could feasibly fill This cars battery for less than 15 quid and thats before youve, taken into account whole life, costs things like company, car, tax and stuff, like that, so its pretty decent value for money.

Anyway, back to the changes you get, this new flush front end its been completely smoothed off and the grille has disappeared. You still get this front mounted charge port. Its moved from the badge to here on the side not sure why still super convenient to use elsewhere led lights. New bumpers. These 17 inch wheels theyre new as well, and so is this battery blue color. I know you get on the petrol car, but its new for the ev, but its in here where the mg zs really feels like a new car. Even before you pull away you get this new 10.1 inch screen thats running completely new software compared to the older mg5. It is packed with features. You get navigation, you get 360 degree cameras, you get apple carplay and you get android auto but, most importantly, its pretty slick to use its really well integrated its responsive and the menus are pretty intuitive as well, and then youve got these digital dials. Behind the steering wheel, i dont say this lightly: if you dump these in an audi or a mercedes, most people wouldnt know the difference its just a really classy piece of design again with loads of intuitive menus. Should you choose to use them, but it cant all be sunshine and rainbows, and while quality on the whole is very good in here, there are some cheap plastics on the doors up here now elsewhere. You do get this lovely leather style material on the steering wheel, but frustratingly it only adjusts up and down, not out towards you, which means its really difficult, sometimes to get a comfortable driving position.

Furthermore, these seat bases are really flat. Theres, not much in the way of thigh support. Mg has tried to keep things simple by offering just two batteries and two specs plus a single add on package for flagship cars. The range kicks off with the se, which brings most of the kit youll, want or need, including automatic, led lights, alloy wheels, climate control, keyless entry and those two screens trophies is above the se for around two and a half grand more and brings a panoramic roof. Heated leather effect seats and a better stereo. Both specs will eventually be available with both batteries, with a smaller range 51 kilowatt hour model going on sale in 2022. That model offers a claimed range of 198 miles, though weve not had a chance to try one. The one we have tried is the 72 kilowatt hour long range model in top spec trophy connect. Guys weve talked a little bit about the kit list, but lets now talk about the driving experience and if i had to use one word to describe what this car is like to drive, what would it be fun? No, not exactly quick, not quite comfortable yeah, sure its pretty comfortable quiet, yeah, its pretty quiet for a car of this price. But if there was one single word that i would use to sum up, this car and the way it drives, it would probably be unremarkable, and i dont mean that in a negative way, there are plenty of new car buyers.

The majority, in fact, that just want to get from a to b as reliably and efficiently as possible, and the mg does that no dramas. Another area where the mg is a little shy of being truly competitive is when it comes to charging sure. If youre only going to top up at home using a 7 kilowatt wall box, then it can mix it with the big boys. But if most of your top ups are from public rapid charges, then the mgs 76 kilowatt maxim cant match the likes of the peugeot e 2008 or say a volkswagen id3. Still, if youre feeling patient and hook up the zs to an appropriate charger, you can juice. The batteries from 10 to 80 in 42 minutes providing a real world range, give or take of around 200 miles, fill it to full, and we reckon youre. Looking at about 220 to 230 miles on a charge, weve been seeing about three and a half miles per kilowatt hour without any effort at all. The electric motor is smooth and, as i said, is plenty peaceful enough in here, with only 150 horsepower, its not exactly fast, but its quick enough to keep up with traffic. There are three drive modes and another three modes for the regenerative braking which means in the strongest setting you can do most of your driving on one pedal. This is not a car that will amaze or excite, and that is mainly due to this cars driving position – that complete lack of steering wheel adjustment and the fact that the seat bases are so flat means you never truly comfortable.

The steering is light and there is pretty much no feel to be had through the wheel. There isnt all that much grip either, although admittedly, some of that might be down to the fact that this car has done less than 500 miles and the tyres still need scrubbing in but yeah. If there was one word to describe the mgs driving experience its unremarkable, the same cant be said for boot space. The 470 litre boot is a really good size and theres storage under the floor for the charge cables folding the seats down is nice and easy, but with the floor in its lowest position, there is a bit of a lip and total load volume of 1100 liters Isnt, exactly class leading space in the back is generous enough, though taller adults sitting in the outer seats might find their head brushing on the ceiling, especially on top spec models fitted with a panoramic roof. Legroom is good, though, and the flat floor means those sitting. The middle shouldnt have too much trouble getting comfortable for so many people. The biggest barrier to entry when it comes to electric cars is price. The mg zsev isnt perfect, but its incredible value for money, its simple its honest and if your next electric car doesnt need to have a premium badge or the very sharpest driving dynamics, then this this should definitely be on your shortlist head to for all the Latest electric and hybrid car advice, news and reviews and check us out on twitter, facebook and instagram.