First, you see to me a mustang is supposed to be a two door, sports or muscle car. Not an electric crossover like this 2021 ford, mach e now dont get me wrong. I am not pre. Judging this car, in fact, im actually pretty curious to see what its like to drive its just. I have an issue with the name im totally fine with calling it the ford mach e its just that mustang part that i have an issue with, which is why i decided to cover the badge anyway. Lets see what this things like to drive Music. So, under the hood of the ford machi, you will find a trunk or frunk as its more commonly known. Of course it has electric motors, so theres no need for an engine and thats why you have so much space under the hood and the maki is available with two or one motors, so either rear wheel, drive or all wheel drive power ranges from 266 horsepower. All the way up to 480 horsepower with the gt performance and just like the power, the zero to 100 kilometer an hour time ranges from as low as 6.2 seconds to as fast as 3.7 seconds, with the gt performance again thats dependent on how many electric motors, The car has and what kind of battery either standard range or extended range this california route, one is the slowest thats 6.2 seconds, but from a stop or whenever you put your foot down, you still get pushed to the back of your seats because, of course, electric Motors they give you pretty much all of their torque as soon as you put your foot down.

So although it is the slowest, it feels fast, Music, its a lot of fun. Of course, the faster you go, the slower that rate of acceleration will be this california route 1 has a top speed of around 210 kilometers an hour which is quite a bit slower than a gasoline powered car with an equivalent amount of power, but 210 kilometers an Hour is still more than enough to get you into trouble with the 5.0. As for how much energy the machi uses, it is rated for 2.3 liters, equivalent per hundred kilometers combined or 20.7 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. During my time with it, i averaged 21 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. As i said earlier, it is available with either a 70 kilowatt hour standard range battery or a 91 kilowatt hour extended range battery. The usable energy capacity is 68 kilowatt hours and 88 kilowatt hours respectively. This california route 1 trim has the ladder with a single electric. Motor driving range is rated from as little as 340 kilometers to as much as 491 kilometers. As this route 1 trim is rated for, however, in reality, that driving range is subject to a lot of variables. These include the ambient temperatures, your use of climate controls, your driving style, whether you drive on flat roads or hilly roads and so on, because i test drove the maqui in the middle of fall with ambient temperatures that barely reached above 10 degrees celsius, and i live In a part of the world that is surrounded by mountains, the most i ever saw the electric range get up to after a full charge was around 450 kilometers with that number quickly dropping to around kilometers.

Once the car started to learn my driving habits, but that is still more than enough for daily commutes and errands to charge the mach e. You can do it from a 120 volt wall outlet, but thatll take a few days so its not very practical from a level 2 charger ford estimates that itll provide up to 45 kilometers of range per hour of charging, so youre, basically looking at around 12 to 14 hours to recharge fully from a dc, fast charger ford estimates that the machi can recharge from 10 to 80 percent in just 45 minutes. You can also recharge the battery, albeit by a very, very, very little amount by using regen braking. It has two modes: the standard mode is like lifting your foot off the throttle pedal in a normal gasoline powered vehicle. We all know exactly what thats like the other mode is basically one pedal driving. So all you do is just modulate the accelerator pedal, whether you want to accelerate or you just want to slow down with the one pedal drive mode. You can actually come to a complete stop. However, you have to judge those distances correctly. Otherwise, youll end up either. Five meters behind the stoplight or five meters before the stop light, or maybe 10 meters – i dont know – but it is actually pretty easy and very smooth to come to a complete stop using the physical brakes, however, is a bit more challenging to arrive at a smooth.

Stop because they are very sensitive, theyre very powerful, but they are very sensitive, which makes it difficult to have smooth stops, which is why i prefer actually using the one pedal drive mode around corners. The ford machi drives pretty well the floor. Mounted batteries provide a low center of gravity which makes the maki feel planted not only on highways, but also on winding roads, of course, its not going to corner like a sports car, because the all season tires only have a 2 to 5 section width and relatively Thick sidewalls that allow for a bit more flex, but when you exit out of a corner at full power, the backhand will step out of line just a bit before the traction control system, steps in and cuts power. So you can actually have quite a bit of fun with the mock e Music. The ride of the ford maki is not too bad. It is a little bit firmer than i was expecting, but i guess because it has a mustang badge. It has to be a little bit more sporty but for everyday use, its okay, its not going to break your back its plenty comfortable as for noises well its an electric car. So obviously there is no engine noise, but fords engineers did want to have. I guess a little bit more excitement when you drive so when you switch it to unbridled drive mode, which is like the sport mode of this vehicle.

