As you know, though, i also really like cars with plugs. So can you imagine how excited? I am of the prospect of an electric pickup truck thats faster than a ferrari – Applause, Music Applause. This is the truly revolutionary rivieran r1 team. I dont think ive been as excited about a new vehicle, as i am about this one in a very very long time. You see it combines all my favorite things into one except the chocolate. Ah now it really is perfect so where to start well, the company has only just begun production and when the firm was floated on the stock exchange. Recently, the shares were so popular that it is now apparently worth more than ford cant, even comprehend how that works, but its a bit nuts fresh off the hills of delivering its flagship, r1t electric pickup to the very first customers. Rivian has opened its first hub here. In venice, california, its the first of several locations like this that will offer a space for public gatherings the local community and if you happen to be tempted to order an electric truck while youre there. Well all the better. Now, if youre, not into pickups. Quite as much as me, rivian will also be making a seven seat, suv version that might be a little more to your taste and theres, even rumor, that theyll be setting up a factory in the uk to make a smaller truck. But for now the r1t is where its at now its larger its wider and at five and a half meters longer than a standard european pickup like the ford ranger, and it also makes it look like something out of the history books with its futuristic.

Look these vertical headlight stacks called stadium lights, a lovely white led bar, where youd normally find the grille look closely. You can see a couple of tow hooks on the front theres, also a trailer hitch around the back and that kind of gives the game away. That this is the real deal. The r1t has four electric motors, the up four one for each wheel and each one of them is more powerful than the single motor you get in a nissan leaf. Combined. They give a power output of 743 brake horsepower, which is more than almost any supercar. I can think of the north to 60 time. Well, thats three seconds dead and you can add an insane amount of torque into that were not going to venture into the mud today or get behind the wheel, although that is coming soon. But the rivien has an incredible amount of torque adjustable air suspension that can lower the chassis to give up to 370 millimeters of clearance, and all those motors are controlled by a clever computer which works out how to maximize traction. It all comes together to produce a pretty incredible off roader that can also tow up to eleven thousand pounds. Now. This is the large pack which does sound like something youd find written on the side of a box of washing powder, but in rivians case it means it has a whopping 135 kilowatt hour battery. So if we compare that to nissan leafs again its more than double the biggest battery size in the nissan and is four times the size of the mini electrics battery its a big battery, luckily it will charge at 200 kilowatts at a suitable charger.

So you wont have to wait too long for it to fill up and that big battery. Well, that means big range too. This version can go 340 miles between charges. If you dont use too much of that performance and a larger battery pack, that will deliver 400 miles is going to be added to the range. The other big surprise is the interior. Look at it its definitely not like my dance pickups that were our daily run around when i was growing up um its more like a range rover than a ford ranger. The roof is a single piece of glass which gives you a beautiful view of the blue. California, sky, theres, real wood, sustainably sourced, of course, and a hell of a sound system. Um theres, also lovely touches like this. A little handle that, when you pull, gives you a wireless bluetooth, powered sound system that you can take with you. That also doubles as a camp lantern theres, even a flashlight, built into the door um its nice and roomy in here. Its got a really great seating position. Youve got a digital information screen here in front of the driver and a second 16 inch screen here. Now. It doesnt come loaded with android, auto or apple carplay, but thats, because they reckon the system is good enough on its own. It does, however, come loaded with alexa and alexa is very clever. Hi alexa open the bonnet. Ah, oh alexa, doesnt understand me: oh alexa open the hood, yes, okay, im in america, its a hood.

What was i thinking its lovely and spacious back here, and it also feels really luxurious, obviously not real leather seats, but they dont look it at all and they dont feel it either and its got beautiful, touches very nice storage on the back of the seats speakers For that brilliant sound system in all the headrests, its got its own climate control panel here, along with a couple of usb ports, uh great headroom in here brilliant leg, room and because its really nice and wide theres lots of room for kids adults in the back Car seats, i reckon this could be the ultimate family car Music, and how about this? Behind the rear passenger doors are two more doors that open to reveal a storage area that spans the width of the truck demon, has glow in the dark buttons. In here. Very handy if the children are misbehaving actually forget, i said that its definitely not to be used for naughty children, but what it is handy for is grabbing a seat because the open doors double as seats or stands to help. You load things into the flatbed. That tunnel can also contain the optional camp kitchen, a slide out pod with convection burners utensils, and even a water system combine that with another load bay under the bonnet, and this has to have the most hidden storage of any truck. I can think of the all important load area is vast. You drop the tailgate quite a little powered button there, as you can see theres a panel here.

That gives you a really good flat load area and it has an optional powered. Tonneau cover very cool theres. Also a version with a pop up tent. Of course, there is all in all. This is one hell of a truck for just under 50 000 pounds, which is what it costs here. But there is one problem with that: big battery, all the motors and its as lovely as it is the ribbon has a bit of a weight issue. This one weighs over 3 000 kilograms, add in a few passengers some luggage, and it means you may need a special license to drive it in the uk Applause. So the skys blue, its 70 degrees ive, got a coffee cooked on my camp kitchen for four with induction hob, the flatbed looks like i could sleep in there for a couple of nights and, if not, then its got its own tent anyway.