That is so cool stop. That is amazing. So today on is it worth it? Weve got a very special treat well be looking at this kia. Ev6. Yes, weve managed to get our hands on one for you and were going to put it on that scale of work and find out whether its worth it, but were here. The kia showroom your rgb group in very, but lets start off with the design. This is kias new digital tiger, nose, design and also youve got heres new rebranding of the badge as well, very smart indeed, but also just different elements. This is kiers first big attempt at the electric market i mean, for instance, it shares the same platform as the hyundai ioniq 5., so its the same platform, but obviously care ill, put their name and badge on it and redesign it. That way, so lets take a look around the ev6. This is really sharp, very muscular design on here as well. Not what youd expect from kia at all have a look at these 20 inch alloy wheels, but also interestingly, youve got some plastic inserts in here to help with the aerodynamics, but also just to have a look around here. Even on the wing mirrors. Youve got nice little hints to help with the aerodynamics nice door handles here very flashy, something youd probably find on an aston martin keeping in line with that look at the design on that similar to the aston martin dvx youve also got like a ducktail spoiler again.

Nothing youd expect from akira at all, and even just look at the lights. Heres almost like crystal pattern here very nice indeed and youve also got a rear spoiler on the back. The gear ev6 has a 74.4 kilowatt battery and has 222 brake horsepower with 350 newton meters of torque. This gives a top speed of 115 miles per hour and a 0 to 62 time of 7.1 seconds. It has a range of 328 miles and a charge. Time of 18 minutes from 10 to 80 and thats on a 270 kilowatt charger, so whats the cabin like inside well, its very spacious, feels very futuristic. My ride position is really good. You feel quite high up, please see its very comfortable and its quite a nice designer as well, something that ive not really seen before so hats off to kias designers, for the interior, youve got different options on your steering wheels to help with the audio controls, and You can adjust your mirrors on the side. Youve got little door bins, but yeah as a whole yeah. Its really comfortable, so lets talk about the entertainment system and, as you see, ive got here. Two big dials one for my speedometer charging got a separate screen here. Just for your entertainment – and it does come with apple carplay and android auto, but this is kias own made version and its actually really easy to use the resolutions very good as well. Its pretty much got everything youd want from phone projection to climate control.

The only thing im not really keen on is not having tactical buttons, but here ive kind of come halfway with that. So what do i mean? Well, click different options here and its actually used as a second bar, and i can actually use some of their features on here again. I probably prefer tactile buttons so now its time to check out the practicality on the evc first off seats are very comfortable. Youve got this nice suede or alcantara mixed with the leather, so in the middle youve got ski hatch right into the rear. Boot and youve got your cup holders center armrest in the middle, though just look right on the floor here: theres no shaft there or drop for the drive train its just flat, so you can actually lay your legs out comfortably like that. Also youve got some nice usb c ports here on the side and youve actually got a vault socket down here, full on three socket pin down there that you can plug in. You can actually move the seats back a bit as well, so you can actually lean back. More lets have a look in the boot, so it goes all the way up. Its quite high got a very low load, lift so its very even you can get straight in there and youve got a nice ev6 logo also the rear seats fold all the way back. Just by lifting the handle that easy, you can lift that back as well.

So when youre trying to insert all your load and luggage in very nice and easy when youre looking to charge the ev6, you can electronically open the flap and close it. But have a look on here. Youve got the status of your battery. You dont need to worry about checking inside the car menu, where three quarters showing and then again well just close that look at the front here in the ev. This is what you call a frunk. Actually, youve got this cable here, which entitles you say if youre going camping to fit this into a normal socket and you can use whatever you want off the mains direct. So you can even have a kettle on it or even playstation 5. If you wish, another cool feature of the ev6 is on the key. You can move the car backwards and forwards, enabling you to get into those tight spaces without even actually having to be behind the wheel. To do that, you lock the car you hold it down. For a few seconds on the hull key and then hopefully i can just click forward hold that for a few seconds. It brings the car back to life and there you go Music, so first off its quite a firm ride, the suspensions okay! Actually, even though its going over quite heavy bumps suspensions handles it really well uh, of course, youve got that instant torque straight off the bat, so its got 222 brake horsepower.

I mean naughty sixties about seven seconds, so its not blazingly flash, but its also either so im going through some windy roads here, a little bit of body roll but too much a bit of road noise, which is expected really feel connected to the road. With this driver, so there is really quite an engaged drive, whereas this is rear. Wheel, drive so again gives you that essence being pushed ive put it in driving mode theres different modes here, where you can select so im gon na dip it back into eco. Just gives you the most uh economy on your range, but also what kier have got is whats called an eye pedal the eye pedal. You can use the same pedal. One pedal for acceleration and deceleration lets wrap up this video on the kia ev6. Well, its a great looking car packed full of space age features, but lets put it on that scale of worth and find out whether its worth your harder in cash so now its time to put the ev6 on that scale of worth. To give this car a fair weigh in on the scale of worth, we weigh it against the average price on the market right now, because this is a new car to calculate an average cost were going to weigh the cost of the top gt line. S model variant, which is 51 945 pounds against the entry level air grade variant of the ev6, which costs 40 945 pounds and will weigh the average of these two figures, which weve calculated at 46 445 pounds.

Now that we have the average price we use. Six key deciding factors, design features, practicality, performance, fun factor and now include new to the scale cost of ownership, which takes into account range reliability and the cost of insurance and tax lets, release the coins and find out what the outcome is with the ev6 and as You can see the ev6 weighs the scale down. This means that we believe that the ev6 is worth it now lets take a closer look at why the ev6 deserves that. Is it worth it seal of approval design as a compact suv? This is ks. First, big premium attempt at an electric car do not be filled by the batch here have created a premium product features the most feature, packed car weve ever driven space age features. Even the entry level is above most premium and pricey cars in this sector. Practicality, the cabin is very spacious, but rear headroom can be an issue when getting in and out of the vehicle. Your seating position at the rear is higher than the driver in front due to the battery its comfortable, but not as roomy as what you would expect. Performance, lively but not blazingly, quick and you can have a lot of fun in sports mode and has a really engaging drive. The standout feature is the fast charging and eye pedal. There is, however, noticeable road noise, fun factor, instant, torque, comfort and ease of use mixed with high tech gadgets is what sums up the ev6 we cant wait for the gt model set to be released 2022 next year, which will come with 577 brake horsepower and a 0 to 62 times faster than a porsche taken, 4s cost of ownership range, if not used for long journeys all the time.

It should be adequate as weve not tested real world reliability theres a seven year care warranty, which is an absolute game changer, and that includes the battery theres. No car tax to pay but annoyingly no government grant approved either as the cost of the car has to be less than 35k insurance, as the ev6 is sportier than its rival sister. The hyundai ioniq 5 insurance is slightly higher at group 34 to 35, as opposed to 30 41 depending on spec. On a final note, although slightly more expensive than the ioniq 5, the ev6 does have a bigger battery and hes more fun and engaging to drive. We are yet to test its sister, but for now the ev6 gains that isnt worth it seal of approval. A big shout out to the rrg group here berry and we were very surprised at how accommodating this branch was very professional. If you need any sort of advice or interested in buying your next care, theyre, definitely one to look out for dont forget to click like and subscribe and youll be notified as soon as a new video goes live check us out on instagram and facebook, and we Look forward to seeing you next time on.