So who is it for and should you even consider buying an electric vehicle with that short over range? Well, why dont we go for a drive and try and answer those questions Music under the hood of the mazda mx 30. You will not find a trunk or frunk like how you would in the ford mach e, but instead you will find an electric motor with quite a lot of space next to it all that extra space is there because eventually, mazda will be putting a rotary engine Under the hood, no, it probably wont be a 13b. The engine will act as a generator to recharge the battery, instead of directly powering the wheels think of it as a chevrolet volt, but with a rotary engine. However, thats the future right now, this mazda mx30 is pure electric and it has a 143 horsepower and 200 pound foot of torque electric motor and something that weighs around 1.65 tons, its not very quick, zero to 100 kilometers an hour takes somewhere around nine seconds. So this doesnt have either pin you to the back of your seat, feeling that you would get from the ford maquis, for example, or even other full electric vehicles in this category, but its still enough power to get you around town and to drive comfortably on highways. Without impeding anyone behind you, top speed is somewhere around 150 kilometers an hour so more than enough for highway driving. When it comes to energy efficiency.

The mx 30 is rated for 2.6 liters, equivalent per 100 kilometers or 22.8 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. During my time with the car, i averaged 20.5 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. The 2022 mx30 has a liquid cooled, 35.5 kilowatt hour battery. One of the reasons why this battery is not larger is because the mx30 has the same chassis as the mazda cx 30. This is not a bespoke electric vehicle like the chevrolet bolt. Officially, it is rated for 161 kilometers or about 100 miles with that number dropping. If you rely heavily on the climate control, the infotainment system will tell you how much of an impact the climate control system has on the overall range on the flip side, because the battery is relatively small charging, it takes less time than in other battery electric vehicles. Mazda does rate the recharge times from twenty percent to eighty percent battery states, so from near zero percent to one hundred percent will take a little longer. Mazda claims that the mx 30 will recharge in approximately 14 hours from a 120 volt 15 amp wall outlet, a level 2 30 amp charger will do it in almost 3 hours and a level 3 50 kilowatt dc fast charger will recharge the mx30 from 20 to 80 in 36 minutes you can also recharge the battery a little bit by using regenerative braking. It does have different modes for regen, braking which you control using the paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

However, it does not have a one pedal drive mode like many other electric vehicles. If you do set it to the max regen braking mode, it will slow you down by quite a bit, but it wont actually arrive at a complete stop. You still have to use the physical brakes to completely stop a little caveat. With that last note there you will not get max regen braking if the battery is approximately 90 or higher in charge. Mazdas engineers dont want you to over charge the battery so its just something for you to be aware of, and speaking of slowing down, the mazda mx30 has brake by wire brakes. What that means is that the brake pedal is more of a variable switch that tells the brakes how much pressure to apply its, not a traditional hydraulic braking system, so the brakes themselves, theyre controlled by the computer. Strangely, it actually works because i still get a firm brake pedal and the car can stop smoothly or very quickly. If i really stomp on that brake pedal from behind the steering wheel, the 2022 mazda mx 30 feels almost like any other mazda crossover suv. The steering is sharp with just enough feedback when youre on a winding road. However, you do feel that extra weight of the batteries through the corners they do make the mx 30 feel planted, but there is a tiny bit more body roll than in the mazda cx. 30, for example, Music.

The ride of the mazda mx 30 is not too bad, its actually very similar to the cx 30 of which this is based on. So you will feel bumps in the road but theyre not going to feel overly jarry or, as though youre going to break your back. You can comfortably drive down the roughest city streets and still feel comfortable as for noise. Well, because it is an electric vehicle. There is no engine noise to talk about, but you still do get this sort of sci fi, electric noise being pumped into the stereo system, and it sounds like this sounds: okay, wind, noise and road noise on highways is actually not too bad. You dont really hear it too much so overall, this is a very quiet car. One thing that i have noticed, though, is that when youre on really rough roads and the chassis flexes, you can hear a little bit of squeaking from the b pillars where the doors meet like. I said this only happens on really really rough roads, so on normal everyday roads. You wont really hear it now lets look at the interior of this unique little crossover and for the most part it looks like pretty much any other mazda vehicle. Apart from this center console, part which ill get to in just a sec in front of the driver is a digital display with a few analog gauges. They are obviously different, looking than any other mazda vehicle, because it has to show you electrical information like the charge and the power, as well as your electric range and the fuel gauge.

