. Both have tremendous range, great practicality and great looks, which makes sense. They share a platform theyre very similar, but even though they are very similar, theyre also very different. They dont have the same batteries, they dont have the same performance and they dont have the same price so which one of these is actually better thats. What were gon na find out today, so i got myself an ev6. I got myself an ionic five and were gon na have ourselves a death match thats right by the end of today. One of these two cars has to die Music metaphorically. Of course, lets start with looks so underneath theyre identical using the same egmp platform, but on the surface theyre quite different. The ionic 5 styling is based loosely on the hyundai pony from 1975, but it takes the form of a large crossover with chunky design details. It has sharp creases across the bodywork and hugely distinctive pixel inspired headlights and rear lights, its retro yet at the same time quite futuristic and might be a bit too much for people who simply want to fly under the radar, but i love it. The kia ev6 is notably more normal, but thats not to say it isnt, a brave piece of design, its muscular in all the right places with a bulbous bonnet, a sleek profile with floating roof design and a c pillar that flows cleverly into a massive wraparound light. Cluster at the rear, which gives it a distinctive light, signature, especially at night, obviously looks, are very subjective, so picking a clear winner is nion impossible.

So im gon na call this one a draw now lets talk about value. These cars might use the same platform and have very similar technology, but their specifications are quite different and thats reflected in their pricing. For example, the hyundai ioniq 5 cost around 37 000 pounds not bad. Meanwhile, the kia ev6 costs around 41 000 pounds. 4 000 pounds more, but that doesnt necessarily mean this car is better value than this car, because, as always, you get what you pay for, which brings us quite nicely to the argument about range. The cheapest ioniq 5 has a 170 horsepower motor and a 58 kilowatt hour net battery with an official range of 2′ miles, but looking at the cheapest ev6, which is around four grand more remember, you get similar power, but all versions of the car have a 77.4 Kilowatt hour battery pack, which in the case of the cheapest model, gets you a 328 mile range so for four grand more you get the same power, but nearly 100 miles more range. If you dont need that range, the ioniq 5 wins the price battle. But if you do the ev6 gets the nod here now. Lets talk about recharging. Both versions provide very fast theoretical charging speeds, but again with subtle differences. Theyll both charge overnight at home in around the same time on the road with a rapid charger. The ev6 can recharge at a massive 233 kilowatts, meaning it can go from 10 to 80 in 18 minutes.

If you can find a fast enough charger, of course, but the speed of recharging on the ionic 5 varies depending on how much you spend on it. The entry level car charges at 175 kilowatts, while the long range model charges at 221. Interestingly, both cars also have v2l or vehicle to load which allows them to power external devices and not just laptops, connect the adapter and you can power almost anything power tools, fridges, washing machines, dryers theyre, great for camping or even during a power cut. Now lets look at interiors im in the cabin of the hyundai ioniq 5 right now and ive got to say i really quite like it, its all recycled materials and still feels quite premium just like in the kia ev6, but hyundai have arguably been slightly more clever Than kia with some of their design elements, for example, youve got a glove drawer here, which is a huge space which just makes so much sense. I dont know why more ev manufacturers dont do that. You also get a sliding center console for some reason. It moves all the way forward, uh to give you more space in the back or all the way back to give you a wealth of space for your foot, you can man spread or woman, spread it to your hearts content or play ftse with your passenger a Bit of a gimmick, but nice also these seats fold pretty much completely flat. So if you ever find yourself at a charging station or locked out of your house for some reason, then this is a great place to have a little bit of a nap.

Its even got this little footstool, which folds up to make it slightly more comfortable. Very nice. You dont get a slightly center console on the kia or a fancy glove drawer, but the seats do recline to the same degree, albeit without a foot rest and actually the interior to my eyes and hands feels slightly more premium than in the ioniq 5. weirdly. Despite having a 2.9 meter wheelbase as opposed to the hyundais three meters, its the kia, that has more rear, legroom, yes, the hyundai seats do slide back and forth to give you a choice of legroom or boot space. But the kias second row is clearly the more spacious lets talk about boot space. Shall we always important in a family car and the kia ev6 apparently has a pretty decent 490 litres of space and its a a nice area as well. However, over here the hyundai ioniq 5 apparently has an even bigger boot. They say it measures 527 liters, although to my eyes it looks exactly the same. In fact, the kia is slightly more convenient because i cant find any way of dropping these rear seats. To do that, i have to walk around to the left and right hand side. However, in the kia you have these really handy flaps, you pull that and it folds down same on the other side. Youve also got a ski hatch in there for loading long items. So, on the whole, i think this is the more practical car in terms of front space front trunks, pretty much identical.

