Why just not call it xc40, ev and thats it here. The closed front, grille, simple design and then here source hammer led light. Signature led is standard also for the main headlamp unit, optional, dynamic, cornering light. You can also see that later on, because our driving by the day is more in the night time with 42 or 174 inches volvos. Smallest suv is indeed pretty compact, but it has this. You know pretty upright stance and already delivers a true suv feeling here by the way, when i hit the door handles here outside inside opening and close, and also here the mirrors fold up or in then here you can see 19 inch wheels. Today, option 20 inch wheels, but these ones here deliver you better comfort, of course, because this electric version, but not an own ev platform, but, however, batteries are in the lower part of the vehicle. Therefore, the center of gravity is actually quite low in the rear. Typical l shape there for the tail lumps again a beautiful and clean design. Indeed, there are two versions: either front wheel, drive only then around 7.4 seconds in the acceleration or all wheel drive one negative motor in the front and additional one in the rear. We also have that today, then 4.7 seconds is the acceleration figure and the price difference is really notable with the pulsar 2 price difference between front wheel, drive and overdrive is not that huge here it is actually in german market, for example, 7500 euros you you can Start thinking about, if its more you know just more useful to go from the drive only and keep the price a little bit lower, because the price is actually quite hefty for this one top speed here: 180 kilometers an hour or 110 or 12 miles an hour Recharging is 11 kilowatt, ac or 150 kilowatt dc peak, and from that 75 kilowatt hour net battery you can maximally get around four kilometers or 250 miles of range in optimum conditions, more realistic figure.

You know also events a little bit colder, rather some 350 kilometers or some 210 miles, and you can be sure they can reach that with that nice wooden like key cover here really premium dog clothing, sound, not the best whats among the best here, the optional harman Kardon sound system for a car in this segment here, probably the best sound ive heard so far, then here soft touch all the way around. Also nice build quality, and here that ev interior soon it will be all animal free in the most specs. At this moment the steaming is still animal wrap, but in the c40s then, and now in future for the xc40 also animal, free steering wheel and the seats there will be for the following option. This as entry, the pure fabric seats, then theres also a rule option. Then theres option where we have microfiber on the inside and leather red on the outside and also a full leather red seat, will be available also still some headphone left with one weighted 86 or 601. Although this one here is equipped with the panoramic roof, that leaves a lot of nice light inside the cool thing about the xc40 is its not the biggest suv, but it already delivers a true suv feeling, when sitting here on the inside clean scandinavian design on the Interior soft touch here and a nice insert right there, nine inch infotainment system. This is a lot of black piano like i dont like it that much and also the climate unit, no real hard buttons for that.

You have to press here in the touchscreen, but at least it stays on the same level and also for seat heating and heated steering wheel. You can access it right here, thats, actually a very interesting feature, because the heated steering wheel in the third level is so strong and almost burns your hands. I, like that big battery its really hard it even could get through gloves, actually steering wheel in out up and down easy process soon more deal to the instruments and the infotainment here, theres one hard button here with the volume knob actually and the lower part inductive Charging pad, but also two usbc charging devices and adaptive cup holders and a lot more space underneath here and the digital instruments are clear to read and when you put in the drive gear, then you also have the map here. In the middle part, thats cool. The only thing is here: you have only the battery level here and not the projected range. I think they still should change that. We want to see that range. This infotainment system definitely a highlight its actually easy. You now have this range assistant. That gives you an estimation here. You know thats. What just was left actually and also shows, like you know, whats the best and whats the minimum. Actually, you could you could reach and then theres also, you know this main menu here, for example, and the most important, of course here, the google maps really more than up to date.

It always depends on the web connection. Of course, how well it works, and the same also accounts for the voice assistant, and this can also you know – be, for example, here set temperature to 23 degrees its here, because i have not a good signal here. It takes ages set temperature to 23 degrees. See here now with a better web connection, it also works better, changing the temperature to 23 degrees. There we go, but the thing is, you are totally reliant on the web connection. When you have it, then its the best voice assistant when you set a route by the way is very important because you can let it search like this and directly start it and – and you know, pick your charging stations on your own. But you can also tell the vehicle to calculate the best thing in advance. You know so here there will be a suggestion for a charging station when its almost empty, but when you hit here edge charging stop, it will actually plan the charting stops on the route in the rear. Good result not a long car at all, but nice legroom here, even if youre tall also headroom wise. It does fit nice with a panoramic roof. Of course, a little bit more headroom without the panoramic group and also here inside of the rear doors good, build quality. Soft materials really like that, the only thing is you do have a middle tunnel here because its not in you know, purpose built ev platform, thats, the only drawback.

