In my mind, for comfort safety ride all the bells and whistles. I, if i were to give it a star rating id say its probably four or four and a half out of five stars for the money and what youre getting now. I did do a lot of research for hybrid electric vehicles before i bought it. So if there were some real issues that i had problems with, part of it would be on me, but in this last year there have not been any mechanical issues and everything has worked as advertised learning, all of the different bells and whistles im sitting there. Looking reading through a text and all of a sudden theres, a chime and its like dummy, you know the car ahead of you has already pulled forward, get your butt in gear, i didnt know it did that, and there are a lot of safety features that irritate Many people with you know you get too close to the lane and its dinging and chiming and and and of course, theres the the steering that kind of and you get used to it. And then you look at other people and you say hey that guys. Like half his car is in the bike lane he could be wiping people out, but if i did that my car would be chiming at me so uh those things can be annoying for some people, but really they do improve safety. When i get home from the travels, i already have the wall charger transformer plugged in.

I just leave it plugged in all the time its and then i have it in a little box. So if i do need to go someplace overnight, where im able to charge, i can just put it in the back of the boot or the utility area so get home after maybe driving. Maybe only just a couple miles get the car unlocked and do the door stick. It in ive got the automatic charger uh scheduled charging all set up, which is a little funky. Its kind of you have to have a start time and in time it was kind of hard to understand, but i started at midnight and if im really low, it may take six hours to charge and but by six seven oclock in the morning i got a Full charge of 25 26 miles to zip around town and do the errands, and that has allowed me to virtually run primarily all electric, especially during the summertime during the winter. The petrol engine does need to come on to heat the cabin heat up, the the coolant that warms the air, but most the time im just running on. You know all all battery, so its been really good and you just fall into a good, clean pattern and thats how you save money, of course, theres the backup, chime Music, that uh irritates many people i do not live in an apartment complex. I have learned to live with it, actually it doesnt, even i dont, even pay attention.

You know i i was you know i feel like im, you know driving a big, you know delivery truck and people need to get out of my way. If they hear me with a backup because im getting on the road baby, so as you can see, i have driven almost 7 000 miles and the average fuel economy is almost 85 miles to the gallon. Most of my driving is in all electric. We do some petrol, so we did a 166 mile trip three hours in the car the other day and we averaged 51.8 miles per gallon and primarily hybrid mode um. That was on the freeway uh, most of the time, so around town, the hybrids going to be a little bit less but uh its just really incredible. How the hybrid with the battery really helps out, and you can see im a pretty pretty casual driver 81. Economical 19, normal and zero aggressive im, just an old man, energy flow temperature, so right now were charged up at uh, 26 miles and 252 miles in gasoline and half a tank, and i have filled up maybe four times five times in the last year. So most of my driving around the energy has been from uh plugging in overnight uh. Getting that full charge over here you can see and um thats worked well. The only real issue i have with this instrument cluster is when i bring down the steering wheel into position that i like it blocks the Music speedometer so thats a little cumbersome but otherwise very comfortable and the car is, you know, working as advertised and everyone.

So far has been very comfortable in the seats the heated seats are wonderful, ventilated seats are terrific. I normally have during the winter, this little part open for the extra light that it provides with this dark interior. You can kind of lose things easily. The sunroof, when its open just doesnt it just makes too much noise. I dont know if thats a function of the design or just maybe all of them do that, but everything is fairly well laid out. It is kind of a awkward to get the phone or the the wireless charging, but that has worked very well. I figured out all of the you know. The instrument cluster, so ive got everything pretty much after a year. Really, i kind of know where everythings at and um its very smooth sailing, especially when you put it into the cruise control the adaptive cruise control man, you just it just you set the Music, the speed and how close you want to be to the vehicle in Front of you and um, it is super nice. The bluetooth for the phone um going through the speakers is just excellent. Excellent, uh quality people can hear me. I can hear them, so everything is really well laid out and has worked very well. No complaints but the car has done really really well over these last 13 months. Now, if you look at social media and some of the other chat boards and whatnot theres, always people posting about – i, you know cant open up this latch or my batterys always going dead.

Or how do i do this? A lot half of those uh criticisms and problems can be alleviated if people would just read the owners manual and take a little bit of time to become acquainted with the car. There are also comments about how do i get the most out of the vehicle in terms of you know miles per gallon? You know what what what? How should i leave it? All battery go automatic, go hybrid man. This car is super super smart. It knows what to do to get the highest miles per gallon, so driven about 7 000 miles and most of my around town driving is all ev, so that really helps pump up my miles per gallon. I can assume that im going to get about 55 to 57 miles per gallon, when i have kind of mixed driving and im on the freeway all hybrid, about 50 miles to the gallon on the freeway around town – probably 40. 45. If i have to get into the ev mode, which is rare, i mean obviously, if im only driving 7000 miles and not doing a lot of driving, but it the car really knows how to handle itself. The only time i had an issue with performance was going up a very steep slope and we were going over to uh mammoth lakes and the battery just got down to zero. So there was no battery to assist in the propulsion of the car.

So it was all on the 1.6 liter engine and it was going up that hill it was. It was having a rough time. So if you knew that you were getting into that – and i guess you can maybe program something into your navigation system and maybe it would do something. But if you know youre going to be in that situation, obviously thats the time to think about getting your battery up to over 10 or 15. Of course, the kia nero is advertised as a utility vehicle, and i do utilize the function of this back area. Ive flipped down both the seats. I have this little blue padding in here, which is, i think, mainly for camping, because ill put bricks and stones on there and haul stuff around. But i really like being able to flip those seats down, fill up the back uh with whatever it is that im hauling around and there is utility to the vehicle and Music. It has worked really well really. Well, i dont really have any complaints. People are still comfortable in the back seat. From what ive been told, i dont ride back here too often plenty of leg room. I have found a good, comfortable seating position in the front seat and it has memory. You know you can change. Two different people can have two different settings, but for all the driving that ive done, i do not get any backaches or leg aches or anything of that nature.

The wheels look good dont have any problems with them. Yeah the car handles well um, but you know i get home, i plug it in when i look at the money. I have saved im about 19 cents per kilowatt hour right now, through pg e here in california versus gasoline at four dollars. A gallon. I ive saved a lot of money by being primarily in pure ev and even in the hybrid mode, 40. 40. 50 miles to the gallon. I mean thats that saves a lot of gas. It has been comfortable on really long halls you put in that adaptive, cruise control and man its just you just having to watch the the people around you. Everything is is very nice and stable. All of the the little radars work. I just have not had many problems: good utility on the car, yeah sure theres, a few things i would like to get the most comfortable driving position. I have to have the steering wheel down, and so whenever i get out, i have to you know: unlatch it and lift it up. Thats, hey itd be nice to have. If that was electric, you know so it just lifted up on its own. When i put it in the park, okay, thats a fifty thousand sixty thousand dollar vehicle thats, not this one, um theres other little goofy things that a higher priced vehicle will give you in terms of comfort, but in when i think of the ride quality noise level.

Being comfortable in the car it its really up, there uh, i feel in the quality standards and and its its made me happy. I do not have any briars remorse whatsoever and i think it will work for a lot of different people and a lot of different families in a lot of different situations. So after a year of having the key nero im happy and if this kia niro plug in hybrid 2020, ex premium version is any benchmark or standard for quality of kia, they make a very well put together car up there with anything thats made in the united States so uh, i dont think you have too many problems so for my one year, kia review im kevin canals.