Tell you what i got here right during peak times between 4 to 9 pm and its 50 cents per kilowatt hour, so i was like it. I think i had like 20 miles of range on my hyundai kona, so im gon na be probably paying a a heftier charge or a heftier bill on this charging event. For my car, so um, you know, ive historically had trouble with charge point stations, my app. Never works so i just use you know the rfid chip that seems to work pretty well so um. You know here it is right here the old rfid ship i can just wave it in front of it and itll start up kind of a crazy story. Though um i wanted to go to electrify america, ive always had great success with them and a little bit south of here in santa clarita theres a walmart, and they have six electrify america stations and one of them was open. I pulled in and i went to charge it and you know i was able to how do i say i plugged in i found the station on my electrify america app. I went to swipe it to start the charge and then it eventually timed out. I tried it multiple times: couldnt get it to work. All five of the other electrify america stations at the santa clarita walmart were being used, so i said well, i need a charge, so the next one north is this one in castaic – and this is the last one until we get over the grapevine.

So this one had to work for me and it did im pleased. I mean now that im using the rfid chip but whats interesting to me is now granted. There was one spot available with santa clarita, but normally i never ever ever have to wait in line to charge. If i go to a charging station somewhere and one of them doesnt work for whatever reason im able to pull into another one. You know the one next door, the one a little further down the uh down the aisle, but the all five of the other ones were in use. There was no parking near them. I guess this is a sign that evs are really starting to take off. You know, and and thats great now, granted for me: ive been driving electric vehicles since 2013., so ive enjoyed never having to wait in line and now i think, were finally hitting critical, mass and so well see. I mean this kind of theres a lot of talking points to this. We can talk about joe bidens infrastructure bill. We could talk about the efforts that electrify america and evie go and everyone else are putting in, but also this is sort of the northernmost point on highway 5 before you go over the grapevine. So this is kind of a last ditch charging place that im sure a lot of people had sort of penciled in, but you know i was driving up from san diego and i had about 180 miles of charge and it just kind of worked out that this Was sort of the perfect spot for me um, so here i am so what we got going here: im at uh, 34 ive already spent seven dollars and 71 cents, its 50 cents per kilowatt hour and then um.

If i exceed, i think its like 40 minutes, im, not sure exactly what it is, then the owner of the property starts charging 10 cents a minute and thats gon na kick in here. Probably before i finish my charging, so you know what am i gon na? Do but at any rate, im happy to say that i was able to charge start up the chargepoint station with no trouble im. Pleased with that um – and you know here but theres like a little walgreens here, a jack in a box, a mobile station. But its kind of got that gritty la feeling a lot of the bathrooms you got to use a token. You know i was at a another place. I stopped in chino hills to go to the restroom and theres a sign in front of the fast food place and said you may have to wait longer because of our labor shortage. So remember where im going labor shortages difficulty to get into restrooms. So the world is changing now granted i live in paradise in san diego la is very different. I get it shortly ill be over the hill and ill be on my way, and my destination ultimately is sacramento. Im going up there for the uc san, diego sacramento state basketball game tomorrow, night thats, my big highlight and then along the way, im gon na stop. At a few more of the missions ive visited 11 of the 21 california missions, so im hoping to knock down a few more of those tomorrow on my way ill be kind of jettisoning inland a little bit when i get up near salinas.

So, at any rate, just share my my stories while im out on the road. This is johnny with trigger energy.