In october 2020, proud series managers celebrated the shipment of the first 200 series 3s for the european market. In the meantime, the stock in germany is filling up and sales are starting time to put the car through its paces lets, take a closer look and start at the rear end. This is the trunk 385 liters, which is quite normal, but what your extra have here is extra space for a spare tire, which is not normal Music so and lets take a look at the back seats which are fully in leather, because this is the luxury version. This is, i think, enough, space for two people, maybe three so now i take place on the drivers seat, which is really comfortable. First thing i see, is a key which is formed like a porsche key. So all the rest here is fine materials. We have leather applications here, you have, you have nice, nice surfaces, this is all or maybe not bad. The the build quality seems to be very, very high, so lets take a look under the hood, which is quite interesting at electric vehicles, because you can see this car is based on a combustion engine platform theres much too much space here for the components of an Electric drive so, but you can also have it with the combustion and engine and then it only costs 15 000 euros, which is really a competitive price. So the battery is, of course, under the bottom here around 55 kilowatt hours capacity – and this here is the charging point maximum of 60 kilowatts charging speed, which is not very much, but it should be enough for everyday charging.

Now i will check what it is like to drive lets run through the basic stats about the car with a length of 4.38 meters. The ceres 3 is one of the more compact suvs and at 1 765 kilograms. Its surprisingly light, it can take a payload of 300 kilograms Music. The top speed is limited to 155 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption is 18 kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers and the theoretical range is 301 kilometers, all decent numbers. So im now here on the road through touring touringia and these wonderful narrow roads goes up and down and turns and curves and great area to test the chassis of the series 3. And i must say its working, not bad its, not bad its very comfortable. But it also has has a good control. The steering gives you good feedback, and this might be. The reason might be that they put some premium european tires on it. I know these tires. These are very good tires. This could be a reason, but all the rest is working very well. I mean it has some bugs, for example, the display shut down several times during the last two or three hours, but it reset itself immediately, so it wasnt only a problem for some seconds or so in terms of safety equipment. All the usual systems such as abs and esp are on board. However, there is one weak point the brakes, not that they dont work, theyre just hard to gauge Music and one big problem are the brakes.

Ah, the brakes are not very, very good. Theres no paddle feeling at all you never know what what where, where the brakes are at the moment, the sheer braking power is good. The abs is working good as well, but you dont feel what happens theres. It feels like putting your foot into a sponge or something like this, but driving pleasure is high. You see here this nice curves. Now we go the right turn and you whoo 120 kilowatts. This is this is fairly enough. This is fine for this car, its not too heavy. Now a sharp left turn and around it and on the pedal – and you know this car is really fun to drive. The series 3 could appeal to people with less cash to splash in germany, its on sale for just over 27 000 euros minus subsidies.