Thats not going to be with me for real Music new luxury denze x is better than any new electric mercedes, and now i will explain why first of all lets talk about this nice old man. This is warren buffett or, as my french friends would call him buffet, he is the father of successful investment. All his investment are successful and give fat and juicy dividends. In 2009, buffett invested 2′ million dollars into byd. He accumulated 8.2 of the company today. Those 8.2 percent its worth 5.9 billion dollars. I always follow all the activities of warren buffett. Like my ex girlfriends follow me, he always gets his cash and company that he invests in are usually successful. His investment into byd says a lot about the brand and product that the brand creates. Denzel came out as a life child between byd and mercedes. When my best friends from childhood, mr leaker decided to unite mercedes and chrysler in 1998, he regretted that very badly. In his memoirs he criticized mercedes for being selfish and being an horrible abuser that wears wife beaters during dinner. But when i look at the denze x, i can see how boid not only being selfish in relationship with mercedes, but i can see how byd puts screws to mercedes bowls now ill explain why from 2019 300 million people in china are in middle class and in 2027, there will be 1.2 billion people and that middle class wants luxury cars, luxury goods and luxury.

Everything byd understands that now china is the main consumer of luxury cars, so byd is doing what they want with the mercedes engineers. Designers and mercedes cannot say anything because they want to be in chinese market. It looks better than eqe eqs and eqc, and benzax was designed by mercedes front, looks very futuristic and bumpers has crazy. Hoops illumination everywhere is very modern. It looks like it came from the future from any angle. It is very nice to look at my chinese friends often told me that denzex is a great luxury car and i should check it out. It is based on byd tank, sorry byd tenga. Also, there are hybrid versions available with 2 liter turbo engines, but i would not recommend it if you want to buy it. Just by fully electric car, we have huge wheels and huge 6 piston brambo brakes that are ventilated and ready for physical and emotional abuse. From a driver, danza x has 82.5 kilowatt battery that generates 500 brake horsepower and 660 instant torques maximum range is 520 kilometers and 0 200 will happen in 5 seconds. But if you download very expensive software, it will be in 4.3 seconds. All that four wheels are helping you to keep all that torque in check and when i launched it, car didnt squeak at all. The grip was astonishing in the corners car is good. It sends power to any wheel that wants it and needs it and keeps you out of the trouble interior is very sophisticated and elite.

Take seats, for example, in eqc seats, are small and do not bring any mass to the appearance of the car. But here we have fully maybach seats, all of them are ventilated and have heating. Also, the ladder is very nice. This place is huge and is not integrated nicely, but it can spin at the same level as i could. During my breakdance career display is 15.3 inches and display in the dashboard is 12.3 inches. We have billion different options, including inter galaxy camera that can demonstrate you. Your car from any angle that you would like without getting out of the car quality of the picture, is very good and car records everything all the time. Only camera that i do not like is camera inside of the interior, but today all of the modern cars have perfect cameras. Denzelx has lane keep assist adaptive cruise control, wi fi and everything that is available at automotive industry today. Only drawback of this brilliant car is quality of plastics. On the steering wheel, plastic is so bad. The steering wheel looks better without the plastic. If you even rip it off, the steering wheel will look much better. Plastics everywhere are very good and nice to touch car is very quiet, no sudden noises, even on 22 inch rims without air suspension on rough roads. Car is very quiet. Audio system doesnt have any brand on it, but it sounds at the same level as harman kardon. Huge panoramic roof smell of the leather car gives you this luxury feel when you seated it.

I left third row in this car. It is very spacious and it has also very nice illumination if you pull up all the seats trunk space is pathetic. Its very small and nothing useless, but it has small compartment for all. Compliments from other drivers about your denzel also denzel x can be mobile electric station and if you need to charge anything or even a electric car, it will do it without any problems. Unfortunately, there is no spare wheel, but we have super hot glue if you need anything Music, well, mercedes, denzer or byz denzel, whatever you like to call it its a great chinese car, unbelievable what i just said, because really i do i hate chinese cars. They are usually even electric cars, the plastic is horrible, everything is smells weirdly and uh. You have the poor quality, but here, if you dont know what it is, you will think its a german luxury vehicle. This is the level of audi itron that i reviewed equisi. Mercedes is nothing its just a wet spot compared to this car. No idea. How is that possible, but it is everything you touched here – is nicely put its well done and on 22 inch rims. The quality of the car quality of the ride is amazing. Without the air suspension, any german car with 22 inch rims without your suspension any bump, you will leave your butt wherever you find it just. It will kill your spine immediately, but here its not soft, but its not as hard as you expect it to be.

Also, what i like, of course, is the power you just floor it and it just flies. It just sends you whatever you want to go and the brakes are huge here, brembo brakes very nice, very nice, and it gives you confidence to do stupid things on the road. You know you want to smash it, you want to thrash it and because you cant do it and you can do it without consequences. Thats, a very, very, very good feeling when you drive a car also, i, like the leather uh steering wheel. I dont like the steering wheel, the design is horrible. The plastics are here, its just very bad everywhere else is perfect, but here you think. How is that possible like this is the quality of my buck here, and then this is the quality of cheap chinese toy car. That is like very cheap. I dont understand how like, where did the what the designer died here or something, but somebody was replaced for a few seconds when they approved this plastic on the wheel, no idea, but you know this is the only disadvantage, and this is the only thing that gives Away the chinese heritage here everything else same as the german car, its much better than eqc mercedes, because i only drove eqc mercedes and i know what to compare it was i didnt drive the new uh e. What is the eqe or something i didnt drive that car, but with the eqc it it wins.

Everything here audio system is great. Steering is great. It handles just you know it 100 100 kilometers right now. Out of nowhere now i have to slow down, because you know its a city. What else i like it, its a very big, seven seater, i feel very comfortable here, a lot of space and uh its just its just great car. You know and uh for the money that you buy. You get everything every feature everything you want for that amount. You know its uh in uzbekistan, 75. 000.. 58. 000 in china, 58. 000 in china. There is nothing else you can buy for 58. 000. That gives you everything all the options: dual engine. What else has like four wheel drive bramble huge real brakes with the they are ventilated. They really can break 22 inch rims panoramic roof. The list goes on its just great car and theres, nothing bad. You can say about it really, the only you know like drawback, that i see it is the wheel steering wheel, thats it its the only drawback and also uh. It will be hard to explain it, but just what it is. You know when somebody asks you what it is its like: danza its like mercedes but its from china. Just say this mercedes dancer, thats it you know, and people will like it. Thank you so much for watching. Please dont forget about the charity. There is a uh charity project called food for life, use dont forget about it.