But again you have a lot of space in the rear, thats a good result and once again nice build faulty and very comfortable experience. Well is there a frank lets, see yeah there is and then you can put a charging cable in there. For example, trunk area houses some 400 – something liters here, a meter or 40 inches in width and the length is about 90 centimeters or 35 inches see here. The cabin trolley fits in easily whats, quite cool, actually that you can put this cover here up and then you can put a backpack up right there and its kind of secure, thats, actually handy and some more space underneath and you can also fold the seats. But you cannot do that from here after then go around and do it like this Laughter. Well, i come to thomass driving lounge here with the volvo xc40 ev, and that was a little bit downhill, an acceleration, zero to 50 miles, uh, sorry yeah! That would have been for inner city a little bit too much. Definitely so that was zero to 50 kilometers, okay, so like zero to 30 miles. Something like this and using this all wheel, drive performance with two electric motors really great and of course, downhill. That would have been even faster than the official figure to 100 kilometers or 60 miles is 4.9 seconds. Pretty quick. There will also be a front wheel, drive only version coming up where i have a lower entry price here recuperation when were going down here.

When you get off the throttle, it is one pedal driving, definitely strong recuperation. However, you can also change that when you press this option, you know button here well, this option field here in touchscreen on the lower right and then you can turn off. One pedal drive when i then drive and lift my foot of the throttle rolling rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling ha. So then i have to put my foot off the on the brake to use the rig operation. There will be the same power of recuperation, its just a different method. The question is really: do you want recuperation as soon as you lift your foot off the throttle, they have to be gentle with a throttle at some times, or do you rather want to control it just with your brakes, and you remember when youre coming from combustion Engine cars theres also engine brake, so recuperation is in a way. You know that you know so and also when you lift the foot of the throttle, youre already decelerating, and that can be also a safety thing. I also welcome you here today on this. You know some dark evening night time. Driving experience always has a special mood. So from time to time, i really like to do that. We can also check the headlight performance. You can see german motorway autobahn at night, soon im going to accelerate it all the way out and also hit the maximum speed that this car can reach.

What is it actually, we will find out together, but were getting there step by step. Another interesting thing is here: you can so ill leave it in the one pedal drive feeling for now then steering wheel, firm, uh, sorry firm. That is so, you can set steering wheel to firm, and what that does is that it just gives you a little bit more feedback and i think thats actually a good thing, but definitely a matter of preference. I think i do prefer that, because it just gives a little bit more feeling when you deactivate it. The steam is whoa very loose, especially when you, when you switch that with your first at the firm feeling and then it deactivates like weve, seen it youre, accelerating all over the place. So yeah i mean for parking in and out is just easier if youre, not that strong in your arms or something um yeah, but especially on the motorway or something or in corners. It just gives you also a little bit more calmness to the drive. I would say because youre not over steering anything, so probably i would leave it then in the firm mode, but i think it also depends on the situation. You can also activate or deactivate the lane keeping aid or the steering assist, and then actually so you can activate here left side of the steering. You can also set the speed there lets see how the active lane keeping assist masters here.

This construction lane on the motorway because thats a harder task than the real lanes. You know – and here for example, also theres. The original lane, the white one and the yellow ones – are the construction names thats how it is in germany. You know in the us. We have the standard, yellow, um lines, usually, and here yeah, you know in germany we prefer white lines, you know just kidding dont, dr and dont. Do drugs and drive dont do drugs at all. You know i never have taken any drugs by the way, so um yeah, so definitely here so far doing it very good see here, although thats construction lane not meant to take your hands off the scenery, but you see its actually quite good and smooth process. So, actually very happy with what the car did here and when theres a car approaching here, you also have the blind, thereby splice, monitor there. You have this. You know red line or boomer its kind of like a boomerang right. The blind spot boomerang thats a good term right. Why arent they using it? So if any of the volvo folks are watching, why dont you call it blind spot boomerang such a great marketing name? Maybe i should switch into marketing no ill stick with journalism, because then i can also blame people for something like hey youve done this wrong: yeah, okay, back to the actual review, so um, sorry about that. So what were going to do now? So we see that the lane keeping assist works very well, aligns the monitor.

