Make sure you subscribe leave a comment and tell me what you think about the new eqs. 450 plus 2022 lets go the 2022 mercedes benz equivalent sedan is a flagship of the brands electrified future and one of the fanciest evs ever the sizeable ev sedan is offered with a 329 horsepower rail drive powertrain in this specific eqs, 450 plus or a 516 horsepower. All wheel drive setup the eqs 580 4matic, both utilize, a large 107.8 kilowatt hour battery thats rated up to 350 miles of range here in this video im going to show you guys, the eqs 450 plus go through the interior features, the exterior and some for some Of the key features of the groundbreaking mbux infotainment system on these magnificent hyper screens, the x0 of this eqs 450 plus is the graphic gray metallic on the interior. Never gray, sabo brown leather here is the new eqs, 450 plus, and it looks absolutely stunning. This is a new electric s, mercedes benz, all right, starting here from the rare perspective, has the eqs insignia right here, 450 plus mercedes star at the center. Take a look at the trunk capacity about 22 to 63 cubic feet of red trunk space. Has the electronic trunk closed up here? The retrospective led tail lights, they have a very unique design, is almost parallel in nature. Has a 3d look as well and has one horizontal led on the trunk itself and above that is the rear? Spoiler right here looks to have the amg night package tons of high gloss black elements right here on the rear and a bunch of sensors as well on the actual trunk itself.

Starting from the rare perspective, you can see the high gloss black element on the rear window as well, and the led tail light right here lets take a look at the side perspective. The rear tires are 265 40 art into one. These are 21 inch rims. I love the design on the side these door handles pop in and out once you get in the car or approach a vehicle love the design very unique sloping roof line back here and you can see from this perspective a very unique design and lets check out The front has the eqs insignia right here: Applause, the unique side mirrors they there is a camera right here. I dont know if you guys can see it and then black panels high gloss black as well lets go to the front very unique tires at the front. Multi spoke rims goodyear tires. Size of these fronts are 265. 40 r21. These are 21 inch. All right lets check out the front design very unique. Has a very high def light led light, which flows all the way. This eqs 450 has a digital lights, and these air intakes are just aesthetics, unique design features, chrome elements around, and there is an airflow section right here and the mercedes star with a front facing camera right here, and has these three pointed star designs all around this Section here finishing high gloss black mercedes black is at the top uh lets take a look at the digital light.

There is an insignia right here, says digital light and um with adaptive high beam assist as well as intelligent lights. Then there is some design elements right here: mercedes benz, very unique, has sort of three sectional lights right here, one of the center and the other one lets go ahead and turn on the light. So i can see that i think i need to put the car on see they are fully on and they look very unique as well check out that feature love it no power domes on the eqs. There are some horizontal lines on the exterior panels, its a very unique design on this eqs, um wow. This is pure, pure luxury, guys very exclusive seats with the pillowcase for comfort as well love the seat design. These are actually very comfortable seats. You can option these with massage features both front and back tons of legroom right here and then look at the headrests very unique design, courtesy of the new eqs storage capacity right here on the back and more than enough legroom. As you can see, on the roof panorama glass, your passengers will have a view of the night sky as well as the day driving will be very phenomenal. There are some accessory lights up there as well reading lights. Very stylish lets take a look at the door right here. I love this design. You can see theres a groove back here. Boom is the high end speaker system im going to zoom in a little bit see how stylish that is.

Black piano aqua trim continues all around 64 colors ambient lights. This car has a very unique light. Show you can see the color back here. Leather on this panel, very soft feels like sweat, with the contrast stitching as well. There is some storage down here: uh thats, the rare perspective, uh lets jump to the front all new design hyper screen. Your passenger can also adjust the nbox system on the other side without having to bother the driver and uh memory. Is heating 123 as well lets zoom back, and there is also a screen right here for the driver im going to show you guys the menu options later on turbine. Looking events right here, the light fixtures are found down here i had turned on the lights. This terminal is actually very soft as well. You have to very careful with that material. I bet you. If your hands are not clean, the prince will be left on that uh roof has the sos features and other options for opening up the panorama: glass, sun, visors and open this one just standard sun visors, with the light at the top and uh love this new Design with the black piano liquid trim, it is a fingerprint, as well as scratch, magnet attach controls on either side left and right, see the part of shifters back here and the turbine looking air vents right here. A very unique design and the upper dash is all leather wrapped, as well with the contra stitching, which flows all the way to the other side, and i love the ambient lights at the front and uh.

The air vent is actually up here between this screen and the upper panel. You can see the led light goes all the way. This is actually a fin right here. You can adjust independently this one on the other one and good features center section its actually deep enough at the center right. Here is your start button and other eq options, as well as your camera right here, heres the interior. The hyper screen has a sectional screen. If i press should allow me to change the menu, but the unique thing about the discounted safety features, is the driver cannot adjust this menu thats, why it doesnt respond, but if im sitting on this side, that menu responds very unique lets focus on the ambient system. Down here you press once and the map goes all the way out here. These are 3d maps. You can actually pinch in and zoom in wow. Look at that and, as you pull the map close the buildings collapse into the ground, see that state capital look at that very responsive as well. This is probably one of the best infotainment systems of any luxury brand on the eqs express back to home, so thats. The navigation 3d maps, the phone menu radio – you have media uh – lets go to the right hand. Side settings has a ton of options, assistance vehicle as well light system. Well, this is so unique guys, theres, not enough. You can say about the eqs on the interior.

Just love everything about it. Lets go back to the menu option, mercedes eq! You can see your charge range and so on and so forth, as well as consumption. The car is at 89, which is 335 miles. This car is a 329 horsepower with 419 pound feet of torque goes from 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds, and then lets check out the info. You can see how the car is performing your energy flow, as well as the other vehicle functions, acceleration braking and the degree of turning so on and so forth. Lets check out the camera system. You can see im inside the showroom very unique. These two doors are open thats, why they light up like that, on the other perspective, full 3d interface, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music thats, a quick look at the interior comes in three trim packages. The premium trim starts at 102 000. It features standard luxuries which include burmester, surround sound 64 color ambient lighting, a panorama roof and a suite of advanced driver assist packages. The exclusive trim starts at 105 000, which features popular enhancements, including massage front seats and four zone climate control with fragrance and ionizing purifier the pinnacle trim. The top trim package starts at 108 000. It features innovative indulgence for the rear, cabin ads, heated and vented power seats and wireless charging plus more, in addition to the multi contour front seats with massage rapid heat in front seats, power, front seats as well as rapid heating front seat as well and thats.

A quick look at the brand new mercedes 2022 eqs, 450 plus weve taken a look at the interior and uh leave some comments.