Language called dragon face 3.0, but theres. No denying that it looks like a typical chinese suv. Some design highlights include crossover bodywork with elements like a sloping bonnet and a dropping roofline led dragon crystal headlamps c shaped aggressive front bumper corners and a full width tail lamp. However, the d pillar motif catches our attention, reminiscent of the diamond pattern film in the honeycomb. Look on the volkswagen id 3. Music, so Music, foreign, Music, Music, the yuan plus sits on the new byde platform 3.0 platform, which debuted in the byd dolphin bydea1. This platform packs the ultra safe blade battery and the heat pump as standard 800 volt system voltage 0 to 60 miles per hour, zero to 97 kilometers per hour, acceleration time of 2.9 seconds and a range of 600 miles. 966 kilometers are the best possible parameters with this platform. The bydu on plus is a compact suv with a length width and height of 4455 millimeters, 1875 millimeters and 1615 millimeters respectively. However, the wheelbase of the new electric suv is a generous 2720mm thanks to the dedicated ev platform Music. The yuan plus follows a new rhyth theme for the interior and we observe the musical influence in the curvy shape of the dashboard and the round elements on the doors. The dashboard appears to seamlessly merge with the door panels to give a single panel effect, the red strings in the lower portion of the door panels amplify the feeling of being around musical instruments.

The digital cluster is a compact unit likely measuring around six inches and its reminiscent of the volkswagen id 4.. In addition to the stubby gear, selector, with a capsule shaped top the front center and rear ac vents have an aircraft inspired design. There are plenty of silver inserts on the interior elements. The bydu on plus features a large 15.6 inch floating touchscreen infotainment system. A three spoke steering wheel with a flattened bottom and a compact virtual instrument.