So all the assistant systems top notch really also very calm ride. Indeed, noise installation good so far, but when we accelerate it out here on the german motorway, what will happen then? That will be very interesting as for the noise insulation, and so on knows how calm the car will remain. We have the 19 inch wheels mounted today with winter tires and thats. Definitely a more comfortable experience than with summer timers and 20 inch wheels. So if you ask me, you know they dont offer any special, optional suspension here for this vehicle, so i would rather go for the 19 inch wheels to keep more comfort. 20 inch wheels look cooler, but they definitely give you less comfort here by the way, with a click here, you can always activate that lane keeping assist and lets just see when i have the cruise control and not set if theres any. You know emergency lane keeping assist here yeah. You see that even when the cruise control is deactivated, theres this emergency lane keeping assist when im just have this run off road and now also hey apple, apply, steering lane keeping eight so wow very well. I have to see how smooth that is so its not this with this brake intervention, its not like, am going over with the steering or with the brakes very smoothly, keeping me in the brakes. So if i would be distracted at some point or maybe having a heart attack or something because i read like, like you know, a very mean comment or where i shouldnt read – coins, while driving right so yeah, okay lets forget that lets just say: im having a Heart attack – hopefully not then even in this case, the car would help me in a way that i keep in the lane and not doing an immediate extent or something so im getting off the model again here, foot of the brake really strong, recuperation great.

You know great view now here to how the sun is has been going down with the clouds and so on, very beautiful and now on this next step i can accelerate it all out, lets see about the maximum speed, but before that lets talk about the range There is here this range meter, and you know in summer time in good conditions and when youre not flooring it all out. You can score some four kilometers or 250 miles of range. However, now winter times, lower temperatures also with a little bit more speedy, driving and so on. We are here now at um energy consumption of about 23 24 kilowatt hours and more kilometers thats more like 35 kilowatt hours on 100 miles, and that would rather mean something towards 300 kilometers or 190 miles, which is, of course, not that good and not that efficient. This is not the most efficient ev, you have to know that, and so you can calculate with something between 304 kilometers and between 190 and 250 miles in the middle of that is maybe than the realistic figure, but it depends really on the temperature on the outside. But thats the one thing its expensive its premium on premium on the inside its a great drive, not that efficient, thats a catch so now accelerating it all out. Theres. No one here so like from you know, lets see from 30 kilometers now lets go Music, 150. Music 180, so thats it one that was 180 kilometers an hour so like one or ten miles an hour, something like that wow.

That was a great acceleration, and you know i mean its getting quite noisy here now definitely and consumption here. At top. Speed is at about yeah, just over 60 kilowatt hours and one kilometers, oh theres, the police, its not the autographer fake, sauce police, its the german police yeah, the other group of takissons police is also german thats actually operating worldwide. You know so yeah international police station. You know so youve seen and that means kind of when you drive this vehicle here at full speed. You could go like 130 kilometers or like 70 miles at full speed around 80 kilometers an hour. You got that so drive full speed at 180 kilometers an hour or one or ten miles an hour. You could actually go around 130 kilometers or yeah 70 miles long or something like this, and it also shows yes, these are not efficient. As for high speed driving in general, but we also had other evs, which were definitely way more efficient. Also in this respect also once again a very interesting thing to have ambient lighting wise um. You see theres not much happening here in that vehicle, and you also can see that here at the normal highway speed like 80 to 100 kilometers an hour 50 60 miles an hour. Consumption figure when i hold it steady, is like 20 kilowatt hours, something yeah. So, like 30 kilowatt hours and 100 miles something – and that again brings us to this rather mediocre range, its okay, its not too bad, but its also not good at all, but the ride itself very good.

You know it feels super sporty calm collected. Has these very compact dimensions and low center of gravity, so fun factor in driving really great its a lot of fun here to drive the volvo xc40v and it is more fun, no doubt way more fun to drive an xc40 ev than one of these combustion engine Brothers also check out the volvo c40, the rather sister model to this one here, which has this copay shape. If you want to see me even more of this one here, we have another episode in different conditions.