I think its an absolute stunner were going to start off here at the nose and have a look at the front. I love the way the the bonnet or the hood just slowly creeps upwards to meet the windscreen and a really really shallow angle got the new kia badging. Just there a little bit of the parking on the driver assist functions. We can have it on at the moment as well, because we want to have the lights on and show you those its a really nice bulge as well. Just as you come over the wheel arch there – and you can really see it from this angle as we look down the side of the car yeah lets pan out a little bit, give you a more broad look at it. Its got that interesting shape, doesnt it its not quite an estate as a crossover suv, uh same with the ioniq. Five as well were not quite sure which category fits into lets. Zoom in this one here is sitting on 20 inch, rims, really nice alloys on it. Now you can get that in 19 or in 21 as well, depending on the spec and what type you want. The striking thing when you look at the ev6 from the side is this character line. It kicks off just down here behind the front wheels and you can follow that along the side under the rear doors it starts to swoop up there a little bit kind of meets the wheel.

Arches follows that around and then kicks off down the back, but we can see that the line doesnt end. There continues all the way around and this light bar that were getting sweeps down then on the other side and follows it all the way to the front right wheel, then around the back. What do we have? Its quite a big rear end keep a straight face, as i say that will open up the boot as well and let you have a look inside so its is like electronic. As you can see, now, weve got 480 liters in the back and then just under 1300 liters. If you follow the seats down as well, so its quite a big space. But if you actually look at it from the side here, theres not a huge amount of depth to it. Now we do get a little bit of space underneath there get a few cables charging cables things like that, and so in terms of fitting things into it. Yeah its got the leaders all right, but im not hugely convinced in the shape of it. I think youll get a little bit more in the likes of the ionic 5. anyway. Lets close that down press the button there im going to sweep around again give you one last shot. What do you guys? Think of it? Let us know in the comments Music, so we are out on the road in the kia. Ev6 im really excited to get behind the wheel of this now and its living up to to its promise.

For me so far, it feels really nice in here weve got some nice comfortable materials. I, like the the feel of the dash there. Weve got some chrome effect. Weve got some nice piano. Black now were not expecting s class mercedes, but this is still pretty good. Two screens here 12.3 inch displays both of them, on the left hand, side youre, getting more drivers, information to tell you your your battery percentage, and you can get your um functionality such as your map. You know navigation, but i get some more stats on the car. How is driving what energy youre using and how much energy where that energy is going as well things like interclimate and the electronics of the car things like that? Just underneath it then weve got this long thin display here, which has actually got a matte surface as well, so its not the fingerprint magnet because it is touch screen style. So at the moment there its displaying our radio functions and we can bring up. You know the map, the navigation and things like that, but we can also toggle it as well and thatll give us our our heating for in the cabin. So you know we got the usual stuff. We dont need to go through its got air conditioning and you can sync up two different sides: uh weve got heated seats in the car, which is you kind of expect anything nice to have, but its also air conditioned seats, which is really nice for summer time And especially with a darker interior like this, when this its in sitting out in the sun youre going to get bait, so you turn into the car and get your your air conditioned seats on its pretty nice.

The center console here is floating. Weve got a huge amount of space just underneath it really really nice there to have that and loads of usb connections as well to charge various devices. Weve got a wireless phone charger just there as well, which is a really really nice place for it. Also its easy to access, you can grab your phone really quickly and youve got a rotary knob, for you know like neutral drive, reverse things like that and yeah. So really nice feel when we jump off the steering wheel as well. For a second youve got the two stocks, for you, know your lights and your indicators and that kind of usual stuff smattering of buttons on the screen, which is really welcome. Now. I know some people absolutely love that minimalist feel of of a tesla, but a lot of people just want old school buttons. They just want to go up and down in volume, and things like that. So, on the left hand, side youve got your cruise control adaptive cruise control. Lane keep assist things like that, then over the right hand, side and youve got your voice, control, radio things like that, and then also just down here as well. We can toggle in the drive modes, so weve got three different versions. There you got eco, normal and sport and like when you put into sports, you get those flares of red and well. The car does really feel like it moves when you put your foot down, but also, if you hold that button down it goes into snow mode.

