com and im tom and im nikki and its probably no surprise that we are all fans of electric cars, yeah, theyre, quiet, clean nippy. They cost less to run. We, like all the tangible day to day benefits, but also the idea that theyre actually a little bit more sustainable than petrol or diesel, especially if you juice them up on green energy. Also, they come in a range of colors and make science fiction noises. You really focus on that kind of stuff yeah anyway, besides all of the good stuff, we do appreciate that actually its quite daunting making that switch. So how do you decide if its right for your lifestyle, it actually makes financial sense, were here to help you decide if making the switch makes sense for you and to do that were going to switch things up and ask you the questions so, if youre ready Its question time, Music and this first question – is actually a really simple one. How do you use your car and what we mean by this is what type of driving do you do? Whats your lifestyle like where do you live all really important factors to consider lets face it? If youre battering up and down the motorway network doing 50 000 miles a year, then a pure electric car, probably isnt right for you just yet, but for the rest of us, i think theres, probably an electric car that will suit our needs. If you think about all the things weve been testing, there are suvs.

There are estate cars, city, cars, small cars, theres, even fast stuff. Yeah, i mean, if you can think of it. If you can name it, there is probably an electrified version of it. Theres vans. Yes, there are electric vans too. I dont know why youre so excited about them, but there are electric vans, but it is worth noting they tend to be more expensive than the petrol or diesel counterpart. However, there are ways around that, but more on that a little bit later, most people do tend to do lower mileage, though local journeys, local commutes, on a really regular basis, and then every so often theyll do a long distance journey. Yeah like going on holiday – or you know, going to see people exactly going to see your great aunt going off down to cornwall wherever youre going um but youre not doing those on a regular basis. So actually, when you do do those long distance journeys, its okay to use the public charging network, which we better point out, is actually improving quite a lot at the moment. So if you do have to charge for half an hour every two and a half hours its, not too much of a hassle, basically you end up being constrained more by your bladder capacity than your battery capacity may be true, but too much information. Oh, i just speak the truth on to the next question. Music. How many miles do you think we drive on average every day here in the uk? I know you cant really answer that, but what im about to tell you is going to surprise.

You trust me because its around 20 miles see youre surprised, arent. You now loads of us get a little bit scared by the idea that an electric car might not be able to take us as far on a full charge as a petrol or a diesel car can on a full tank of fuel. But in reality, if you make a note of the mileage you do and the journeys you take over a month, you may well be very surprised and what that relatively low mileage that we actually drive means is that most modern electric cars are capable of dealing with. Most of our journeys that range that you have in a petrol or a diesel car its great but its probably not needed most of the time and dont forget. If you have home charging, then you can plug your car in overnight and every time you leave the house, you have a full battery, which trust me is brilliant. It also means you never have to visit a petrol station again unless its to buy flowers. On your wedding anniversary, i see you or, in my case chocolate now. The ideal situation is that you have somewhere at home where you can park a car and install a home wall box. Now this is the cheapest option for charging and the most convenient. It also helps if you work for a company that gives you somewhere to plug in while youre, actually at work and businesses are being incentivized under the workplace charge scheme to install charging points.

Good fact, the energy that you get there is tax free, true, but dont be put off. If, like me, you dont have access to those perks because well, like weve, discussed before actually most commuters, arent doing hundreds and hundreds of miles every day and youll probably work out that one charge per week could be enough for you. You can do that on a public charger and not worry about not having access to off street parking. No, it is not as convenient as at home charging, but you do get used to it and eventually it becomes less hassle than going and filling up with smelly petrol. Very true also remember: you can charge when youre out and about so i tend to look for parking spaces where there are charges at my gym or at the shops or when i go to the supermarket. I do occasionally go to the gym, and one thing to remember is you: dont have to stay with the car while it is charging and ive got some really good facts here. Um there are charging stations popping up all over the uk at the moment and there are actually more places to charge your car than there are fuel stations isnt that a good fact that is a good product, well done its, not perfect, and it is going to Take some getting used to, but improvements are coming fast, Music. Now, as weve already mentioned, electric cars are currently a little bit more expensive than their petrol or diesel counterparts, but the good news is that there are ways that you can get an electric car for less were talking about grants.

Yes, we like the sound of free money at electrifying. Now there is a plug in car grant that is available for up to two and a half thousand pounds now to qualify for that. You must be buying a pure electric car that costs 35 000 pounds or less its fine. If you add options on to that particular car, but as long as the list price is 35 000 pounds or less then youll qualify and there are also great incentives for businesses and for employees to run electric cars too um the company gets big tax benefits and The employee will also pay far less benefit in kind tax, so getting an electric company car can make all kinds of sense. Well, youre very well informed jim, but do you ever think you should maybe get out a bit more yeah, quite a lot really but boy. This is the important stuff it is very important stuff carry on dont. Let me stop you, because if you are a business owner or an employee with access to a company car, these schemes could literally save you thousands of pounds every single year and thats before you get into the possible benefits of salary sacrifice schemes which, of course, are Open to all employees, yeah, no, its very true. Actually, i do have a little stat that i think he would like jenny and so, generally speaking, on average a mid sized petrol car will cost around 15 p per mile to run.

But if you compare that to a equivalent electric car, you could be paying as little as three and a half p per mile or less if you actually use a clever electric tariff when you charge at home. That is a very impressive start nikki. Thank you very much, and you say that its me, that needs to get out more Music and were back at the beginning again. Look. We hope that weve managed to convince you that some of the things that you may have heard about pure electric cars, like theyre, expensive, theyre, really hard to charge theyre strange to use and they dont go very far – might not actually be true. Yeah look were under no illusions that going pure electric is gon na suit. Absolutely everybody, but what were trying to say is just keep an open mind dig into those lease and pcp deals and maybe even speak to your boss and your accountant and also keep an eye on the used electric market. Look. Things are changing so quickly and we promise you switching to electric is not as tricky as you think now.