It doesnt really fit into most of the automotive classifications why it has the 4.4 meter footprint of a family suv. However, a closer look reveals that its appearance is more similar to that of a coupe suv going straight down. The plug in hybrid road appears to be a safe option for attracting shoppers, but there are plenty of hints that mazda is doing things in a different way. Now, before we start and share all the sneak peeks of this beast, you know the drill smash the like button and subscribe to the channel lets dive into the mazda world. It isnt mazdas. First, electric car, as various models have been produced, notably the bizarre kinder egg. On wheels the ex00 idea from 1970, however, it is mazdas first production ev, the freestyle door layout, which is similar to the rx 8 coupe from the mid 2000s, makes us nostalgic. You would think its an unusual decision considering the cars outmoded demand for gasoline and oil, but like the throwback style of the honda e, its an instant discussion topic anytime, someone pauses to look around your mx30, the teeny tiny honda is perhaps this cars main opponent, their Cost is quite close and so are their range numbers with mazda claiming 124 miles on the wltp cycle, or a little more. If you mostly drive in town now, lets have a brief look at this beauty. Mazda has done an amazing job with the interior, although vegan materials and cork covered cupboards shout futuristic.

All of the primary functions have been kept safe and accessible. The designers of the mx30 have observed everyone, elses experiments with the gear selection formula and took a gamble to incorporate something that switches between park, reverse neutral and drive. The idea was to tell any first time, ev drivers right away that the new frontier doesnt truly demand. Much courage thats a hit for me as i struggle with reverse and all vehicle stuff. Another comforting feature is the classic analog fuel level gauge, which shows how much battery power is left. Theres, no difficulty, understanding digital crap here and here is another hit. If you arent into too much technology like the latest tesla cars are focused to offer mind you. Every mx30 comes equipped with a heads up screen and a pair of seven inch displays one up top for media navigation or your cell phone connection and the other down near the gear lever for temperature management and cheers, as the latter has buttons, as well as a Touch screen, but wed argue that, considering how much space the screen takes up the fact that it simply displays the weather and doesnt cycle, the other tasks is a wasted opportunity. Mazdas are often among the best driving vehicles in their class thanks to a mix of smooth ride, lightweight and delightful manual. Shifting the mx30, with its reduced 310 kilograms battery and 1645 kilograms curb weight and single speed. Gearbox cannot compete on those fronts. It lacks the radiance of a mazda 3 or a cx 3, which is maybe unavoidable.

Its still a good car to drive and mazda has fitted the same thrust. Technology found somewhere else in its lineup, but with a bit more oomph to work with the electric engine. On the front wheel, as a consequence cornering, is crisp tidy and fuss free with an entertaining chirp of wheel spin, if youre very excited coming out of a corner, its not as much fun as an mx 5, but in the somewhat homogenized world of ev driving its One of the most interesting options, however, if you pay for it in terms of driving dynamics or lack thereof at low speeds, the mx30 is mostly comfy but theres little variety in how it handles speed bumps, but its far from alone. In this respect – and it is only the honda e that has managed to completely avoid the skateboard like stiffness – that tiny vehicles with a bank of batteries in their belly typically display the mx30s 30 kilowatt per hour. Battery pack is tiny in comparison to other electric vehicles. According to the epa, its driving range will be roughly a hundred miles per charge, which is less than half those of the bolt and the kona electric. The battery will be able to charge using both ordinary, alternating, current and more advanced and quicker. Direct current chargers comment down below if a good battery is a must on your priority list. The company offers a wide range of color options for this beast: deep: crystal blue metallic jet black mica machine gray, metallic poly metal, gray, metallic snowflake white pearl mica, sonic, silver, metallic and soul.

Red crystal metallic are some of the colors offered by the organization talking about the price of the mazda mx30. It is 34 645. Do you think this car is worth your penny? Are you planning to buy it? If yes, comment down below which color you are going to opt for, we are excited to hear from you before you leave, make sure to smash the like button and subscribe to the channel share the video with your car lover. Friends.