, but which of these two is best – you see underneath the skin. They are quite similar but externally and to drive. They are very different. Anyway, were going to find out because im going to talk you through their exteriors theyre interiors, show you how practical they are, try out their technology and, of course, take them for a drive. This is the car version of squid games anyway, im at watson and youre watching car wow buying a new car, then head to car wow, and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site Lets start this video by comparing these cars design so im going to start off with the kia. Do you know what theres something a little bit of the aston martin dbx about this integrated spoiler, its cool? I, like the full length light bar this sort of reminds me how i imagined cars would look in the year 2021. When i was a kid, the blocky, graphics and stuff like like something out of the 1980s is very, very cool. I love it. In fact, i like traveling behind both of these cars in the dark, because they have such unique light signatures from the side. The cars yet again, look very very different thing about the ioniq 5. Is that when you first see in pictures, you think its the same size as a volkswagen polo, but now you can see next to the ev6, its huge, its a huge hatchback.

There is something of the lancia delta integrale about it, though isnt it. Can you see that yeah now there is specifically something about a lancia stratos about the ev6, the designers even admit to copying the whole roof design? You see it like a stratos, but overall from the side. I think it also looks like a jaguar eye pace, though slightly better looking. Do you want to make these cars as good? Looking as possible, you need the top of the range 20 inch alloy wheels or on the standard 19s, though that will affect your efficiency. A little bit here from the front yet again the ionic is very unique. Looking though the design im sure has been inspired by that of boba fetts helmet, i really like the lights here. The way the daytime run lights are actually in this part of the body. Work really stands out at night, especially in your rear view, mirror really good. Looking car this its less unique looking, i think in fact the design is sort of reminiscent of the volkswagen sirocco. Can you see that, in fact, overall, this car is like a greatest hit of some cool looking cars isnt it? I do like the look of this at first. I preferred the look of the hyundai but im starting to get used to it, and i think that it wont aid as well as the kia, but which do you think is the best. Looking overall, i put a pin comment.

You vote, which is the best stock in the hyundai or the kia. Its up to you here on the inside. The hindi is just as quirky as it is on the outside, really like the design. It has. A very spacious airy feel. Obviously this is a built from the ground, a pv, so you got your batteries underneath the floor, theres, no transmission tunnel or anything like that, so theres loads of space. Here. That means lots of good storage here and here, and you can even get a special storage system which you can slide forwards and backwards. The glove box as well is huge. Looking like a drawer got a glove drawer, not a box decent sized door, bins as well. Its practical – and i like the look of it – i love these huge screens here and theyre fairly bright, responsive and easy to use, though the sat nav can be a bit of a faff, though i just use google maps through android, auto or apple carplay. Digital driver display has all the information you need in terms of range reverse trip info, its all good. I think whats interesting the fact that youve got this two spoke steering wheel here and theres no hinder logo on it. Just four dots whats less good, though, is the gear selector its a bit phallic, it sort of looks like a travel size sex toy anyway. Moving on, i like the fact that hynder hasnt been tempted to operate the climate controls through the main infotainment screen.

Youve got a separate system down here, though it is touch sensitive, so it can be a little bit more tricky than if youve got physical buttons to actually make sure youre hitting the right bit right. Turn it down its getting a little bit too hot a little bit too quickly, one of the things im not so keen on those this some of the plastics are a bit scratchy, hmm its a bit of a shame, and why have we only got old fashioned Usb ports, why not usb c huh its 20 21.? This is a futuristic looking car. I want usb c all right here on the inside of the kia, its very similar to the hyundai, but actually quite different. So youve got the same amount of space. Youve got the same screens, but you dont have that extra weird little bit here as well. You dont have the sex toy to put the car in gear. Instead, youve got this twiddly dial, which i think is much better to use. Whats not so good to use, though, are the heating controls, because you have to toggle between maps and stereo, so thats your volume. Then, if i want to use the climate, i have to press that and then that becomes my heater, not the volume anymore, and then this is all the other heater controls, so its just one press more than in the high end eye, also on the care, the Buttons are switched on the sides of the steering wheel compared to the high dive, so you now have the ones for the cruise control on the left, rather than on the right.

Another way that this car is slightly better than the hyundai is the material quality is just a bit better like the fabric on the seats are just nicer than in the high end, though, i must point out that this is the top spec version of the ev6, Whereas thats the mid spec version of the hyundai and these seats arent entirely perfect either, if you look at these headrests, they push your head quite a bit far forward. So im not sure thats ideal for your posture. I need to have my head just back a little bit overall, though i think i prefer the inside of this gear ever so slightly. Just like some of the design touches here on the dash. Also look weve got a normal glove box, which is less impressive. However, while we do have one normal usb, the rest of them are more modern, usb cs, which is good. I like that. Also i, like the design of this center console here with a shiny bit of trim on it. The way it separates you from the drive it just feels more sporty, and i think overall i do just prefer the inside of this kia ev6 here in the back of the kia ev6 theres enough room now knee room is really good, absolutely loads of the stuff Headroom im fine people over six foot should just about be fine, though this roof does just curve in somewhat theres loads of foot space as well, because youve got a completely flat floor.

