, The first generation of the Kia Niro heralded the future of Kias growing, ev lineup. And the second generation Niro is a message that promises a sustainable mobility solution for everyone, Kias design, identity, opposite united, reflects the contradictory and contrasting beauty we encounter in our Daily lives and the New Niro is inspired by the spirit of joy. For a reason, Kia believes that consciously sustainable consumers deserve a vehicle that is practical, high tech and spacious. It s a vehicle that creates your sentimental joy. We also believe in creating fun and exciting products that are smart and practical. The Kia Niro borrows the habaniro concept announced two years ago. It is a bold crossover vehicle with a modern and clean two tone body. It is characterized by an efficient and adventurous vehicle attitude. At the same time, the New Niro interpreted the conventional crossover vehicle in a different way. First lets look at the unique combination of materials and graphics.. As you can see here, the cladding and the rear pillar are visually connected.. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose a harmonious or a strong contrast.. Thanks to the boomerang shaped rear pillar, it emits a strong presence and a uniquely dynamic silhouette.. The signature front of Kia Motors the tiger nose. The grill motif, extends from the hood to the fender and is connected thanks to the contrast with the large lower air intake grille., The headlamps with heartbeat signature lighting are located in the lower part of the front making The body wider and creating a confident vehicle appearance.

This is the rear of the vehicle. Vertical taillamps shows to highlight the unique aerodynamic, design and technology go along the wide and stable design lines of wild tail gate. You will feel the presence and sense of security of the vehicle itself.. The rear, spoiler in a variety of colors and materials, also improves the aerodynamics, As it floats on the side of the main body like a boomerang outside air. Naturally, flows. In. Lets look inside.. If you look at the layout of the dashboard and door names, you can see that the horizontal and diagonal lines are used. Harmoniously.. Also, the edge line connecting the horizontal and diagonal lines extends from the front to the rear. It creates dramatic, visual movements.. The display is also connected with a bold diagonal line showing the movement of water from the drivers seat to the passenger door.. The modular lighting reflects the high tech personality of the new niro.. The center console is equipped with an electronic dial shift lever and only the core functions for the driver. There is also a practical and easy to use storage. Compartment. Thanks to the slim seat designed for electric vehicles, a spacious feel is secured and sportiness is emphasized.. In addition, it can be used as a coat hanger by holding a unique shape with a hard back cover and consideration was given to passengers in the back seat to feel a sense of spaciousness. The new kia niro lets, for example, to comply with the design principles of the hunger of responsibility for the environment.

Through vegan leather seats, with headliner eucalyptus made from recycled wallpaper Kia continues its belief in sustainable mobility. It also reflected fashion trends.. A technical fabric pattern was applied to the top of the dashboard, and the door trim was designed to give a feeling of being warmly welcomed. Going forward. Kia will continue to provide easy, versatile and fun sustainable mobility for everyone through the new niro, which continues the success of the first generation of niro.