Now, where im based, we might get two or three days of snow a year, thats about it. But if youre in a cold climate – and you want the option to go for the all wheel, drive version of this car and having the snow mode thats pretty handy. Another thing i just want to show you over on the right hand. Side here is that theres, a memory for depending which driver has, if you share this car with someone else and you get back into the car and the seats in the wrong position. You just click the button and itll bring you back to whats comfortable for you, but while were out and driving the car whats it whats it like to to drive. How does it feel well pretty planted on the road? Youve got that egmp platform, which is a dedicated ev architecture that hyundai and kia have come up from it. It sends the the wheels out to each corner, so youve got a 2.9 meter wheelbase and they stuff the battery. Then right into the floor. It gives a really low centre of gravity and that helps in the corner as well. Now this car, as opposed to the ionic 5, is a little bit more stiffly sprung also, so it feels a little bit more planted in the corners a little bit more of a drivers car. I have to say that i really really like it now. If youre just pottering about town, you know you just want something: thats a little bit easier, taking ramps and things like that, maybe the ionic 5 is for you but youre into your driving.

I think this might be the one that just feels a little bit better for that in terms of speed. Then, if you want to put your foot down, what do we got? Whats our power here? Well, weve got today: weve got the rear, wheel, drive version, and so that really really helps with range as well, so youre, looking at a wltp combined cycle of just over 320 miles, which is absolutely fantastic to have now, if you want to spec this on the 21 21 inch wheels and you go for the all wheel, drive version that could drop down to about 300 miles, but still that is a huge amount of range in the real world. Are we going to get that in winter in the motorways? No, not quite, but this car does, where im from anyway, it comes as standard with a heat pump which will really really help in winter. Yeah car feels absolutely fantastic: seven and a half seconds in the knot to 100 kilometer or 62 miles per hour – sprint, which is pretty fast like theres, faster cars out there. But then again thatll do nicely. But if you go for the all wheel, drive version thats dropping down to 5.2 seconds, and i know we could even talk about the gt version which is going to be coming down. The line and thats going to get the knot to 62 miles per hour. Sprint. In six in 3.5 seconds, which is just incredible numbers, so yeah really enjoying my time out driving around in the kia, i think its time now that we just find somewhere nice to pull over and have a final chat about the car overall.

Another feature we absolutely love about the kia ev6 is the v2l functionality thats vehicle to load, so we all know that you plug in a car to charge up the battery. What, if you want to take energy out of that battery, you open up the charge flap. Take this adapter, the key give you plug it in to the socket. You can open that up then and theres a little button just there to let you power that on, and you can also see the flashing lights just beside the socket which show you what state of charge the battery is in and then you take any home domestic Appliance that you want you plug it in and you draw power from the battery. You can actually draw power at 3.6, kilowatts, which is pretty substantial. You can do a lot with that. You know you can charge another car slowly. You could have a little oven with you, while youre camping anything. You want, like that, its a great feature and wed love to see kia introducing it and then, whenever youre finished you just plug out whatever appliance you have into it, take out the adapter. And then you head off on your way, so the kia ev6. I have totally enjoyed my time with it. I think its an absolutely brilliant car in terms of downsides. What is there? Well there isnt really any for me. Some people give out a bit internally like it is the height isnt great.

They would prefer to be either a little bit smaller in the kind of saloon style or a little bit higher in that suv and the visibility at the back and rain. Yet not great. Maybe you know no rear wiper but then again theres such small things for me, its all about the upsides hard to pick out what i really really like, but im gon na go for it. Im gon na go with three things. I love about the kia ev6. So the first one that im going to go for is the design i just think its an absolutely stunning car all the way from the front end around the side. I love that character line that you get swoops all the way up and around the back. For me, its an absolute stunner second thing: i absolutely love vehicle to load function. So just it really starts to open up the possibilities of what we can do with cars. Theyre, maybe no longer just a simple box on wheels, but you can do other things with them: power, your house barbecues, or something when youre out camping charge. Another car really really opens up what you can do with it and then, while were talking about charging the third thing im going to go with is dc charging on this. Thanks to its 800 volt architecture, you can charge the thing at up to a peak of about 233 kilowatts, absolutely fantastic, its a zero to 18 00 to 80 percent charge in 18 minutes just mind: boggling numbers, yeah kia.

You got a bright future rolling out the egmp platform. You can get some more cars like this.