Whats. Not so good, though, is the fact that the front seats are quite low. So you cant actually fit your feet underneath the seats in front, so you cant, really stretch out. Also the seats seem quite low to the floor, so your knees are quite high up which isnt quite as comfortable on longer journeys. Now you can recline the seat backs. If you want to sit more uprightly once you do that now, youre going to want to sit like that and look if you fold down this, you have some cup holders there. Now you might think. Oh look. I can cover those, so i dont need to put my wrist in them when im just resting on the armrest, but actually, when you slide this its just open like. Ah why, anyway, you do have some through loading, which is useful. If you want to carry some long thin objects, maybe some skis one. I think i want to show you is this: the usbc puts there bill to the front seats, thats clever. This key is pretty blowing decent in the back here in the back of the ionic 5, its not quite as clever as the kia, for instance, its just got normal usbs yet again, and they havent been thoughtful about where theyve located them theyre. Just in the usual position, also theres, no through loading. What, however, other than that this car is better in the back seats and ill show you why so thats its in my usual driving position like in the kia and while there is ever so slightly less knee room than in the key theres still absolutely loads, but Because this seat is slightly higher up than in the kit, you can slide your feet underneath it, so you can stretch out, which is great.

Another thing, thats good, is the fact that this seat is slightly higher from the floor than in the key, so you dont feel quite so uncomfortable on longer journeys. Also youve got more headroom than in the care, so even really gigantic people will have sufficient headroom. I also like the fact that, as in the key, you can recline the seats, but here in the hyundai you can slide them forwards and backwards as well. So if you slide them forwards, a bit more, you can recline the seats a bit more for more lounging around yeah. If i had to be taxed in one of these cars, i would pick the hyundai for sure now lets talk about the pricing and its a little bit confusing. So the hindi starts from thirty seven thousand pounds, whereas the kia starts from forty one thousand pounds. However, with the hyundai, you can get a smaller battery version thats, why its a lot less expensive than the keyways. You only get a larger battery version with the kia. Still, when youre, comparing like for like the hyundai, does work out a little less expensive than the kia, but thats, because its got better equipment ill. Explain why now one of the most talked about features on this new kia and hyundai is something called vehicle to load, which doesnt explain much. What it means is that you can actually plug appliances directly into the cars battery to use them like you would in your home, such as this kettle, its brilliant.

However, you only get it as standard on the top specification hyundai, whereas all but the entry level kia gets it now. The two manufacturers also like to say you can actually charge other cars using this feature. You know plug into another electric car and give them some charge. However, ive actually tried it and you can only charge them about 1.3 kilowatts, which means on a big battery car such as this, its going to take two and a half days to charge it, which is pointless. You can get both the kia and hyundai with premium relaxation seats which basically recline the front seats bit like in business class, so you can have a nap while youre charging your car. Now these seats they come as standard on all, but the entry level kia. However, you can only get them on the top specification, ionic 5 and then theyre an option anyway. The top set keyer also gets a sunroof. You cant get a center if its all on the hyundai, but you know what deciding which these two cars offers. The best value overall does take a lot of work, but dont worry ive done it for you. In fact, if you click on the pop out banner up there for the link in the description below you can see which car i think is the best out of these two and in which specific trim sort of gives away the verdict to this video. But there you go so click if you want to see that you dont want to follow this to the end.

Now lets compare these cars boot capacitors. So with the key you get 490 liters of space with the high end eye, you get 527 liters of space. Also, this is a little bit annoying in the key. Ah, this is my charging cable. It wont quite fit underneath the false floor not properly. How did they get that wrong, whereas in the high – and i look look, look look, they are able to fit this big bag underneath their false floor, see thats much better. Look, however, its not all win win for high and die the boot itself. Doesnt really have that many features, whereas in the kia youve got some hawks and, most importantly, this i can fold down the rear seats by pulling these levers here, whereas in the hyundai it doesnt have those, i have to go around to the seats so bear with Me there we go yes see both of these cars. Have some extra storage underneath their bonnets, so theyve got front boots, also known in the uk as fruits. So in the kia, if you have the rear drive version, you have 52 liters of space. However, for this four wheel drive version because theres less space with that extra motor at the front, you only have 20 liters of space in there with the hyundai. The rear drive version has 57 liters of space, whereas this four wheel drive version thats reduced to 24 liters of space, but its still four liters more than the kia it looks like the hyundai has won the battle of the two fruits now lets talk about batteries Range and motors and all that kind of stuff, so the hyundai is available with two battery sizes, one 58 kilowatt hours and another one 73 kilowatt hours.

