Jeep behind me is really really struggling. You cant get through the small caps that we can and thats thats why this car is ideal for the city Music. So you join me here today in the center of shanghai. In a place called the old town and you may notice its a little bit quiet thats, because within a year all of this will be gone and the developers will have moved in so its the perfect place to try this a city car for the future of Tomorrow, unencumbered by a legacy brand history, so whats it actually like to drive and does it meet our expectations for a city car well lets find out. This is the leap motors t03, and this is fully charged dont forget to subscribe and enter to be in the chance to win in our great eevee giveaway, where you could win one of four electric cars Music, so were extremely fortunate in shanghai and in china to Have a glut of affordable, cheap electric city run around its got. The wuling mini ev, which we tested a few months ago and weve got this, and this is from a company which we probably wouldnt have heard of a couple of years ago. Its from a company called leap, motors and theyre, now, one of the best selling electric cars here in china in the top five in terms of monthly sales volume at the moment and theyre got big plans for the future.

This is their luxurious, super mini, so lets see what that luxury is all about Music. So you can tell that leap. Motor have really put a lot of effort into this car because listen to this proper thunk that shows its been really well engineered and not just thrown together to make a quick buck and thats. What i like about this car theyve actually really started to think about what this experience is like and how to build a good and well built city. Car theres. No extra electronic flippery in here ive got everything i need in front of me and its very easy to use now. Obviously, this is all within arms length. I can touch the screen. This is a ten point. Something inch screen here. Eight inch screen in front of me – and i really like how theyve made this so simple – that when youre driving along all, i can see, is the speed that im doing doing this thats. All i need to know. I can use my navigation down here. If i need to, but for that, i do only need to really see my speed and my range range isnt such a such a big issue. The other interesting thing in here is its a lot of plastic. Fine, no problem, thats, okay for this price and ive got a camera up here which detects when im falling asleep. The last thing that is great about this is theres a feeling of space and light.

So ive got a sunroof up here, which goes almost into the back and im surrounded by glass and im sitting quite high up. This is a really good. Little super mini its around the front of the carp. This is definitely definitely very cute. Its got these two kind of bug: eyed headlights – thankfully it doesnt – have the led light strip across the front like most electric cars at the moment. The other thing youll notice here is the charging port. If i can open it and unlike the wheeling mini ev, this actually has fast charging capabilities, so you can charge this from 30 to 80 in just 36 minutes Music. So now were in a super narrow street. So all of this will be gone just in a probably this year and its very, very tight and narrow, theres people, theres bikes, theres bikes, parked theres bikes going around electric bikes uh, and this car has no problem. The porsche km behind me is struggling a little bit and thats why these cars are perfect for not only chinese streets but european streets as well buzzing around. I could see all around me i can always reach. I could touch everything on each side. This is really fantastic now, to be honest, there arent actually that many streets in shanghai left like this, and this is one one of the few remaining ones. So this will be gone very soon and you know a use of a car like this.

Maybe in a city like shanghai in the future, when big main roads might not be so useful now it is raining quite heavily at the moment, which means that the wipe is going, and this is cool because its got a single wiper blade, which makes it feel Like a race car, obviously its not a race car in any way shape or form, but its more like an actual go kart. Now this car comes in kind of three flavors, those flavors being standard, comfort and deluxe. This is deluxe, so the luxury one with all the self driving features. But, to be honest, i think you could just go for the standard. One pretty much still have a a great little city car. A really cool thing is that this actually has otas that over the air updates very much like a tesla. It will update automatically sent from leap motors, headquarter and theyll, send it to the car and it will download it automatically thats a great little feature for a car like this. Even some legacy. Automakers dont have that at the moment. So these guys really know what theyre doing so. The great thing about this car is: they focus the luxuria elements on the inside, so actually it does have l2 driving tech. So its got the the self parking its got lane assist on the road and thats about it. Doesnt have any fancy door handles very practical, simple door handles on the side, which is great and thats.

What i like about this car so for the price and that price starts at 60, 000 rmb or 59 000 actually, and it goes up to 79 000 rmb for this version, the deluxe version and all of that tech and all of those features on the inside. Where it actually matters, i dont really need electronic door handles. This is perfectly fine Music, so round the back of the to3. I think this is where it becomes a little bit more bland. It loses those cute features of the front and it just looks a bit like a boring old super mini but thats fine, because you do have some practicality on the inside with boot space. So massive clunk, as i open the boot 210 litres of boot space, its actually quite deep, you get a few shopping bags in there and you can actually fold the back seats flat as well, so its pretty practical for a small little super mini now. The other interesting thing is that this has a 36.5 kilowatt hour battery, powering it to 403 of kilometers of any dc range. Interestingly, elite motors have given this car an 8 year or 150 000 kilometer warranty, so theyre, very confident that the tech and all of the features of this car are gon na last, a long time which is great to see from a cheap little super mini now. In the back seat of the t03 is actually a great place to be because ive got proper, headroom and ive got proper legroom.

Let me sit properly look proper knees, ive got loads of room here and ive got loads of room by my head, unlike the wheeling mini ev, which is a little bit cramped in the back. This will properly fit for adults for a reasonably long journey. Theres not much else in terms of features in here. I have a cup holder down here and ive got a cup holder in the door, no usb slots, electric window thats about it, but thats what you get for this price and all of the tech and the features are in the front seat with the driver. So this car has a 55 kilowatt hour motor driving up to top speeds of a hundred kilometers an hour. So thats not bad, but to be honest for a european city, thats, probably not really going to cut it. Is it so, i think thats limited by firmware. I think that can be changed, but thats not really its going to be its life, its going to be driving in a city like this and its perfect on narrow streets like this um its easy to maneuver around things. You know theres lots of cyclists, theres lots of people walking around and like that and its very easy to to drive now youll be surprised to hear that actually this has a liquid called battery. So none of that uh air cooled battery stuff. So for this price you can still get a liquid called battery that 36.

5 kilowatt hour battery completely liquid cool thats. Probably why it has that eight year, 150, 000 kilometer warranty. I mean it doesnt really get much better than that now at speeds, which this can do more than just putting around little streets. We can go around the street here. Its very competent and the response of the throttle is good. Its really good im not going to squeeze it too much today, because its wet, but its really really simple to drive and to here you go the spot, you know, steering response is great. You know everything about this. Car is really fantastic and i think it makes the perfect city car Music. I am enamored by this car, its amazing and i really think the legacy brands could learn a thing or two from elite motors. What theyve managed to package in this great little value car is amazing and i wish them all the success in the future, so i hope youve enjoyed this episode from china today. Weve got plenty more coming very very soon, weve got youtube. Memberships patreon links all around this video and if you have been thank you for watching Music well, i hope you enjoyed that episode with elliot. Everyone enjoys episodes without it hes really really popular. I keep getting told that amazing. Oh, we love elliot hes, so brilliant yeah, whatever anyway heres. Another episode that has elliott in it over here is the latest episode that may have elliot in it.

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