We cant go anywhere in this until we get something out of this box, so ill have to see what happens all right so were here at the starting lane for everos the eevee rally of scotland yeah this isnt working. Is it damn man flu? So what im trying to say is that evros is a five day event 1200 miles through scotland and all to try and prove that doing proper long distances in an electric car can work, but as youre about to find out. Actually, you know what just keep watching to find out and hopefully in the words of the great fergie. Well, have no drama, because we dont want no drama. Okay, so heres the start line and heres me getting caught up at the start line by an over enthusiastic competitor, brilliant, so lets explain the setup. We have two teams doing the rally team. One is me and daryl here in a pulse star 2 same car all week for us team two is our web editor matt and our videographer toby, swapping into various stalantis cars from day to day, because then our poolstar 2 is a long range version. This one, we definitely drew the long straw compared to the other lads in their french evs, now thats, not to say that the stalantis cars are no good. They are theyre very good, but they all use the same drivetrain, which crucially has a significantly smaller battery than the polestar and one that charges at a slower maximum rate so day.

One bit of a loop today, 250 miles starting in glasgow and ending well near glasgow and via many many car parks. Okay, so here we go phase one five days 1200 miles. Ev rally of scotland lets go so were in a salubrious car park in a place called wally fed in scotland. The cars doing better than my voice is, i apologize, i dont know whats happening the cost in about 70 miles. Weve used about 30 of the battery. I think its telling me that were doing about 35 kilowatt hours per 100 miles so, if joe uses this footage ill get him to transfer that into miles per kilowatt hour on the screen. Now so just to explain what that means a little bit its actually quite simple. It means that, if were getting 2.9 miles per kilowatt hour and the pulse stars, usable battery capacity is 75 kilowatt hours. That is the portion of the 78 total thats dedicated solely to driving the wheels. Then in principle we should have a driving range of 217.5 miles and thats some way lower than the cars official 299 miles, wltp rating, but its still decent right. We have up to 100. I think. Yes, i think youve got a bigger battery than us, daryl you and your flags man, honestly. No, we could not put them on there. Oh god, this is sitting the car dude im, feeling great toby thanks im doing great thanks for asking were doing great.

So if you look over my shoulder here, youll see our head of sponsorship in social media being important. Getting his official interview done. I dont know what he really thinks say: what is an emergency? The climate crisis were doing ev rally, everyone Music day, two shorter day to day just 150 miles, but finally, getting into the highlands starting in kilmonic. We stopped off at a place called the braze before heading up to fort william, via palmer hall, loch lomond. That is all right. So here we go day two. We are doing 180 miles today, which is a little bit shorter than yesterday. We did 250 miles yesterday. We charged twice im going into mcdonalds because im not concentrating. I just said i was about drowning mcdonalds. I wasnt concentrating it was a comedy moment. Oh okay, fine yeah, i didnt laugh. This is good. Having a live troll, i usually have to wait till a couple of days later. The trolls to come so were here at loch. Lomond were about halfway through the second day of the ev rally of scotland. Weve done about 75 miles in the postdoc here and, to be honest with you, its been fairly peril. Free this cars got a brilliant battery. Weve got it fully loaded with stuff and im, actually hoping for a bit more danger were not really getting it. So matt is here: hes got a mocker and its battery is slightly different to ours. So im going to let matt talk a bit through his last day or two yeah, so we were driving stalantes stuff.

Yesterday we were driving uh citroen ec4 today were driving a mockery, its got a 50 kilowatt hour battery. It can charge at 100 kilowatts maximum. I think, but most of the time weve been doing it on 50. same with citroen. Yesterday, its all very good, you can manage the range its about sort of 200 miles thereabouts on these products, its basically about very carefully managing, not a lot of range, its been more interesting for us. I think theres been more searching for charges. That kind of thing, but were were keeping up with them, were managing to stay with them there theyre about so not too bad at the moment. Do you know what sort of efficiency youre getting over the battery uh? I got 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour yesterday out of the citroen, and this ones doing 3.4 today see so that shows you. This has got a 78 kilowatt hour battery and were getting about 2.8 2.9 miles per kilowatt hour, so, despite being significantly less efficient. Actually just the size of the battery has made a huge difference in terms of the convenience that weve had. Oh yes, charging speeds, so youll probably see various charging speeds quoted when you watch an electric car review, i do it all the time, but what does it actually mean? Well, on a surface level at least its quite simple maths? So if you have a hundred kilowatt hour, battery and 100 kilowatt charger in principle, youll be able to fully charge your battery in an hour or with a 50 kilowatt charger twice the time and so on.

