This is the request button. So, even if you dont have your keys as long as you have them in your pocket, you can just send a request, then open the boot like this. The boot has 650 liters of space Music. Now we are inside tatas. Next, this little beast. As you can see, the interior is quite the same as nixon petrol. Just look at this gearbox. This is a special gearbox for electric connection and, as you can see right now, there is no indication when, when you turn on the car, you will be able to identify which gear the car is in by a light which will highlight the gear you can move. You can turn this dial to select the gear as per your need in the interior. Everything is the same as normal nexon. You can see theres a harmon infotainment system which features android, auto and apple carplay thats about it. Lets look at the front. Okay now lets enter this thing. Come inside, have a look, as you can see. Spacious car the spaces are about the same as a normal petrol that nixon, which makes it the best in class sub 4 meter suv below this. All the batteries are placed for the for this electric beast. As you can see, ive pulled this front pass front and passenger seat driver passes the seats as far back as they go, and i still have a lot of like leg springs. This is a spacious vehicle in the premium category, as you can see, and i think its an amazing electric vehicle.

Thank you. Look at this green dreamy gorgeous blue color. We are back with tatas next electric vehicle, just look at the front grill its right here. These are the fog lamps and just look at the headlamps. As you can see, this is the front of the electric vehicle lets. Go explore more parts of it once again, as you can see, this blue theme going on all around the dashboard, looks gorgeous even right. Here near the gearbox Music, as you can see, this car comes with dual airbags and has an encap rating of 5 stars tata has done a great work of putting in a lot of materials into building this beast, as you can see: Music, Music, so Music.