It will be followed by a number of all electric cars, such as the s class inspired eqs saloon. The eqs will shortly be followed by the eqb which slots into the mercedes eq range above the entry level eqa and below the larger mid range eqc next up in 2022, well also see the arrival of the e class inspired fully electric eqe, which will be followed Later in the year by the high performance, mercedes, amg, eqe43 and 53 amg models, this eqa is a new, fully electric suv, with quite a big task on its hands. Youve got more expensive, bigger electric suvs than this, such as the audi e tron and the jaguar. I pace the eqa sits below both of those suvs and here youve got a market. Thats got more mainstream offerings like the kia e nero persias, 2008 mustang machi and the vw id4. So does the eqa come straight in as the go to premium family electric suv in ireland well find out. Mercedes has big ambitions of launching up to six new electric cars across the next couple of years, and this is part of those plans. But while some of those future models are going to sit on their own dedicated ev platforms, the eqa just like the eqc and the eqv, is based on a fuel powered car. The gla theres quite a big difference in how those two cars look and the main changes at the front where you see a very different phone grill from the gla with the eqa youve got a black plastic front cover at the front plus youve also got the Big popular light bar a few trim levels with the eqa you get progressive, electric art and amg line, no matter which one you go for.

You get 18 inch alloys as standard. But if you do go for the amg line, then you can have the choice of changing them to 19 or 20 inch alloys. At the back of the car, there are new lights and a full width light bar along the rear, its very reminiscent of the eqc, with similar styling too again, its quite different and distinctive from the gla. There are a couple of differences inside too, such as the slightly different branding and displays on the screens, and also some models have lights built into the dashboard on some trim levels. You can get seats that are partly made from recycled plastic bottles. Apart from that, its the same look the same layout and the same finish that you get in the gla in the electric car world. This is one of the best interiors out there. Its got a very appealing, look and layout and its backed up by pretty good build quality too theres. Also nice materials up front on the dash. The original benchmark for electric car interiors would have been the audi e tron, which was incredibly well made inside now. The eqa isnt far off of this and its direct competitor, would be considered the queue for e tron. The books for that are only open. Now and then the pricing is going to differ in 2222, so theyll be in and around the same prices once you spec them evenly. Many people would argue that the eqa has got a much more appealing layout rather than the relatively sensible audi e tron interiors.

Not only is the eqa well built, does it feel nice to the touch, and is it good to look at, but the tech that comes with it is also among the best around in the electric car world. This model is also optioned with the article leather, which is a man made substitute for the real leather which was introduced by mercedes to sit between cloth and real leather upholstery in its trim ranges in a gla. The entry level trims get two 7 inch screens, one for the driver display and one for the infotainment on the higher trim levels. You get two 10 inch displays, but on the eqa, every model gets the bigger screen as standard theyre, really clear. The only slide problem might be depending on where you have the steering wheel set, it might be blocking some of the driver displays, so youll have to check that it works for you wherever you want to sit. The system itself is the same mbux infotainment system that weve used on lots of other mercedes. It has a simple layout, thats, relatively easy to get your head around with a responsive touch screen. Crucially, what makes this system so good is the fact that youve got a trackpad as well, so you can control the screen while youre driving without looking away its far less distracting being able to do. This youve also got slightly fiddly but quite useful, touch, sensitive pads on the steering wheel to control the infotainment system and also to adjust what youre, seeing on the digital driver display again this compared to anything in the electric car class is very, very impressive.

So theres lots to like up front in the eqa now to the back, and the big change from the gla is under the floor because thats, where the batteries are placed in the eqa. In order to accommodate the batteries, theyve raised the floor, which unfortunately means the rear bench feels quite low. In relation to the high floor, you end up with an odd seating position where your knees are higher than they are in the gla theres no compromise on space. So you still got a good amount of legroom by electric suv standards. It feels quite airy in the back, the gla isnt, the biggest family, of suv out there, comparing it to the e nero and the 2008 is pretty good. Obviously the bigger e tron and the i pace have a much bigger footprint and therefore are much more spacious. But the eqa is pretty good. Its got an armrest and two surprise cupholders and its similar to the gla and the fact that there are three rear seats that can fold down individually. You can even bring the middle seat down to give you some easy access to the boot or just stick. Your skis through rear seat space is slightly altered, going from the gla to the eqa and its the same story for the boot. Although its a bit more of an impact back there, a fair chunk of storage space in the eqa compared to the gla, the space youre left with, is still a practical and simple shape.

