Yet lexus is one such brand. Well until now introducing the ux300e. Of course the ux300e is a zero emissions version of lexuss popular small suv. The ux, but its already facing stiff competition from the mercedes, benz eqa and volvo xc40 recharge pure electric. So is it the best of the premium bunch lets find out, but before we do im going to split this video into chapters with their time, codes right over here so feel free to skip ahead to anything youre, particularly interested in and if youre, watching on youtube. There are markers in the timeline below to make skipping ahead even easier, but be sure to give this video a like before you do. As always. If you want to know more, you can read my detailed written review over at the cars guide website. So, click on the link in the description below to go check it out and if you want to stay on top of any of our upcoming videos, be sure to subscribe to the cars guide, youtube channel and then hit the bell icon to get notified when theyre Uploaded Music, the ux 300e is available in two grades: the entry level, luxury and flagship sports luxury; the luxury undercuts the competition from 74, 000 plus on road costs, while the sports luxury commands a seven thousand dollar premium and in case youre wondering no. The ux 300e isnt available in a familiar mid range f sport grade, but lexus might decide to introduce one in the future either way.

Standard equipment in the luxury impressively includes led lights, 17 inch, alloy, wheels, power, folding, side mirrors with heating, roof rails, keyless entry, rear privacy, glass and a hands free power. Tailgate inside push button start a 10.3 inch multimedia system, satellite navigation, apple, carplay and android. Auto support digital radio, a 13 speaker mark levinson, sound system and a 7 inch multi function display feature then theres wireless smartphone charging a heated steering wheel with a power adjustable column, 8 way, power, adjustable front seats with heating and cooling and heated rear, outboard seats. The sports luxury adds adaptive tri beam, led headlights, 18 inch alloy wheels, a moon roof, a head up, display, smooth leather accented upholstery, a stitched, washi instrument panel and 3d illuminated interior trim. Needless to say, ux 300e buyers get a lot of bang for their buck design. Wise lexus has really tried to make a point with the ux 300e. It says its buyers dont want evs that look futuristic, so the ux 300e just looks like another ux or a lexus for that matter. So, of course, youve got these boomerang style drls, which are really distinctive and, of course, lexuss signature, spindle grille, although it does have active, grille shutters, but youd hardly ever see them around the side. There are a couple of differences again with the ux300e, mainly its different, aloe wheel designs. This is the sports luxury, so this is the 18 inch alloy wheel, design, but also the luxury and its 17s get a different design too.

Also theres, this very obvious electric badge on the rear doors here so in case you didnt know what you were driving thats there, but yeah otherwise, its just another ux, which is no bad thing, its good looking. But it really is just a jacked up. Hatchback. More of a crossover than an actual suv, but it still looks the part nonetheless, and at the rear the ux 300e really makes its presence felt on the road. I particularly like these 3d style tail lights, with the light bar linking them all the way across the tailgate. It really is a great signature for the car. Now, of course, the ux300e has unique badging which helps it stand out from the rest of the ux range, and it also has a blue version of the lexus logo. Much like the ux250h hybrid inside the ux300e youd also be hard pressed to pick the difference between it and any other ux. Although there are a couple of small differences, such as the instrumentation has some obvious differences there, otherwise its pretty much like any other ux, which is no bad thing, because it really does feel premium even for its premium price point. Youve got plenty of nice materials all around the place. One thing, though, that should be highlighted, is the ux. 300E still has lexuss old style of multimedia system, which is controlled by this little frustrating track pad here. It is the best implementation of this trackpad yet, but it is still really frustrating to use.

A touchscreen would be way better in this instance. Thankfully, next generation lexus products have exactly that. But what do you think of the design? Let us know in the comments below Music practicality wise, the ux 300e does better than youd expect. First of all, its boot has a cargo capacity of 414 liters, which is actually better than what you get in the ux 250h hybrid. But that said, there is a rather large load lip to contend with, so that can make loading bulkier items a little bit more difficult. Although loose items can be secured with the four tie down points and two bag hooks that are on hand under floor, there is some storage space for at least one of the charging cables that the ux 300e comes with and theres also a tyre repair kit. Now, if you do want more storage capacity, of course, you can fold down the split fold second row by the release latches, which are easily accessible via the boot that exposes an undisclosed amount of space, but yeah. You can definitely play with that and use it as you see fit here in the second row, things arent quite as good as you can probably tell its pretty cramped back here for an adult like myself behind my 184 centimeter seating position, theres a little bit of Leg, room, which is fine, but i have got a tiny bit of headroom and theres, absolutely no tow room, so no wiggle room at all down there, so its not quite as good, and you may notice as well.