Both cars have either 50 liters. If you get the rear wheel, drive models or around 25 liters. If you go for the all wheel, drive models actually, while youre there tell me what you think does kia have the more stylish charging cable bag or does hyundai look at these? Let me know in the comments down below which one would you prefer to rock on your local high street this ones? For me, you can probably tell i get quite passionate about boots. So what about something? A little more exciting which of these two cars is faster for that ive arranged a drag race with a difference, a quite a big difference. Okay, so its not a proper drag race. These arent sports cars theyre family cars, but they both do have a feature called remote park, assist which works a bit like teslas summon feature, and i figured wed. You know race them, so you press lock on both cars. You press and hold the circle button. It should wake up and then uh, you press the p button in three two one go and the hyundai is off. The kia has a slow start, come on go on kia catch up catch up, right, hyundai has a clear lead right now, has a clear lead. This looks like it could be close, though, because the kia is catching up, whos going to win this nail biting finish, it looks like the hyundai has taken the victory and the kia brings up the rear that was intense, ive been living with these two cars.

Now, for quite a few days and ive had the chance to drive them back to back, which was interesting, because i wanted to see whether there was any tangible difference between the two same platform but have hyundai and kia set their cars up differently. And, interestingly, i dont think they have because they feel exactly the same to me. Ive driven them back to back, and i cant really identify any massive difference between the two so its kind of much of a muchness. They both feel quite firmly sprung. The suspension in a lot of electric cars, especially of this size, is generally quite firm, and these two feel almost like for like in that respect. The steering in this kia has a nice weight to it. It isnt too hyperactive yet its easy to maneuver around town and also to park, which is nice and generally theyre, both really really refined, which is nice. There is one sort of tiny difference that ive noticed between these two, and that is the seats in this kia. Ev6 feel a tiny bit softer compared to the ionic five, not massively, but just a smidge, more plush. One thing that is a major difference between the two cars is performance. There is no equivalent version of the ioniq five thats as quick as an ev6, for example. This top model that im in right now uses a dual motor setup that produces 585 horsepower and its quick enough to do naught to 62 in 3.

8 seconds. And when you put your foot down, it really does take off its not startling. But if youre in sport mode, it gives you an extra surge, obviously its not all about speed and theres, perhaps another area where the ev6 excels and i think thats in the interior design. But when you drive an ev6 versus an ionic 5 to me anyway, you feel like youre in something a bit more up market, which i think you know adds to the driving experience, thats, not to say the ionic 5 isnt great to drive, though even the lower Spec models are plenty quick, it rides well and its comfortable and both cars come with lots of nice details like a clever blind spot indicator in the dash a head up display and decent adaptive cruise control with auto steering, which is akin to teslas autopilot feature theyre. Both good but given the key, is more plush interior and the fact they offer versions with more speed its the kia that wins this round too. I dont know about you guys, but this for me has been really really interesting. These cars are very similar, theyre, identical underneath, but its incredible how even though they use the same platform, what weve ended up with is two really distinct products, and i know that the kia ev6 looks like its absolutely destroyed the hyundai, but i dont think thats. Actually the case, the ionic 5 is brilliant in many ways. It just so happens that the ev6 is slightly more brilliant in slightly more ways to me.

It is the way ive analyzed this, the better of the two cars, but only just whichever one you go for. I guarantee youll be ending up with a phenomenal piece of kit that is without question, one of the best electric cars on the market, but, like i said this is a death match and there is a winner, the kia ev6, which also means theres a loser. The hyundai ioniq 5.