You only get one battery size in the key and its 77 kilowatt hours. Now. The range for the kia varies between 300 and 328 miles for the hyundai. It varies between 240 and 300 miles the power it ranges from 170 to 305 horsepower, with a high end eye from 226 horsepower to 321 horsepower in the kia. Now, if youre thinking about buying one of these cars, youre, probably going to have to sell your current car and if you want to make sure youre getting a good price for the car, youre selling click on the pop out banner up there for the link in The description to get a car wide because you can now sell your car through us as well as buy through us and the way you do it. You just upload some photos fill in your details and dealers will bid on your car and you can choose which leader to go with and theyll, come to your house pick up your car. Take it away and give you the money via a bank transfer dead, simple easy to do and you can make sure you get a good deal of the car. Youre selling now lets compare what these cars are like to drive so im going to start off with a high end eye, and the first thing you notice, when you sit in it, is that the dash is quite low. So you get a really good view forward, because youve got massive windscreen big side windows youve got a big back window.

All round visibility is cracking now the car is actually set up quite softly. So when youre going on a twisty road, you do feel it lean. A bit in the bends, it never feels like cumbersome, but it doesnt have a sporty edge, its more set up for comfort rather than handling. Now, generally, the comfort is good, so it deals with bumps pretty well, but occasionally the suspension does thump over sharper bumps. So you get like a shock going through the cabin, so even though it is soft, it isnt completely floaty the whole time. One thing i cant criticize those the performance you put your foot down in this dual motor version and it picks up like that. It really is quick, naught 60 in 5.2 seconds, and i have no reason to doubt that at all another thing thats pretty decent the brakes, so sometimes electric car brakes can feel a bit funny. But this one nope theyre perfectly natural feeling. You also have the ability to alter the amount of region effect when you lift off the accelerator, because then the motor works in reverse and it charges at the battery and it gives a slowing effect. So i can control the amount of that using the steering wheel, mounted pedals, and then you can put it onto eye pedal mode where you can bring the car to a complete standstill by lifting off the accelerator, and then you can just drive it without touching the Brakes unless you really need to have to stop suddenly you can turn it off if you dont like it and then it will just close when you lift off the accelerator, the trouble is, though it wont recharge any battery.

Then, even when you touch the brakes, it doesnt recharge if youve got regen off now. One thing you notice when youre driving at speed in this car is that, obviously, being electric its quiet there, you do get a bit of tire noise, a little bit of wind noise, its not terrible, not trouble at all, but its, not the most silent of electric Cars, if you want a car thats, even quieter, on the motor faster road speeds, click on the pop out band up there to check out a car thats ever so slightly more serene to travel in okay, now jump to the kia and its very, very similar to The hyundai in terms of the performance yeah, really quick. Actually it feels i dont know a little bit quicker, maybe thats, just psychological, because the interior feels a bit sportier the brakes feel the same so nice and easy to control the brakes. Youve got the same regen system, so you can one pedal drive it if you want to or coast, if youd rather do that in terms of quietness its about the same as the hyundai. But there is one key difference, and that is the suspension. It is just a little bit firmer in this car and, as a result, it stays flatter in the benz. It just feels a bit more responsive, a bit more sporty and i wouldnt say its the most sporty electric car to drive, but most supported the mainstream electric cars to drive.

If you want to find out what that car is, you need to click on the pop out banner up there to watch my video on that particular electric car, but it definitely feels a bit more keyed into the road than the hyundai. Now it doesnt feel quite as softly sprung, but it doesnt feel any more lets say uncomfortable because, while that hyundai does sometimes get caught out by sharp bumps this doesnt so much, you do feel imperfection in the road and maybe a little bit more. But overall, i think the comfort level is the same. I dont as much of a sacrifice. I prefer the way this car handles. I prefer the balance of sportiness and comfort, and i think stability that you get from this kia, rather than the more kind of slightly looser, feel you get in the high end eye. Another way this car is a bit different to the hyundai is the visibility. So the viewer at the back window is nowhere near as good. Also, i dont know whether its the slightly more stickly rate, windscreen or the fact the side windows arent as big the overall visibility isnt, quite as good either, and that could make it a bit harder to actually navigate this car through town and through tight spaces. Its not gon na be terrible, but it might be a bit more awkward, speaking of which what is this guy doing here come on off roader. I thought this was an off roader.

Is that an offer? Can you get jenny? Ricky? You can go undercut the little fudge there in a big off road, a lot of this thats, why you bought it in it. Some people like whats that all about end up looking 4×4 whats the point of having a 4×4 if youre not going to take it off road, not even on a grass verge. So then whats my final verdict. Well, these cars are so closely matched that really you could just go with whichever one you like the look of best but im, going to try and be a bit more objective, and i think that overall, the kia just feels a little bit more expensive inside its Also slightly better equipped – and i think its ever so slightly better to drive as well and thats why it wins this test. I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like if you didnt, give it a.