, its a very exciting, fully electric five seater lets find out how good it is as a baby, drive and dont forget to like and subscribe and follow us on our socials, the child seat. Section of this video is brought to you by infosecure. In the back of the ioniq 5, there are ice fixing the two outer rear seats – theyre, not within plastic guys, but theyre, lovely and easy to connect to, on the back of all three seat, backs theyre top tether anchorages and theyre easy to connect to through the Boot now i did find i could fit three insecure child seats across at the back here nicely two achieve more and one attain more child seats fitted either forward or rear facing. Now these rear seats are split 60 40, and you can move them individually using a buttons on the side of the seats or there are controls in the front too. This is fantastic for being able to distribute the legroom. You can also move them while driving too, which can be a little bit of fun for the families. Now we found with legroom we could easily fit a 186 centimeter passenger in front of a rear, facing infrasecure, attain more child seat and on the drivers side we could fit a 180 centimeter passenger in front of a rear facing child seat. To learn more about the child seats used in this video. Just click on the link here, the ionic 5 has built in rear window blinds, which is fantastic for shielding those little passengers in the back from the sun, where youre driving its one of the few five seaters to actually have them built in.

There are rear air vents in the side pillars for the rear passengers and you can control that climate through the front media screen. The rear, heated seat button is in easy access of the little rear passengers in the doors here, so it could be cooking themselves while youre driving along and you dont know. You can, however, control the rear seat heating from the front media screen storage in the back of the ioniq 5, its really good. There are two cup holders in a fold down in the central seat back they will hold a reusable and a disposable coffee cup. There are net map pockets on the back of both front seats that will hold, but not conceal an ipad theres, a storage area. In the back of the central console box that i found good for a phone and theres two usb sockets there too now the door bins in the back here are a good size. Theyll hold a refillable water bottle and an ipad, and instead of little handle wells theres, a really good kind of a shelf handle too storage in the front is fantastic. There are two cup holders. They will hold a reusable and a disposable coffee cup underneath them. There are two usb sockets, as well as a wireless phone charging pad and a big storage area. I found great for putting my handbag now above. That is an arm rest with a storage area. In there, too, i found good for putting my um sunglasses now in the footwell theres.

Another storage shelf, as well as usb and 12 volt socket a glove box, is great in here its a big draw and i can easily fit my ipad and wallet in there with the manual the door. Bins are great size in here too, they will fit. The large refillable water bottle and ipad fits in them and theyve got the great storage shelves as well. By far my favorite thing about the ioniq 5 is the recline mode front seats. These are great. If your kid falls asleep in the back, you can just relax while they sleep and the same while the cars charging. The boot of the ioniq 5 opens automatically lets find out how much we can fit in the boots when empty 15 bags will fit or a twin pram and four bags, a tandem, pram and six shopping bags, a single pram and seven shopping bags, or a compact Stroller and nine shopping bags or a medium sized dog now the ioniq 5 is fully electric and its nice and easy to charge. We found it does about 430 kilometers to a full battery and its nice and quick to charge too. You can start and drive the ioniq 5 just using the key fob, which is fantastic. If you park into a tight car parking space, then you can drive it in and out to get your kids in and out without them, opening up the doors into the cars. Next to them, Music, Music, now being an eevee, has a lovely silent start and its a smooth drive.

Theres. All the benefits like being able to drive your kids to sleep without churning through fuel and sitting with the air conditioning on in recline mode. Of course, while they are asleep too now, the ionic 5 is a beautiful drive, it is effortless it glides over bumps its really smooth and the interior is nice and calm and relaxing too. The media system in the ionic 5 is a really lovely and simple and nice to use its got lots of features in here that are great for families. Its got carplay and android auto, which is fantastic. Its also got quiet mode, which is great for muting. The sound in the back and bringing it to the front speakers, while youre driving, if youve, got little ones asleep or on devices in the back now within the media system, it has got sounds of nature, which is white noise at your fingertips, which is fantastic for Getting little ones to sleep while youre driving now you can control the climate through here too, as well as the heating of the rear seats, which is an important one. Youve got your ev screen in here as well, and you can control the position of the rear seats through here too, and you can also set them and save them, which is fantastic. I found for swapping between mum and dad driving. We can have the seats already set for when dads driving or when mums driving, when i put it into a verse.

The camera image is lovely and crystal clear and youve got a 3d camera as well, which ive found really helpful when parking and maneuvering the ionic 5 also has indicator cameras. So, while youre indicating visuals will come up in the driver display screen, so you can see it down the side of the car, which is really handy. You can also turn the rear view camera on too, while youre driving along the turning circle is really good. In the ionic 5 and parking and maneuvering is really nice and easy, especially with that 3d around view camera. So, to sum up with the ionic 5, what a fantastic baby drive this car is packed full of features that families will love its got rear window blinds in the back. It fits three input. Secure child seats across and youve got that wonderful ability to distribute the legroom throughout the car, its also got the recline mode and footstools for those front passengers which is a win now, the boot space is fantastic. It fits that twin stroller, with a good amount of shopping as well. The media system is great, the cameras are fantastic and its an eevee and just a wonderful car to drive.