The speakers will actually pump in a little bit of artificial engine noise. I think that their idea was to have somewhat of a v8 sound, but it just comes off as being a v4 sound. Take a listen Music. Does that sound like a v8 to you or more, like a really deep tone? V4 engine? Let me know in the comments: what does it sound like to you? Apart from that, wind noise is not too bad on highways, and road noise is a little bit more noticeable at higher speeds, but you dont really need to raise your voice to have a conversation with your passengers inside the ford maki. Of course, it looks very different compared to other ford vehicles, but it still retains some similarities. So, for example, on the steering wheel, you still have physical buttons that look like theyre from the ford escape. You get the same indicator and wiper stocks. The same push button start as you would find in i dont know a ford escape as well. The window and lock controls are exactly the same as again a ford escape, but there are some differences, though, for example, the driver display in front of me its 10.2 inches diagonally, if i remember correctly, but unfortunately, its not customizable. The other big change is, of course, the gigantic tablet in the center, because well its a modern electric car, so it must have one. Thank you very much. Tesla sarcasm by the way in case youre wondering i really hate having to dig through the infotainment system to change the climate controls.

For example, i mean this lower portion right here. They did give you a physical volume knob, but why can they just make physical buttons for the climate thats? All that i ask instead theyre all part of the infotainment system, but the screen itself is very responsive and the graphics on it are crisp and clear. It is running on sync 4, but because of the orientation it kind of looks different, so the all the menus and the sub menus are positioned differently than you would find in say the ford f 150 and that sync 4 system. It does take a little bit of getting used to, but after a while of fooling around with it and touching all the buttons you get used to it, other unique touches to the maki include the door. Release mechanisms pull the little lever and the door opens for you on the outside its a little button that you press to open the door other than that in the mock e. You have wireless phone charging and quite a lot of space. So two cup holders, here some storage up here – more storage underneath lift up the armrest and you have more storage down here and, of course, on the door panels, more storage. So, overall you have plenty of space for small items. As for space for yourself im six foot four and i have plenty of legroom plenty of headroom, oh and by the way, this moon roof it doesnt open and unfortunately there is no shade, but it is tinted.

So in the summer it should do a good enough job of blocking out the sunlight. I think right now, its middle of fall and its just constant rain. The rear seats actually have more legroom than both the tesla model y and the jaguar eye pace sitting behind my driving position. My knees are pinned against the back of the front seat, but they dont feel squished more average size. Adults will have plenty of space in the back. As for the trunk, it can accommodate 840 liters of space with the rear seats up fold them down, and that number increases to 1 690 liters. Of course, it also has that frunk for a little bit of extra storage, it has a divider that can be removed not easily, however, and it is waterproof, the frunk has a capacity of 133 liters. Interestingly, this frunk has three more liters of space than the mazda mx 5s trunk Music. The 2021 ford mackie starts at 50, 495 canadian. With this california route 1 trim costing 64 495 canadian a fully loaded gt performance edition will cost you eighty eight thousand. Two hundred thirty five dollars canadian to offset the cost, the maquis is eligible for government rebates and tax credits check your local dealer for details. This california route 1 trim is supposed to be a mid level trim. However, it doesnt come equipped like one essentially youre, paying almost 65 000 canadian for the almost 500 kilometers range instead of interior features, for example its not available with heated seats or a heated steering wheel, its not available with a power liftgate either nor drivers memory seat.

These options are standard on the less expensive premium trim and optional on the base selectrum, but not available at all. On this california route 1 trim. However, the maki still has some key features that most customers want. Wireless phone charging, wireless apple, carplay and wireless android, auto surround view cameras which, by the way, ford had a lot of real estate with that screen. And yet you need a magnifying glass to see the area around the car. With those surround view cameras other features include adaptive cruise control, lane centering theres, also automatic emergency, braking blind spot sensors, satellite navigation and led headlights. All of these are standard features on this california route 1 trim. As for warranty, the maki comes with a 3 year: 60 000 kilometer new vehicle basic warranty and an 8 year 160 thousand kilometer battery and electric component warranty. There is a caveat for that last one though, because its only covered if the battery retains a minimum of 70 percent of its original capacity over that eight year or 160 thousand kilometer period. Whichever comes first so in the end, i think ford did a really good job with the new mock e, its not perfect by any means, but as their first purpose built mass produced all electric vehicle. I think its great im still not sold on the name, though i wish that they would just drop the whole mustang thing and just called it the ford mach e, but thats just a personal opinion of mine.

If you want to know more about this 2021 ford mock e, i wrote a more detailed review of it over on my website. You can find that link in the video description and, as always, i will see you in the next car or truck or most likely another suv anyway.