That is normally a fuel gauge in other mazda vehicles is now a charge gauge, but it also tells you the exact amount of battery charge and how much range you have left. The steering wheel is identical to the mazda cx 30. So no difference there. The infotainment system is also the same as you would find in other mazda vehicles. However, it does include electric vehicle information so, for example, the battery state, your energy efficiency history, what your driving range is with and without climate control and all those other electric vehicle sort of information. My only complaint with it, though, is that its not a touch screen. So you have to use this rotary dial, which it works with this infotainment system, just fine, but every time you use android, auto or apple carplay. You still have to use this rotary dial and those systems were not designed. With this in mind, they were designed with touch screens in mind, so it can be a bit convoluted to control those systems, but otherwise they still work. Just fine now lets talk about this center console and the climate controls are a mix of touch screen controls as well as physical buttons, im, not sure why they decided to include both but ill. Take it im not going to complain because i love physical buttons for the most part, you can just use the physical buttons to control the climate, but for the heated seats and heated steering wheel, you do have to use a touchscreen which im okay with the shifter, Is very unique, looking, but its pretty straightforward to use and below it is the controls for the infotainment system as well as your electronic handbrake.

The center console is a floating design, so you do have space underneath it and its lined with cork, because mazda used to be a cork manufacturer back in the 1920s. I believe – and you also have it on the covers of the cup holders as well as on the inside of the door handle pulls. The thing is about these cup holders. Is that if you have anything larger than a medium coffee, for example, and you move the armrest in its forward position its gon na hit? So just something to be aware of, and the other thing that i cant help it notice is that if you have a fizzy drink or basically anything other than water, i cant help but think that this cork might get stained after a while. Just something to think about, as for space in the center console, there is a little bit of it, but because its not covered anyone can peer through and see what you have in here, like cables and a gopro. In my case, as for interior space, i am six foot four and i have absolutely no complaints up here in the front leg, room and headroom are completely fine visibility out the front is good as well as the side, but blind zones are pretty big because of These thick b pillars where the doors meet, however blind spot sensors, are standard on the mazda mx 30. Getting into the back is pretty straightforward. However, the front door must open in order for you to open this back door and if theres somebody sitting in the front make sure that they are unbuckled, otherwise they could get choked.

As for the back seat room, well, as you can see behind my driving position, it is incredibly tight. I cant really fit in here headroom, its okay, but obviously legroom is a big issue on the back of the drivers seat. There is a little or a couple of buttons because it is powered, so you can move it forwards and tilt it forwards for more legroom or no its just for easier access into the back seat on the drivers side. On the passenger side, its just a manual release and it slides all the way forward – these buttons, though they do get locked out if theres somebody sitting in the front they dont have to be buckled, they will still get locked out so theres. None of that worry of kids fiddling with these and messing messing with you when youre driving so yeah back here its. I think its mainly meant for kids, as for materials in the mazda mx 30, its a blend of usual stuff that you would find in other mazda vehicles, but as well, some more environmentally friendly options. So on the seats, the upholstery is a denim like material. This leather is not leather, its actually leatherette, so its, not real leather. I mentioned earlier the cork on some surfaces and on the doors it has, this sort of fuzzy recycled plastic material to it. I think its nice, its a nice blend of all these different materials, and i also like the color of this leatherette nice contrast, brown with the white recycled, plastic, fuzzy, feeling, trim and cork its nice in the trunk.

The mazda mx30 has 405 liters of space with the rear seats up and 1028 liters with the rear seats folded. These numbers are for this gt trim with the sunroof without the sunroof. The cargo capacity increases to 431 liters and 1053 liters, respectively Music for a vehicle with only 161 kilometers of driving range. The price is quite high. It starts at 42, 150 canadian and goes up to seven thousand one hundred fifty dollars canadian for this gt trim worse. Yet its not available everywhere in canada, its only available in british columbia and quebec, while in the united states its only available in california, however, to entice potential customers, the 2022 mazda mx30 also comes with a 500 charge. Credit a no charge two year scheduled maintenance plan. In canada and is eligible for government rebates and tax credits, but for your money you actually do get quite a lot of gadgets in the mazda mx30. So, for example, it has a sunroof surround view. Cameras head up display, heated seats, heated steering, wheel, adaptive cruise control, lane, centering blind spot sensors, automatic emergency, braking, led headlights, push button start and, as i mentioned earlier, apple carplay and android auto integration. So you actually do get quite a lot of stuff for your money. So should you consider buying the mazda mx30 well with such a short driving range and relatively high starting price? Its a really tough, sell and mazda knows this. I think the only reason why they created it is to showcase their electronic drivetrain systems and also, to average out their fuel economy numbers for government regulations.

Think of the mazda mx 30 as more of a stepping stone into future mazda electric vehicles, a preview – if you will right now its only main competitor with a similar driving range – is the mini cooper s electric. But obviously this is much bigger compared to other electric vehicles of this size. They have much more electric range and lower starting price, so yeah its a really hard sell for the mx 30 right now. But if you do want to know more about the mazda mx 30, i wrote a more detailed review of it over on my website. You can find that link in the video description or click up the banner up here anyway.