The seating position is quite high up and thats, because the batteries are under floor and stack. So you get this kind of like stadium, seating position, which can be a bit strange, looking down on everyone in the front seat, so yeah its fine for a couple of adults on a shorter journey, but yeah youd certainly want a bit more space. If youre going on a longer journey, kids are accommodated, however, with three top tether and two isofix anchorage points, but again they may be a bit of a challenge to fit child seats. So good luck to you with that amenities, wise! You do get a fold down arm rest with a couple of cupholders which is perfect for our cars guide bottle, but there arent any door bins. So you cant have extra storage space, four bottles theres only one map pocket as well on this passenger seat with nothing on the drivers seat. Although you do get a couple of directional air vents at the rear of the center console and below them. A couple of usbc ports and in the first row practicality is a lot better. First of all, theres a lot more room to go around, but no the center console here the lid opens from either side but its a decent size. Youve also got a couple of usb a ports and an auxiliary port ahead of it are a couple of cup holders which we can obviously use for our cars guide bottle, and there is a wireless smartphone charger just ahead and a 12 volt power outlet too.

The glove box is big enough for the manual and probably not much else and uh yeah other than that thats kind of your lot in the first row, aside from the front door bins which are large enough to take one regular bottle each the ux 300e comes With a largely impressive safety, suite advanced driver, assist systems and the luxury extent of front and rear autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian and daytime cyclist detection, active blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert and then theres lane keep assist and steering assist adaptive cruise control. Road sign recognition, high beam, assist tyre pressure, monitoring, a reversing camera and front and rear parking sensors. Meanwhile, the sports luxury also gets surround view cameras. Standard safety equipment also includes eight airbags, including knee coverage for the driver and front passenger, while ancap hasnt crash tested and therefore, given the ux 300e, a safety rating. All the signs are good, as all other variants of the ux were awarded the maximum 5 stars under its 2019 protocols. That said, the ux 300e is missing, intersection, assist emergency, steering functionality and a front center airbag, all of which are scrutinized in 2021 and beyond Music. Under the bonnet of the ux 300e, unlike some other electric cars, you wont find a fruit or a frunk. Instead, youll find the front mounted electric motor, which produces 150 kilowatts of power and 300 newton meters of torque with a single speed automatic transmission in tow.

The ux 300e can sprint from a standstill to 100 kilometers an hour in a warm 7.5 seconds. But if youre after a punchier dual motor powertrain with all wheel, drive, youll have to look elsewhere as lexus doesnt offer such a model. Yet the ux 300e 54.3 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery delivers a wltp certified driving range of 305 kilometers, which is more than 100 kilometers short of its segments average. Of course, a larger battery option would cater to more buyers by offering a longer driving range. So time will tell if lexus does indeed add one. The ux 300es energy consumption on the combined cycle test is, however, encouraging at 15 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. But in my real world testing i averaged a higher 16.9 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which equates to 296 kilometers of driving range. Needless to say, if you cover meaningful distances each week, youll be charging the ux 300e regularly, speaking of which a 7 kilowatt ac charger with a type two plug will fully charge the ux300es battery in six and a half hours. So overnight, good thing, then that lexus australia throws in such a wall box from jet charge as part of the purchase price alongside two charging cables. Meanwhile, a 50 kilowatt dc fast charger with a less common chademo plug, can fully charge the ux 300es battery. In 80 minutes and yes, lexus, australia also throws in a three year subscription to australias largest public ev charging network chargevox as part of the purchase price for the ux300e.

