Granger thats made into full eevee, and this is actually the second heritage series. After this pony ev, so there is the whole eevee lineage of hyundai a lot of people thats, including myself, but i thought ionic electric. This car right here was like kind of a first car that hyundai produced, but you see how far it is from the timeline. So go back all the way up. The first is that they have 1990 about the eevee and then started off with the sonata and then walk through all this. There was this santa fe ev as well, the first generation santa fe, and then it made its way down to the ionic, the original ionic that we know of, and then this starting with kona ev. They started to bloom, kona evie. We see the porter eevee. So this is the commercial truck popular in korea, and here it is the ionic five. This granger heritage grandeur marks the second heritage series after this beautiful pony eevee. Just so, you know, ive gone through this already at hyundai motor studio, busan, so make sure you go out and check this car out over there. This is such a beautiful car too, but again this marks the first heritage series granger means a lot to koreans, because this meant a success back in the days. This was more like a full size saloon and the market demand is just skyrocketing currently because this is very reminiscent and then people are like honda.

Please push this down out the factory line. I want this car like right now. All right lets go through some of the exterior look at the pixel, headlight and also the grille. This is just insane is the granger written on this front grille and back in the day, there has been like a little emblem, sticking out right on the bonnet hood, because that meant the exclusiveness of the car, but they got rid of that and have put granger Here and for your information, granger is the name here in korea. It actually did make sales on north america as azera and, unfortunately, after its on first series, hyundai discontinued, the azera from the north american market azera is like one of the number one best selling car here in korea. Look at the tail light, its all pixel. Everything here is just really a pixels squares and squares and im gon na ask them if its possible. But when you have to the hazard light on, it makes the moving matrix pattern like going left and right, and it is just something and beautiful come around this way. You see thats the hyundai printed right there and a lot of people have said that it looks much better that way without a hyundai emblem right in the center or the middle. They actually like that. Writing a i h y. U n d a i letterings its like hyundai like sunday, so keep that in mind and thats gon na be the reverse light and when it comes to the vertical tail light people say that hyundai has been.

I dont know mimicking somebody or something youll see, starting with this grandeur. They had that horizontal tail light, at least at least two decades ago come along. They have still that chrome finish right here. However, this bumper guidelines, right here, its mac, chrome and dont, forget about those pixel lights on the rear quarter as well and thats actually for the turn signals – and this is the wheel – also has the hyundai lettering instead of the emblem – and this is very reminiscent of The very original wheel that is grander head, however, hyundai, has put on the scent and touch of this ev car like shield like wheels that maximize the mpg, and this is something profoundly found on this time and era of the car. The luxury saloon, which is look at this c pillar and the glass right here this is gigantic. This is like a retro thing. A lot of designs are coming back from the retro, and i have a feeling that we might be seeing that in one of the newer cars. What do you guys think and check out the belt line, the windows? They come all the way down to this belt line right here, unlike pony heritage, that they have used. The digital side mirror right up there up on the front and this heritage series granger is keeping the mirror and its look at that chrome, bling bling its like reflecting me off now its a digital mirror.

You see the camera right there and when the blinker is on that actually turns on as well, and also there is that good old hazard light for the cars in the blind spot. What do you say? This is just outstanding astonishing, because this is like a new compound word: people call it like neutral, so putting the retro and the new all together. So on the outside the exterior the structure. It is the grandeur that we all know of from the back. In the time and how old 35 years old, so this is an actual 35 year old grunger on the outside. The is the platforms, but, of course everything inside is completely completely different and now time for the interior – and you see its the interior that gets all, futuristic all neutral and never seen before kind of a technology. Dont forget that this is a concept. Car, so well see things that weve never seen on the current commercial vehicles thats the actual display its, not the 12.3 monitors left and right. You know stitched or, if not with the boundary, in the middle, no its actually the whole screen and, of course, this car being a concept. You know i cant have my butt in the seat and this is as close as im gon na get. But this is a hundred percent fully functional and the design the layout the infographic system weve never seen that before any of the cars just yet, and that goes the same with the display in the middle you see after the gear, selector thats.

Also, a hundred percent fully touch sensitive and you control everything about that car right over there. And you see this steering wheel its actually from the original, authentic steering wheel and hyundai hiked it out with this crazy buttons, digital display in the middle as well, and just look at this and dont forget about the brakes. Underneath literally, everything about this car inside has been redesigned and completely re innovated to be a futuristic yet possibly modern car of the day, since this is really bright out here, cant really catch this, but look at this beautiful ambient light. Its got the gradation right there. You see lights up, as your view goes down, so youd only see the top portion of the ambient light if you see from the top bottom, so thats more evidently found throughout the cockpit as well as continued all the way to there. So this is a velvet seat, and this actually has been seen and witnessed a lot during the era of the 80s and 90s on a high luxurious vehicles, as seen here. The best part is actually what you can see from the behind. Just look at the leather strap that they put in there. That is just insane. That is some things that i have only seen on, like a tailor made luxurious purse that kind of a deal the grandeur now has this two seats on the back. So, unlike the backing of time and the car being an ev sorry about the lighting there, so there is a little bit of a hump in the center console.

I dont know if that is because of the car trying to be an eevee or thats. Probably the whats left over from the chassis. I have a good feeling that its the ladder, but they also have made that into an extra storage in the middle. This is just so cool and you see thats where that c pillar comes in handy with a gigantic glass right there, an experience that weve never gotten before, and this is the charger port it supports all of the dc combo types and also they did not forget About the pixel design right here to show you how much its been charged up and what is left and also this nice little touch right here, the rear seat, the half of the portion of the tire is actually covered by this body of the granger and its Also, one of those you know reminiscent of the 90s luxurious cars, should you ever care. The tire size is 205 55 16, and i bet its a square set up and yes, it is, and this is the drivers, seat door and all the buttons here. The lock unlock and the power windows, as well as controlling your digital side, mirror its all here, but thats all touch sensitive and this door knob. I think weve seen it from ionic 5, not exactly the same one, but its quite similar. There amazing the fine detail that hyundai has paid attention to on this grandeur heritage and you see thats the gear selector right there and the touch sensitive, monitor underneath where you can control music, it says, and the modes auto hold surround view and parking assist.

They kept. The good old prnd lever right here and just look at this leather finish on the center on console im, really curious as to what, if what it would feel like sitting down on this thing, this is as close as im ever gon na get so im. Just trying to show you all the footage here, probably thats a lever to change different displays up here and check it out. As ive said, this is not two split screens, but it is a whole screen right here in korea. People call this grandeur to be the edgy grandeur, literally the car. This car is edgy everywhere, especially on the exterior, but i love how things are so edgy inside as well, starting with this rear view, mirror and just look at that. Weve never seen that kind of a thing in a car before i mean theres theres like that galaxy thing from rolls royce, this is one of a kind as well just really wonder what that would feel like from the second seat sitting back and looking at the Top and the hyundai personnel even said him herself that they want this to be continued ill, be here to capture the third one, the fourth one and wants to come for the next future candy heritage series, so dont forget to subscribe and like to the channel cars In korea and i introduce newly released genesis, hyundai engine cars – and this is actually one of the very early sonata that they hyundai worked on as to develop the ev car.