However, to protect the battery all avs slow down the rate that they take charge when the battery is at about 80 full thats. Why? You often see manufacturers quote a note to 80 charging time its also, why its fine to charge your electric car overnight on a 7 kilowatt charger, but when youre out and about doing long distances its really important to find the fastest charging station possible. All right so were just leaving loch lomond now beautiful place. Some really amazing vistas in terms of the charge that weve got were on 65 battery. Weve done about 75 miles today, Laughter so day. Three here we go properly. Looking forward to this, one were really gon na get to see the beauty that the highlands has to offer and for the poor star in particular what it can do on scotlands remarkable twisty, sinuous roads. We start at fort, william and head up to a fishing town called ullapool, where we plan to charge before heading way north to thurso stunning vistas sensational roads. I really cannot wait for todays drive. Its 7 am its day. 3 theyre calling this day the beast, because weve got 350 miles to do. We couldnt get any charge. Last night we couldnt get enough charge, so we thought wed get up early, get some charge in. So we come to this charging station here, its illuminated its not working so weve now had to use zap map to find a place.

Now. The first place it took were two was in the middle of a housing estate. Couldnt use that didnt fancy knocking on somebodys door at seven oclock in the morning, so weve come to this spot. Here we found a 22 kilowatt hour, charger weve managed to get plugged in its tenth away and its going to take us until half 11 to get this fully charged. So what were thinking is well just leave this here for about an hour or so, and then well get enough battery to get on our way and well, hopefully find a rapid charger. So we can start doing the 320 mile journey up through the highlands that weve got in front of us today. So lets see how it goes so were leaving our charging station so well. Go to the first checkpoint, hopefully well find somewhere to charge, and things will get a bit easier from here. Did we turn the amps down already its on 25.? So we asked for peril when we were casually meandering from charging point of charging point on the first day dead easily and now weve got it right, so we have 10 battery left in this were in a town called ullapool. We have 25 miles left in this car thats what 10 equates to according to the car? Okay, there are two charging points here. One of them has a q3 cars sitting at it and it doesnt work theres an engineer working on it and the other one.

Just that way has a queue of four cars all waiting for charge, because none of us can get to the next charging point, which is 43 miles away. Now. Toby and matt have got 43 miles in their car and theyre going to give it a go. Fair play to them, but we are now trying to work out whether somebody will let us push in get a bit of charge, maybe 50 miles left and then head for there. After that, weve got about another 80 to 100 miles to do to get to the place that were stopping at the end of the night. So who knows where were going to get there? But hey weve got our story havent! We well never come back here. Dont worry so youre joining us and the last step was we were in all the pool. We had about 43 miles of range, this charger, which is in scout right up in the remotest part of scotland uh. That was about 43 miles away, so we thought you know what were going to risk. It were going to get here, weve driven a lot absolute saints. We got here. Wonderful, fantastic bit of range left in the old ds3 found a couple of our colleagues charging. Everything was absolutely fine and one guys come off the dc charger and driven off to go to the next place, and the box has just collapsed, so were trying reset processes were trying to see what we can do um, but at the moment its not looking good Weve got another about another 100 miles to go to thurso.

We cant go anywhere in this until we get something out of this box, so well have to see what happens. Push start push go on almost, i think its doing something its doing something. Now its gone back to its gone back to the start, so there was a bit of a drama there, because obviously the charger had gone down and we think it was a reception thing. They have to have reception like mobile phones and a lot of the mobile phones and people around here had gone. So obviously we called up. We got a remote and engineered to look at it remotely to see if they could restart it. Didnt work because he couldnt do it, but hes taken off some sort of validation, lock, and that has got it working again. So theyve theyve basically managed to sort it its taking. The ds3 is taking charge uh 190 miles per hour, so its in an hour and 20 minutes to be fully charged were not going to wait for fall were going to wait for about 80.. That should take us, probably 40 minutes and then weve got 90 odd miles that way into the dark um to get to thurso across the very top of scotland. So as long as this doesnt fall over again and we stop losing charge, then we should be okay. Um, but that was 30 30 45 minutes of my life that i could have done without, to be honest, so hopefully thatll be the last bit of jeopardy.