So thats always a nice thing to have in your back pocket. But if you need to make longer, trips and dont want to regularly stop to charge. Lexus australia also offers hybrid or petrol powered loan cars for four trips up to eight days in duration over the first three years of ownership, so its nice. To always have that option too, like all lexus australia vehicles sold from 2022, the ux 300e comes with a new five year, unlimited kilometer warranty, which equals the premium benchmark, but its battery is covered by a separate 10 year, unlimited kilometer term, while it also comes with Five years of roadside assistance, the ux 300e service intervals are average at every 12 months or 15 000 kilometers. Whichever comes first handily cap price servicing means the first five visits cost 1 475 in total, or an average of 295 dollars behind the wheel of the ux 300e. The first thing, of course, youre going to notice, is whats under your right foot. As soon as you press down at 150, kilowatts and 300 meters from the front mounted, electric motor really comes to the fore. Its got great pep off the line, but particularly when you are overtaking, you can just stick the boot in and you do get that kind of instant responsiveness that make evs just so fun to drive another thing that is unique to evs and indeed the ux 300e Is regenerative braking i really really like it and in its most aggressive mode you can take your foot off the pedal and it will gradually, in this instance slow the car down.

It is definitely gradual from higher speed. As you go to low speed, it feels more aggressive but yeah, certainly at high speed. It is a kind of gradual transition of deceleration, but essentially you dont have to use the brake pedal at all. You can bring the car down in my experience to about three or four ks an hour before which then you need to engage the brake pedal and therefore the friction brakes but yeah. If you time it well enough in city traffic or whatever, you can. Basically, essentially, one pedal drive this car, which is always pretty cool and one of the real benefits of evs i think, and one of their more unique characteristics. So i really like regenerative braking. This is a pretty good, if not perfect implementation of it, but one thing to note is in order for your preferred regenerative braking setting to be locked and there are four of them again. You need to have the gear selector in its b or brake mode. Otherwise, if youre just playing with the paddles, which is how you switch between the different settings on the steering wheel, it will only temporarily give you that regenerative braking setting you like and then, when you step on the accelerator again, it will reset to its default settings. So just keep that in mind, basically make sure you have it. In b, all the time now were currently driving the ux 300e on a bit of a twisty road and like most products on the tnga platform used by toyota and lexus.

It is really great to drive. It is surprisingly sporty again, you have a 54.3 kilowatt hour battery under floor and the electric motor up front, which is about half the weight of the hybrid powertrain thats available in the ux. So its actually lighter over the front axle and better balanced overall, and you can really tell how well the ux 300d drives immediately. You know around corners youre, getting very minimal body roll, which is really impressive. That said, being front wheel drive if you do push it hard, you can get a bit of understeer from time to time. So that is something that you have to keep in mind. But you know, overall, you can really guide it through the corners and have a lot more fun than youd. Probably ever expect now. Part of the fun, of course, is the steering which i think is, is really really good, got a surprising amount of feel through the wheel and in its normal drive mode. I think its pretty well weighted. Of course, you can go to a sport drive mode and get a little bit more heft. I dont think its actually that much more, but you know i think the reality is youre, probably just going to have it in the normal drive mode. Most of the time. Anyway, even though sport is that little bit sharper also in regard to the throttle response too, but the ride you dont have adaptive dampers, but i dont think you really miss them necessarily its really well tuned, quite comfortable ive just come out of driving the luxury, which Is on the 17 inch alloy wheels and you can tell there is a bit of a firm tinge to the ride and again, with that extra weight, its more firmly sprung so thats to be expected, but its certainly not uncomfortable and then even in the sports luxury, Which were currently driving on the 18s, i dont think the ride is necessarily all that much poorer, so it definitely is pretty comfortable to drive in that manner too, which is always a plus another thing that is unique to evs, or at least different about evs are The noise levels you dont have an engine whirring away up front, although you can hear the wine of the electric motor as you step on it ever so slightly.

But what you do notice as a result is road noise that would normally be drowned out. You do have a fair bit of that penetrating the cabin in the ux 300d wind noise. Not so much surprisingly, you dont hear a lot over the side mirrors even at highway speed, so thats, pretty good, but yeah. Just general road noise and tyre noise managed to penetrate the cabin a little too easily. But again you do have this 13 speaker mark levinson sound system to drown out all that noise. As far as first generation, all electric vehicles go, the ux 300e is on par. If youre a city dweller that rarely leaves the urban jungle, it could be. The perfect thunder drive ev for you, but if you need to travel longer distances, there are other options out there like the eqa and xc40 recharge pure electric. What do you think is the ux300e, a winner. Let us know in the comments and dont forget theres, even more detail in my written review on the cars god website, including a breakdown of the upcoming overall score.