The lyric has been designed from the ground up and will ride on general motors, new scalable battery architecture. The company claims a low center of gravity and a spacious cabin is benefits of the dedicated ev architecture. The lyric should be on sale sometime in early 2022. As a 2023 model, whats new for 2023, not only is lyric a brand new nameplate for the american luxury brand, its also cadillacs, first, all electric offering and it goes on sale itll go head to head with heavy hitters, such as the audi e tron jaguar. I pace and tesla model x. Cadillac has only revealed the lyrics base price so far. An attractive 59 995 so were taking a guess at pricing for its upper trim levels. We expect to learn more about the lyric lineup and its various standard and optional features closer to the crossovers on sale date. Engine transmission and performance. The lyric will come standard in rear wheel, drive form with an electric motor on the rear axle. All wheel drive will be optional and adds a second motor at the front to drive those wheels. Cadillac has been mum on details about the lyrics all wheel. All wheel drive power train so far, so we dont know how much horsepower it will make the rear wheel. Drive model is said to produce 340 horsepower either way, acceleration is sure to be brisk, at least at lower speeds, thanks to the immediate nature of an electric motors power delivery.

The i pace, for example, left to 60 miles per hour in just 4.3 seconds. During our testing. We expect the lyric to provide similar performance range charging and battery life. General motors is launching a line of new battery technology with the lyric called altium. The scalable technology allows the automaker to produce batteries that range in size from 50.0 kilowatt hours to 200 kilowatt hours, although the largest size is said to be reserved only for large, f pickup trucks such as the upcoming gmc, hummer, f sub cadillac claims that the lyric Will offer a battery with about 100 kilowatt hour worth of capacity and should be capable of driving ranges of more than 300 miles per charge? Pc fast charging capability will be standard, but the lyric will also be able to charge on home power outlets as well fuel economy and real world mpg. So far, theres been no word from the epa on the lyrics estimated fuel economy as expressed in, but we expect that to become available closer to the suvs on sale date. Well also have the opportunity to put the lyric through our 200 mile highway fuel economy test in the future and when we do well update this story with results, interior comfort and cargo. Although the concept vehicle was shown with just four seats and a center console that divides the two front and two rear seats with a touchscreen for the rear seat passengers, the production vehicle has adopted a more traditional rear bench.

Seat. Cadillac says using the dedicated ev architecture allows for a more airy and open cabin with plenty of space for passengers to get comfortable more advanced noise cancellation technology is said to reduce road noise inside the cabin. The interior appears to be spacious, but well reserve judgment until we get a chance to take a lyric for a test drive infotainment and connectivity. The lyrics dashboard, like the new 2021 escalades, is dominated by a giant 33.0 inch. Curved advanced led display that serves as both the suvs infotainment system and the drivers gauge display in the escalade. The infotainment system can be controlled by a click wheel on the center console. A boom for drivers who arent fond of touchscreens apple, carplay, android, auto and a wi fi hotspot are all expected to be standard features when the lyric rolls into cadillac shores. A 19 speaker stereo system from the high end audio experts at akg, will be offered safety and driver assistance features. We are expecting cadillac to endow it with many driver assistance features, though, and cadillac says the brands supercruise semi autonomous driving technology will be offered as well. For more information about the lyrics crash test results visit the national highway traffic safety, administration, nhtsa and insurance institute for highway safety, eyes, websites, whats new for the 2023 cadillac lyric, the all new cadillac lyric charts the course for cadillacs future of all electric vehicles, an estimated 300 mile range 60 000 starting price, generous proportions and electric styling make for a lyrical bellwether.

Indeed, with its 20 inch wheels pushed to the corners and a sporty suv roofline, the lyric cuts an attractive profile, but a full look around illuminates the stunning detail of cadillacs new flagship. There are 736 litre, zd lights, radiating on the front and back the characteristic vertical headlights and taillights frame, new interpretations of cadillacs, classic crest shaped grille and lift gate, insert lights, embroider the black crystal grille, which has an illuminated cadillac crest. The unconventional led headlights consist of nine lights stacked vertically, with the top three powering the high beams flanking. The light stacks are vertical bars for the daytime, running lights, thats mirrored and back near the ends of the rear, bumper higher up where the angled rear windshield ends. The taillights grow in size as they morse code from the center to the edge. The horizontal line makes a sharp turn as it traps around the body and scales the deep pillar to the band of chrome separating the roof from the windows. Its a trip man moving inside real wood trim pieces on the doors feature dozens of tiny cutouts matching. The details found on the speaker covers headrests and elsewhere. A glass roof crowns the open, airy cabin and the broad, but not overwhelming 33 inch curved led display showcases. The technology loaded into the lyric, initially the battery technology, will consist of a 12 module 100 kwh battery pack and single motor powering the rear wheels. A dual motor all wheel, drive version is planned for late 2022.