Every manitoban should own an electric vehicle. Manitoba is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the coming revolution in the electric vehicle industry ill show you not only why you want to own an electric vehicle as an individual, but how manitoba is one of the best places in the world to do so. Winnipeg is the unfortunate poster child for canadian urban squirrel. Get this winnipeg occupies four times the space of paris, but only has a third of the population to get around in winnipeg. You drive and you drive a lot thats, why manitobas biggest source of emissions is transportation and thats. Why the single biggest thing that you can do to reduce emissions in manitoba is switch to an electric vehicle. My work sees me driving every day sets locations, rehearsals studios, sometimes as much as 400 kilometers in about a 200 kilometer radius around winnipeg and then theres my five times a week, gig as a hockey goalie, which sees me going to arenas from one end of winnipeg. To the other, so when it came time to upgrade from our 2015 kia soul a fun but relatively inefficient vehicle, we thought it was the right time to make the jump to an ev. After researching the market, we decided to go with the chevy bolt. It looks cool, handles great and has tons of space for all my gear, whether thats, production or hockey, and so the three reasons every manitoban wants to own an electric vehicle which is number three.

The fun factor driving an electric is super fun, in fact, its reignited. My love of driving electrics handle extremely well. The batteries are beneath the floor and theyre quite heavy, so theres a resistance to roll and a hugging of the road like a big heavy car. The chevy bolt feels like a much bigger car, but the most fun about electrics is the acceleration, its not just teslas, that are fast. In fact, every electric vehicle has near instant acceleration. The chevy bolt earns its name because its like a lightning bolt off the start in our household theres, a constant argument over who gets to drive the bolt and the number two reason every manitoban should own an electric vehicle, youll save money. What red blooded manitobani ask you doesnt like to save money on average, the running costs of an electric versus an ice vehicle are 10, that key of soul that we used to own fun as it was. It cost about twenty five hundred dollars a year to drive the fifteen thousand k that we did, and that was at prices before they went up to the current 143.9 per liter. The same distance driven by the chevy bolt will cost 250 dollars at current electrical rates. In manitoba, even if electrical rates doubled, youd still be saving 80 percent in your running costs over an ice vehicle and electric vehicles have way lower maintenance costs, theres less belts, no oil, in fact theres less moving parts period.

Even the brakes are used less because most electric vehicles have whats called one pedal driving where, when you release the accelerator, the car automatically starts coming to stop regenerating power, as it does even the premium that you pay for an electric versus an ice vehicle which is Somewhere between five and ten thousand dollars, when you compare comparable size, vehicles pays itself off within three to five years, so long term, evs save you money and the number one reason why every manitoban should have an electric vehicle, our green power grid. We have this hydroelectric power thanks to our indigenous brothers and sisters on whose land our vast network of hydro generating stations is. Our network is green thats compared to other jurisdictions, where, as little as one third of the power is green and renewable, with the power coming from carbon spewing sources like coal from a cradle to grave perspective, all across the world electrics consume half of the resources of An equivalent ice vehicle that figure will just get better as other jurisdictions green. Their grid other jurisdictions can only hope to enjoy what we have here in manitoba already: a green, renewable energy source of hydroelectric power, the cover of national geographic proclaims, electric vehicle revolution: you can have fun, save money and help save the planet.