More up market, but, more importantly to most of us, it represents a really great option. If youre looking for a pure electric car uh be that kind of a family hatch or an executive car, the ev6 definitely kind of treads a line between those two things. I dont know it could be even be a coupe actually or maybe id stretch the fire to call it a shooting break. Whatever you think of the way it looks, it starts at 41 000 pounds in the uk, and that gets you a range of 328 miles. But it also gets you rear, wheel, drive and most buyers are likely to go for the four wheel drive option which gets a bit more power, and that starts from 47 and a half thousand pounds and gets a range of 314 miles and thats. Not even considering the fact that next year, theres going to be a 577 brake horsepower, high performance version joining the range which is very exciting before we go any further dont forget to do the like and subscribe stuff. So, like the video dont forget to subscribe to the cargurus uk youtube channel and turn your notifications on, so you dont miss any of our lovely videos. If you like, the looks of the kia ev6 as a potential family car, the practicality is likely to please you too. The boot is a really good size, with some convenient underfloor storage and theres, a small storage cubby in the front for your cables, the rear seats.

Dont slide, but they do offer masses of legroom a flat floor space and enough headroom for even tall adults to feel comfortable thats, not to say that there arent more practical options than the ev6. This is a great family car, but a skoda. Enyak iv, which recently won our ev mega test, thats, definitely a bit more spacious inside, as is a tesla model y and a ford mustang mackey. But definitely if youve got a couple of kids and youre not too worried about having a deep boot space, then the key is going to be a really easy car to live with. You definitely wont be disappointed with the interior in the ev6. I really like the fact that everythings kind of counted towards the driver, so it feels quite sort of cockpit like as soon as you get in the car. This high center console everything sort of seems to fit around you, and i quite like that. Even the power button sort of edge towards the driver on top of that all the materials are really nice damping on the switches is really good. It feels really quite classy in here. I must say more than that, its all very easy to use so the touchscreen. I think is one of the best systems in the class really logical, menus screen responds quickly. The graphics are good, its got all of the stuff that you want, including android, auto and apple carplay, although not wireless apple carplay.

Sadly, the only thing i would say i suppose theres a system down here with this strip, so you hit the fan and that becomes your climate control with these rotary controls. Thats all fine like the fact that its not in the touch screen, and then you hit that and that becomes your shortcut buttons for this in principle. Its a really good idea – and i dont mind it too much, but when youre driving its a bit of a faff to keep switching between those two functions, and it can be a bit confusing that even the rotary dial sort of change, functions and stuff. So that takes a bit of getting used to its also a little bit dark in here, i have to say, uh feels a little bit sort of enclosed. I guess, but even so really nice driving position its uh, its just a really nice interior. I think it feels really smart. The kia is one of the fastest charging evs on sale. It gets an 800 volt system which is essentially industrial strength, electrical hardware. That means it can make full use of the ultra rapid 350 kilowatt charging stations that are beginning to pop up along the uks motorways plug into one of those, and you will have an 80 battery into the kia in about 20 minutes or a simple 100 mile. Top up will take around about 10 minutes or less plug into a 7 kilowatt home wall box and youll have a full battery in 12 hours Music.

Given how driver focused this cockpit is, i think, its quite reasonable to have high expectations for the ev6, and the good news is that it does live up to them. It really does feel like an executive car to drive its got that kind of bit of urgency to it. Its got a bit of gumption to the way it goes around corners, its really lovely, to drive. I would say that maybe the steering could have a bit more sort of texture to it, its weighted quite nicely, but then its a bit inconsistent. You sort of pile on the steering as you go into a corner and it feels like it actually gets lighter. As the cars weight is weighted up in the corner, so just feels a little bit inconsistent id like a bit more precision to it. On that front, i think, and a bit more sense of connection uh. It seems to be a thing with electric cars. Very few of them have that really nice sort of kind of textural steering, i think, probably the i pace and the porsche tycoon – are the only ones that come to mind. Theyre definitely sort of still setting the benchmark for fun very nice and refined its quieter than the tesla model y, which i drove back to back with this in our twin test. Video so check that out too even tire noise is quite well suppressed. Wind noise isnt too bad and the ride itself is also quite well judged.

It does get a little bit choppy over town roads, but its always kind of quite well damped, so it doesnt feel like its kind of a bit harsh. It feels nice and comfortable and i think, its quite an easy car to live with in pretty much every respect. Actually, you can stick it in sport and that weights the steering up, sharper, throttle response, and this thing the performance. So even in the rear wheel, drive car that weve got here. Uh, it still does not do 62 in 7.3 seconds. I mean remember when that was like proper hot hatch speeds. It feels really fast in real world use, it picks up nicely. It does have quite a progressive build of speed its not like a tesla in that kind of like massive surge of acceleration, but but more than powerful enough for your overtakes and for enjoying a decent road, and even this rear wheel, drive model does seem to have Plenty of grip, so you dont get lots of wheel, spin or anything its been really wet. Actually the last couple of days, so i dont think theres any problems with traction. You do get the semi autonomous drive mode, of course, uh so, and that is also one of the better semi autonomous modes. I think in the class its quite easy to to trust it and sort of all wrapped up in that same package as the brake region, which is um. I suppose i think you could find it a bit intimidating how many different modes there are because youve got uh, so four different brake regen levels, so you can toggle through them on these paddles, which i really like, because it gives you full control and within those You can choose to have it in auto mode so that its sensing, when theres a car ahead, uh and its breaking for you to keep your distance from that in a junction and this kind of stuff.

So its all very clever – and you can also put it in eye pedal mode, which is key as one pedal drive mode, so you get really heavy brake regen. You dont even really need to use the brake pedal when youre around town. As for the real world range, well, thats still the thing that bothers a lot of people about going electric, but the kia really is very good on that front. Even on cold motorway runs that weve been doing, weve been seeing 250 miles to a charge fairly easily. In summer temperatures and with some slower driving its quite likely that you will see close to the ev6s claimed range. So what do we think of the ev6 overall then? Well as if you need me to say it specifically, i absolutely love it. I think its fabulous. I really like the fact that it seems to strike a very happy medium between most other cars out there, eevee or otherwise, really nice sort of happy balance between being an executive car and a family hatchback. I think it does that brilliantly and wrapped up in all that, its a fabulous ev in terms of its range and efficiency and the equipment and cost it offers. What not to like. Then the kia ev6 is a great executive car, a great family car and a great ev all rolled into one. It feels a bit special, even which isnt something you might save all of its rivals, slightly pricey monthly costs aside, if you dont, need the better interior space offered by some rivals.

This is about as good as an electric car gets in this price range. Dont forget to head to cargurus.