Inside theres no load lip at the entry, which makes it easy to load things into the boot and theres even a little bit of underfloor storage thats, just about big enough to keep the charging cables in. This is one of the smaller boots in the electric family. Suv class Music, as the eqa is based on the gla. It doesnt have a formidable footprint on the road, its a family, suv, the same size as say a volvo xc40 or an audi q3. This eqa weighs around two tons, which is pretty hefty, especially when you consider the lightest petrol power. Gla is about 600 kilograms lighter and this electric version, and yet, even though the equivalent audi q4 e tron is two tons as well. It feels so much heavier than this mercedes Music. The overall ride quality has quite a firm feel to it, even with the electrically adjustable dampers and the smallest alloy wheels available in the lineup. This is by no means an uncomfortable car, its just that other electric suvs are more comfortable in the back than the eqa and thats. Due to the oddly high floor, the eqa isnt a particularly quick car by electric car standards, its powered by a 66 kilowatt hour battery with one electric motor that drives the front wheels. This has 188 brake horsepower. The setup with the eqa250 has a 0 to 100 kilometer per hour time of 8.9 seconds, which is not very slow, but its certainly good enough by electric car standards.

Music. The range from the 66.5 kilowatt hour battery delivers a wltp certified official range of around 426 kilometers, but using it normally, we saw it closer to 315. Kilometers range were seeing quite a lot of new evs, with over 500 kilometers of range on offer. So having a product like this with closer to 500 kilometers means that were hoping. The next generation will lose the weight and gain more range. Using an 11 kilowatt home wall box, you can get a 10 to 100 charge of around 5 hours and 45 minutes. But if youre not charging at home and you need to charge out and about then the maximum fast charging speed of the eqa is 100 kilowatts, which, like the range is fine, but not particularly amazing. Other evs are able to charge at faster speeds. The ad e tron can charge at 150 kilowatts and the tesla model 3 can charge to 250 kilowatts. If you do want to equate the range you have a few different drive modes to help. You do that, such as eco mode, and you also have a few different levels of regenerative, braking to help you as well. You can control the level of regeneration using the puddles on the steering wheel which, in the fuel power gla of course, help you change gear. But now a couple of taps on the left. Paddle puts the car in the most severe level of braking, and with that on, you really do have to touch the brake pedal.

Very, very gently youve got a mid setting and youve also just got a normal d mode with the regen on its lowest setting mode. It has quite a big impact on the brake pedal in normal d mode. The brake pedal is a little bit numb and kind of difficult to judge the inputs. You need to stop smoothly in the strongest regen mode, which is d, minus minus thats, definitely a mode that you would use in slow, moving, stop start traffic its worth, pointing out that this isnt, something that other evs with similar one pedal driving modes suffer from. Even though there are a few areas where the eqa is a little bit bumpy on the road, its got a properly fantastic interior. This model doesnt have one, but you can add a tow bar to your eqa. When optioned, it can tow up to 750 kilograms, which isnt enough for your next caravan holiday, but it should be enough for a small trailer or a bike rack. The sat nav has a function that calculates a route which will get the driver to their destination fastest. Taking into account charging times on top of that, when youre headed to a charging station on your sat nav, the car will heat or cool the battery, so its at the perfect temperature for rapid charging, when you arrive, youll, probably still end up using waze the voice Command system in the cabin is also one of the better ones around you access it by saying: hey, mercedes, all eqas get mercedes beautiful ambient interior lighting, with the choice of 64 different colors to choose from so the mercedes eqa could have been a cup race scaled Down version of the electric luxury on offering so cars like the original audi e tron on the i pace, but it doesnt quite hit the mark.

In that respect, it has its strengths, mainly the first rate interior, with a great look, a great tech and many people may be sold on that alone. Ordinary range means it doesnt necessarily look like a bargain compared to those more expensive rivals. A closer direct competitor is the volvo xc40 recharge, which itself is quite a pricey ev, but compared to the volvo. The eqa is more practical, but not as good to drive. When you get to the more mainstream offerings like the e nero and vw, they may not be as plushy inside as the mercedes, but they are all together, more rounded electric offerings that cost less. If you want an ev and arent fussed about having an suv body, then the tesla model 3 is a capable but somewhat awkward contender. So our verdict is that the eqa has excellent levels of safety, k pop it can be intrusive and at times downright pushy, where it shines, is the cabin refinement and on board tech. The premium interior is its most impressive attribute. The small boot space and 400 kilometers range could be improved.