I think ive been running it for a while now and its been fantastic and ive been wanting to bring you one piece of content in particular for a while, and it is the range test and todays the day. Im gon na deliver for you, ive seen the comments. I know youve been waiting too, but dont worry its happening right now. Now, im going to do this a bit different today, im doing it vlog style, because my lovely camera guys they didnt want to roll with me for ages doing a range test, and i wanted to get this done asap. So here it is, were going to jump on board im going to shoot the whole thing on my trusty apple iphone, 13 pro max. So if its a bit rough around the edges, i apologize were going solo lets. Do it? Okay, so were on board the mighty leaf lets fire it up. It says key, not detected. I think the battery in the key is dead, but there is actually a way around it. What you do is you put the key itself up against the start. Button push it with the key there. It started up now: ive got to get the battery replaced, but there you go on the screen. It says i have 57 miles of range now. Remember that number 57 thats what were gon na, try and achieve if we get less than that ill, be a little bit disappointed im gon na reset the trip computer now and then set off and well see what this bad boy can really do.

Lets roll Music one of the first things i want to show you is that this car has two driving modes, which is important when youre trying to conserve range, its got d and its also got eco. If i move this driving selector switch down into the drive position again, it goes into eco, and that gives me an estimated five mile bump roughly for the rest of this im. Gon na stick to eco and then hope i can eke out as much range as i possibly can. Music ive got a couple of options for the way that i do this range test. The first option is just to take it on a motorway and just hammer. It at 70 miles an hour and see how quickly it runs down, but i think that would be very unfair because thats not how people drive this car, not at all its a city car. You know people drive it in 30, mile, an hour zones predominantly so im going to try and stick to this type of area and just go reasonably slowly in an environment where the leaf was actually designed to be driven. Oh, i dont know if you heard that, but it said in 200 yards speed camera. So its got like a built in system for detecting speed cameras, which is ironic, because when would you ever speed in a nissan leaf, you just wouldnt. Would you okay, quick range, update, ive done about four miles now, and the range is reading 59 miles, which is still pretty decent? Lets keep going its sort of guesswork really.

The car is trying to work out the range depending on the number of factors, including the way you drive. The temperature is what about sort of 17 degrees today, um and a whole host of other things, so its detected that im driving very very economically. So it said you know what rorys amazing im gon na bump the range up by two miles, because its him heres something thats interesting. The leaf has a very clever, and i think it was the first car to ever do this its got a range bubble. So it shows you where you are on the sat nav, and it also shows you where you can drive to and make it back to your starting point and where you can drive to without making it back to your starting point its saying i could probably drive To near nottingham at the moment, which seems a bit ambitious, but there you go a nice little feature its actually really cool. I think a couple of other cars have adopted that ive seen that in the mini electric um, but just remember where that came from came from the mighty nissan leaf heres something else. I find really fascinating and im going to pull in to demonstrate this. If i can find somewhere to stop lets do a parallel park right here show off my parallel parking skills, dont crash into anything that looks like absolute perfection. I still got it. I really do still got it right.

One question that i often get asked is: how does air con and heating affect the range in an electric car? Now ive done uh about seven miles of driving so far um and if i turn the air con on that drops, look at that. It drops by 10, it drops by 10 miles its gone down 10 miles just by using the heating ill turn up the fan now that doesnt really affect the uh, the range too much and the temperature doesnt affect the range too much either. I find that difficult to believe but thats what the car is saying, but yeah you lose 10 miles of range by using the uh heating or air con in the nissan leaf and thats in eco mode. If i go into normal drive mode – and i turn the heating on and off, yeah 14 miles of range lost in normal driving mode, which is very, very significant in a car with range as small as this, its a good job that todays uh is pretty warm. So im not gon na need the heating or the aircon to be honest with you, but yeah in a car like this youre gon na have to avoid using aircon or heating as much as possible. If range is very important to you right onwards, Music, okay, quick range update – i have done uh 14.7 miles with 44 miles of range remaining, which is interesting because that adds up to 58 miles, which is pretty much what the car was suggesting.

It would get in the first place so after a bit of fluctuation, where it wasnt quite sure how many miles it was going to get its sort of learned, how im driving the car, what types of roads its being driven on and its giving me what seems Like a fairly accurate, so far, estimation, or at least consistent estimation of how many miles its going to be able to drive, the obvious question, though, is: is 57 58 miles a decent amount of range, it kind of depends on who you are and how you use Your car, if youre, just going to drive it around in normal everyday situations, like you know, drop the kids to school or whatever. I think its probably fine, because you can do 10, 15 20 miles to school and then 20 back home and you still got loads to spare. If you want to drive a bit further, then obviously its going to become a bit of an issue. Originally, the nissan leaf, according to nissans, very ambitious estimations shall we say, could do 124 miles. Thats changed because obviously the battery has degraded over the years, which is another issue that electric cars have but credit to nissan theyve been very open about their battery degradation. In the leaf on the right hand, side of the dash – you have a little gauge to show you how healthy the battery is um and there are 12 bars in total. Ive lost four of those bars, not me personally, but the cars lost four bars over the course of its lifetime, so its lost about a third of its capacity, which is, i mean its quite significant, but as long as youre aware of what its lost, then you Can kind of recalibrate your expectations for the cars range and actually losing 33 of battery capacity over nine years? Is that such a bad thing, i think thats actually doing all right considering that even petrol cars diesel cars lose an awful lot in terms of performance? The longer they live, i think its kind of to be expected really and the range hasnt fallen off a cliff completely because originally theres no way a nissan leaf could do 124 miles, youd be lucky if it did sort of 90 from memory.

