However, many ev startups do not share the conviction of the american visionary and already have some working prototypes in this video. We will show you those electric cars that support lightning fast swaps of the energy modules plus well demonstrate universal stations with the cutting edge battery exchange solutions, support the electric revolution by subscribing to our channel and lets get technical after three years in development, the mini city, Car by the italian xev global is ready for production. The model is built on a steel frame while most of its body and interior parts are manufactured via 3d printing. The two seater rides on 14 or 15 inch wheels, has modern, led headlights and is homologated under eus wvta standards. The list of cabin equipment includes air conditioning 10 inch, infotainment and even a panoramic roof. The propulsion comes from a 10 horsepower motor that peaks at 20. Horses and produces 50 miles per hour of speed its paired with a 10.3 kilowatt hour battery that should last you around 90 miles. Of course, the pack can be swapped at a dedicated charging station or even manually by the drivers themselves. The german startup adaptive city mobility targets the fleet and shared mobility sectors with their first electric vehicle. The city one is a rather affordable compact car that weighs just around 2100 pounds and accommodates five people as standard the model gets a modular battery system with swappable parts. The cars boot has an underfloor compartment that houses four replaceable 2.

5 kilowatt hour packs. They weigh 23 pounds each and look like suitcases in total. The setup has 24 kilowatt hour capacity, which is enough for 149 miles of range. You can also opt for an additional roof box carrying more batteries. The interior of the city, one is adjustable, so it quickly transforms from a taxi to a cargo van. Lastly, we should mention that its not clear whether acm will be able to bring the city 1 to the market, since there are rumors about the companys insolvency, if you already own an electric vehicle and are interested in battery swapping technology as a way to decrease charging Time then, time to check out this project by ample founded in 2014, the san francisco startup already has a couple of working swapping stations across california, but now it is promising to bring easy time effective and accessible battery swapping to more ev owners. The process takes just about 10 minutes. The automated stations occupy two parking spots and the only requirements to the vehicle is compatibility with amples own batteries. This year, the company secured 160 million dollars of investments and in 2022 it plans to expand to new york, japan and europe. The 2019 shinto venti concept, car from the italian manufacturer, predicts the future of big cities with vast zero emission zones and thousands of a segment e cars on the roads. The hatchback gets a chunky, panda inspired exterior offers extensive customization options and debuts fiats modular battery system.

That one day might actually make it to production. In case you forgot, the concept features a standard factory mounted battery good for 62 miles of range, but the customers can install up to three extra batteries underneath the floor, each extending the range by another 62 miles. Finally, the most range thirsty drivers have the option to add the fifth unit under the front seats for over 300 miles of range. You cannot expect the takeover of electric vehicles unless this video is liked and shared thanks for the feedback and lets keep going chinas. Most innovative ev manufacturer has finally begun the european takeover, starting with norway. For now, the es 8 7 seater suv will be the sole buying option, but by 2023 neo promises to expand to five more eu countries and also bring the flagship electric sedan. Et7, all of the neos are compatible with the power swap 2.0 station, which has been developed by neo alongside cenopak the nations old school oil and gas giant. Each station is a subject of 1 600 patented technologies. The battery swap is fully autonomous and is controlled by 2′ sensors. The swapping process takes three minutes, so neo estimates the daily turnover to reach 312 vehicles per station. Cinopack has vouched to deploy 5000 battery charging stations in the next couple of years, but how many of those will support battery swapping or will be available outside of china is yet unknown. The fourth project by the spanish startup silence differentiates itself from all the previous builds by being a four wheeler classified as a quadricycle.

It has compact dimensions, but still accommodates two people, while leaving almost 11 cubic feet of space for their luggage, depending on your propulsion needs. You can purchase the s04 in modifications, a single battery paired with an 8 horsepower motor or a dual pack with a 19 horsepower. One, the ladder should be able to speed to 56 miles per hour and cover 93 miles on a charge. In both cases, the batteries are removable, so you can charge them at home or swap if you buy a subscription to silences exchange service, have no doubts. The future of endurance racing is electric lotus envisions the vehicle suitable to compete at the 20 30 season of 24 hour le mans in the form of the er9 racer. Besides an extremely aerodynamic body with morphing body panels and four independent electric motors with torque vectoring, all wheel drive, the lotus er9 shall feature an easily swappable battery to make sure that the recharging pit stop doesnt last longer than a tire change Music. The netherlands, based startup, has rolled out its very first eevee warrior, intended to fight for sustainable urban mobility, with the starting price of under 6 000 euros. The two person squad mobility ev, is indeed affordable, while its standard 250 watt solar panel on the roof makes the model less dependent on the charging infrastructure refueling nearly 12 miles of range. Every day, the battery pack of undisclosed capacity will juice. The dual electric motors for over 60 miles of range, but the four modules are completely swappable in case you dont have time for charging homologated in the l6e category.

The first production squads will have their top speed limited to 28 miles per hour, but the company plans to introduce a more powerful, 44 mile per hour version. Do you believe in the battery swapping technology, or should we listen to elon and focus on the fast charging? Instead, well be talking about these matters in the comment section below subscribe to the channel ring the notification bell and support the electric revolution by liking.