Okay, so im on my phone because were in the end of a dark car park, so we put the expensive camera equipment away, but this is what weve had to do tonight, because we were left with 10 charge, the charger wasnt available until quite late, so weve Had to go out and get some dinner leave the car for an hour and a half. Thankfully, the charge has worked so weve got 78 battery now and we now have how many miles daryl. Is it 120 yep miles to go so weve got a good two to three hours, um in the highlands of scotland to try and get back to the hotel. After what has been a fairly eventful experience, weve learned things day, four long day, mileage wise today, but hopefully less of a challenge than wednesday was first stop john ogroats and then down to the east coast to inverness before stopping in aberdeen all right. So here we are start of day. Four morning after the night before we had some drama last night you saw some of that stuff. We ended up driving through scotland about 120 miles in the pitch black didnt, get to see any of the beauty of the vistas. But there you go so we just left jono groats weve got about 250 miles to do with two major checkpoints. So the first one were on our way to inverness about 120 miles, something like that and its gon na take us two to three hours and then from there well get a bit of charge there and then well go off to aberdeen and then thats, where we Stop for the day, hopefully in the words of the great fergie drugs fall flat and the second time around.

Okay, so were at the end of day, four well come at the end of day, four were at loch ness, of course, famous for a monstrously large body of water and weve got about 120 miles to go so battery wise. We actually have very little peril today, which is good after the day we had yesterday, because we managed to get some charge at the inverness football ground, lovely people. There gave us a tour of the ground. We got about 45 minutes to charge in got us up to 200 miles range, which is more than enough to get us back to aberdeen, which is about 120 miles away from here, so hopefully playing sailing the rest of the day Music day. Five home stretch 162 miles aberdeen the glasgow via some big horse heads, so the ds3 is currently sat in the car park at the premier inn waiting for a new tire. So once ive got that fixed, they then have to find somewhere to charge so theyre well delayed, so whats happening matt um so day, five hasnt started very well um one of our car. This ds that we we didnt have to switch into because we couldnt fit in the original car um. It got punctured last night, so theyve been racing around trying to fix the puncture thats. What is behind the people? Couldnt charge it last night, so it started with hardly any battery range 25 miles to empty weve. Come to our first charging point the postcodes wrong its over there, but ive got one mile of range now so were in a house in the state about a mile away from where you need to be mile away from where i need to be so yeah morning.

Everyone i was waiting as well Laughter weve, just done our final charge. Stop in sunny dundee 50 kilowatt charger weve got from 48 to 80. more than enough to get work to the finish line to 1200 miles. So its all good, i think in general you could definitely say that our experience with this car has been so much easier because of the size of the battery its been so key. I mean, i guess its just like having a big fuel tank youre going to get further the other lads in there stalantis cars theyve got ta, wait around for so much longer, so much more frequently and its really really slowed them down the biggest step change that Were gon na have to see is when small cars that are more affordable start getting the size of battery that stuff like this has we are doing something thats completely unrealistic, nobodys going to be charging their car up and going on a 1200 mile tour of scotland, But what its shown to us is the importance of battery size, importance of range and the importance, most importantly of the infrastructure so were just leaving. What is our last stop of the day its the kelpies? I dont know how much you can see, but these are two giant horse heads, so i think theres, some poetry in that isnt there. You know modern horses and then modern horseless carriages and thats it for the car stuff, its been emotional, all right.

So here we are at the end of day five in the shadow of ibrox were back and we won. We got back first, and that means that we definitely won and nobody can take that away from us 1200 miles done so its been a challenge, its been a lot of fun, theres been highs and lows, both literally and figuratively, and were gon na get back now. Get home have some rest restock and then think about what it is that weve learned and what we can tell you of use about this experience. Therell be plenty. So what have we learned? Well, apart from learning that buck fast isnt for me, not at all its become very clear that we need a widespread and well maintained rapid charging infrastructure in the uk, 50 kilowatts and upwards. That is, it turns out that a lot of the charging network in scotland isnt maintained as a matter of course, but instead individual stations are fixed as and when theyre reported, broken and thats. Obviously, no good for a driver, thats just turned up there and needs charge. So improving battery capacities in avs is obviously important, but actually its less important than having a density of rapid charges dotted throughout the country. Most of the inconveniences that the stalantis lads encountered was to do with a scarcity of working rapid charging points. Having said all that we did it, we did 1200 miles in an ev and we got home.

We were never stranded for any great length of time. We never had to sleep in our cars and we didnt have to have a person in a diesel van following us all the way around. So let us know what you think in the comments.