For the first two years now, going back to this car itself, theres actually three variants, which is light plus as well as max. Now. That also depends on the uh battery capacity of which well talk about later, and this car also has nine colors to choose. From of which, you can also choose between having a black roof or not and its all, also available for all variants. And aside from that, there is two interior colors that you can choose from either black or even dark gray. But before we go into further do any of this lets go to the exterior of the car Applause before we continue with the exterior of the car. Just to let you know actually for the exterior. Among all the variants is about the same theres. Only maybe one slight difference, which ill point out later first were gon na start off. First, with the lights again on top here is the daytime running light below over. Here is the main headlamps. Now, how do you differentiate between the light plus as well as max this one over here? This is actually the front radar which is only available for the class as well as max variant, and here, how do you charge your car over here, theres? Actually, a port for you to charge your car, whether its ac or even dc, now lets check out the side profile of this car. Now, if youre asking about the car dimensions, the ev is actually similar to the other existing corner.

The only difference is in terms of the ground clearance why youre gon na find out really really soon, but first, the tires over here theyre, actually using a 17 inch dual tone, tire same as the existing ev itself. They, we have also these side mirrors. That comes with the blind spot indicator, as well as the turning indicator as well, and i can mention earlier. The ground clearance over here is actually similar, but not really same its actually one centimeter, smaller or less. Due to the fact that the battery is actually placed at the bottom of this car, so the extra one centimeter is for the cover of the battery and so on and now for the back part of the car. As you can see, the lights are also separated for most of the hyundai cars itself. They like to separate their lights right same like the front. Also for the back here. You can see the brake lamps over here on each side. The third braking lamp is up here, part of the spoiler itself, and now at the bottom here in in the middle, is for the reverse lights, turning indicators at the side, and the bottom is the back reflectors. Now, how about the boot space lets make a lets open the boot just with a slight lift – and you can see here as 321 liters of boot space at the bottom theres no spare tires but theres, actually a special compartment for you to keep.

Maybe your laptop your flats, your socks, anything away from prying eyes at the bottom over here, theres, actually, another special compartment, for example, inside this casing over here uh. What is kept here is actually like a charging cable for you to charge your vehicle and its all pretty nicely done very nicely arranged so that you can have special compartments to keep all your extra belongings all right now, im in the inside of the car. It looks beautiful again, you can choose between two colors for the interior, which is black as well as light gray. The one im sitting now is light gray, where you can see theres dual tone colors from the seats, as well as the dashboard area, giving it a nice poppy look. But for me personally, i would definitely choose black because im not so careful with derrick on my pants and everywhere. Okay, so were gon na start. First, with the steering wheel, there comes also with controls on top of the steering wheel fully covered in leather and not to mention here. These pedal shifters are actually regenerative, braking, pedals of which you can use it like a gear kind of control, even though this one doesnt have a gearbox, but you can actually reduce the speed of the car using this, and it will regenerate it in a sense that, When you kind of break using the pedal shifters, it will actually recharge your battery of the car now going forward here.

It has a 10.25 inch fully digital lcd instrument, cluster, of which it can also show important details of your car and up here we had, and we have the heads up display that will show you important things as well. For example, the speed of your car, as well as the adas kind of features for lane departure and so on, moving on to the infotainment system, of which it is eight inches in size, fully touchscreen compatible for android auto, as well as apple carplay, connected wirelessly, also Bluetooth function as well now going to the middle over here you can see theres this analog controls in terms of your air conditioning not so fancy over there, but hey its pretty straight forward. Theres also a special compartment to keep, for example, your phone, because its actually a wireless charger, which is only available for the highest specs and here theres, also usb port. And aside from that, what you also notice is yay. Where is the gear knob, because this car doesnt have again its a fully electrical vehicle? So you change your gears by a push of a button, for example in parking, neutral, reverse as well as drive theres. Also, the electronic uh handbrake and also two cup holders, plus theres, the autohome button, drive mode. How do you compare between the the light, the plus, as well as the max? Well, the max has this one over here, where its ventilated seats, of which you can control for both not the driver, as well as the front seat passenger armrest over here, which a lot of space that you have, and also the metal brick as well as acceleration Pedals now going back to the seat of which im sitting right now now it has actually a 10 way powered seat and power seats are only four plus as well as max, also comes with lumbar support.

Now, im talking in terms of performance im sitting right now in the max variant of which the battery capacity is 64 kilowatt hour of where you can reach a maximum range of 480 kilometers, thats, actually pretty wet. You can actually go to pinaga all the way when you have your battery fully charged now. The max power it produces is 204 ps with a max talk of ‘5 newton meters, so you can really feel that power over there. But the thing is the maximum speed for this or the top speed is about 167 kilometers per hour, but the acceleration from zero to 100 is 7.9 seconds thats, actually pretty fast. Now going to the safety feature im talking about the hyundai smart sensor, so it has a lot of features and, of course, the higher variance has better features or safety features as compared to the light variant, for example this one over here it has a lane, keep Assist high beam assist, they also have a red cross traffic collision, parking, distance warning and forward collision warning so uh. You also have autonomous cruise control, which is very, very important, especially if youre paying uh well im, not sure about the price. But if youre getting a car like this, you definitely want to have that for the highest variant. But how do you compare this with uh as compared to the other variants? Now the highest variance is max as well as plus has the front and back radar as well as the front camera, but only for the light.

It only has the front camera. So you know that in terms of ct features its not as much as compared to plus as well as max and not forgetting all of the variants actually have six airbags. So you know safety is definitely taken care of in terms of this car. Now, in terms of the comfortability and im talking about the suspension right, the front suspension use a macpherson mcpherson strut. As for the back suspension, the previous kona actually uses the torsion beam. This one over here uses the multi link, suspension of which it gives higher comfort and also traction in terms of the overall overall mobility of this car now lets compare this car among its variants. We have the light plus and max, as you can see, a table of comparison in front of you in terms of performance. Now, whats very apparent is the battery itself for light, as well as plus the battery capacity is ‘.2 kilowatt hour for the max this one. Over here is 64 kilowatt hours, so in terms of max power in terms of acceleration and also in terms of range theres, definitely a different set, but in terms of exterior it actually looks very, very similar. The only difference now the light actually does not have the radar in front of the car as compared to the plus, as well as the max, and also if you want to know which car is max, you actually have to be inside the car to see if It has seat ventilators, then you know if it does thats the max variant now, because this is a preview, we actually got a price range at about 150 000 ringgit to add about 210 000 ringgit for this car over here, but lets just check it out later.

When they actually announced the price and before we end wed like to give a special thanks to hyundai same davi motors for giving us the opportunity to preview this amazing car again, in my opinion, i think the exterior looks pretty simplistic. But, of course, you want to have too much of things happening, because it is after an electric car which i feel should be more down to earth since its more eco friendly.