When i used to drive these back in the day, so this is interesting in front of me: theres, a hyundai ioniq 5, which is one of my favorite electric cars at the moment, and it does make me think how will modern electric cars batteries degrade? Will it be a similar situation to the nissan leaf where it loses sort of 30 over the course of approximately 10 years? Im hopeful that that wont be the case actually id, rather think that new battery electric cars protect their batteries a lot more efficiently than this nissan leaf, because a lot of the new cars come with battery pre conditioning systems that get the battery to the correct operating Temperature, they also have big buffers. So, for example, theyll have lets, say an 80 kilowatt hour battery capacity, but 10 kilowatt hours of that isnt used. So that means that you dont necessarily use the full capacity of the battery. You dont charge it up to 100 and then drain it down to zero percent. Its always sort of between i dont know 10 and 90 of usage, which is one of the methods that you can use to protect the battery but give credit to the leak because its lasted for ages. Its done seventy thousand miles on the clock and its only lost thirty percent of its capacity. This could easily go another 70 000 and maybe lose another 30 percent of its capacity. So to have a car thats done 140 000 miles um and still be able to do whats that going to be around 30 miles, which is, i guess, a daily commute.

Is that acceptable? I think it might be in some peoples eyes: okay, im getting a bit fed up driving around now its its lasting way too long. Maybe i should have taken it around. The motorway im gon na pull in now for a little pit, stop thats a local eatery. All right ive got my mcc caffeine in my hand, giant lorry behind me. Let me give you a quick range update, ive driven 25 miles and ive got 32 miles of range, remaining right im going to fast forward now to the good bit so come back in a second when things get a bit more serious, so things are starting to Get pretty juicy right now shall we say um. I took it down to the point where it said 20 miles of range remaining and i got a low battery warning. Low battery charge is what she said, which i ignored because were out here were doing science. I took it down to 10 miles remaining and it was kicking off properly. It was telling me look find a charging point right now and i was like no thank you were pushing on. Then it got to 9 miles remaining eight miles remaining seven miles remaining six miles remaining and at that point thats, when it stopped giving me an estimate for how far it would go, i had traveled 56 miles and then it said you have no more, no more Chances bro its on you im, not telling you how far you can go in this thing, because, basically anything can happen at this point you know were not stopping right, of course, were not stopping weve now done 58 miles, which is more than the car said.

It would do so. Ive now basically surpassed the original expectations of the nissan leaf. I feel like thats, a small victory, but were not stopping here were pushing on 60 miles traveled, that is a nice round number thats a proper milestone. I like that. I like that because, like i said, i think the original nissan leaf with a full battery pack with 100 battery health would probably be able to do around 90 miles having lost about a third of its capacity. I would expect this to do 60 miles and its done it yes lets keep going Music okay 65 miles and were starting to lose power now um, especially in eco mode yeah. The car is definitely not giving me as much acceleration as it did in the beginning. Not that i want to use it, but you can definitely feel like its starting to like throttle back a little bit, trying to eke out as much range as possible, like it senses that its about to come screeching to a halt. Well, theres, a quote: what happens? What happens when it runs out? Does it just stop? Does it does it roll? What i dont know do i want to find out no okay, 65 and a half miles im gon na im pushing my luck. Im gon na um im gon na call it quits im gon na pull in because yeah i dont want to get stuck out here on the road im pulling in im pulling in weve, definitely made it were safe.

We are safe, but its still moving its still going, which is the annoying thing, because weve still got range in the battery. Should i stop, should i stop, or should i keep going im going to stop im going to stop its still moving now? No im going to keep going im turning around im, turning around im doing this, for you guys im turning around, because i think we all want to see how far this actually goes. Im definitely going to regret this, but we need to know how far the car goes and importantly, what happens when it runs out so lets. Do it whoa? Oh, it stopped thats it its gone into neutral. It stopped 66 miles dead and the battery is completely exhausted. So we got, we got our answer to two questions: um the first, the second question, which is what happens when an electric car when the leaf runs out of battery it just goes into neutral and rolls i guess that makes sense, because what it wants you to Do is to be able to roll it out of trouble like push it to the side of the road or to push it to a charging point, for example. But the main question, which is how far can this nissan leaf go – is 66 miles dead on a full charge with about a third of the battery health um depleted, which i think is a bit of a win because remember, the original number was 57 miles and We have gone nine miles further than the car anticipated wow im, so happy that i wasnt on the road when that happened, that is someones looking out for me all right result, i think thats.

It weve answered the question im so glad that we could bring you this range test um. I know youve been waiting for it for a long time. Um weve got our answer. The leaf can go 66 miles dead, um, maybe a bit further. If i was, you know if i drive a bit more economical, but i wouldnt expect a lot more from that uh cool, but my heart is actually pounding, so i just want to say thanks for watching um. I hope you stay tuned to the rest of this project leaf series, because weve got a lot of really cool stuff planned, for this were going to do some um, some mechanical stuff, some maintenance stuff to show you what electric cars cost in terms of um running Repairs uh: we do modificate big modifications.