EXCLUSIVE: Kia EV6 Review – First Dedicated Electric Car from KIA #SVP

So as that brand new electric flagship, the kia ev6 needed to be very good, and it is, i am driving it today in germany, where it has already picked up a lot of buyer interest. Now the six in the name of course, tells you that kias family of born electric vehicles will all […]

Polestar 2 2021 Review @carsales.com.au

It has decent real world range and performance, and it looks the goods inside and out. Lets. Take a closer look: the polstar 2 arrives in australia from february 2022 as the first of four anticipated ev models from the swede car maker that are set to grace local roads by 2025.. It makes no […]

Electric vs Gas: Which Is Better?

If you havent already make sure that the notifications are turned on so that you never miss a video from us without further ado lets dive in there are various fees associated with car ownership, regardless of the sort of vehicle you want to buy, choosing an electric vehicle Over a normal internal combustion engine, […]

Hyundai Kona EV – Getting Ready For the Future, Insights into Electric Cars | YS Khong Driving

This is the corner: electric Music. The world is going electric and in five to ten years, well be driving cars with electric motors. No more internal combustion engines and that will be the new norm. Hyundai has been working with electric cars since the 1990s. In fact, as early as in 1991, hyundai already […]

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric – DM Test Drive | Review

Now, if you live in michigan like me, this is not a car that youve probably ever seen because it is not sold in michigan. This is a car thats, only sold in 12 states right now. The states that are sort of regulating more electric car sort things i dont know all of the […]

KIA EV6 2021 Review: The Eco Friendly EV

The car from 10 to 80 percent takes just 18 minutes and you can also use it to charge other cars. Ladies and gents welcome to the ref check. Todays car is the kia ev6, as the name suggests, a fully electric car and im excited to see what it has to offer Music the […]

2022 Cupra Born First Drive Review *The Coolest EV Produced?*

Going to take you out for a bit of a drive. Talk to you about the car and lets see what its all about all right so were in the cupraborn. I feel quite privileged actually to have a go in this, because uk cars are not coming until i think its like early 2022.. […]

Unveiling of The Kia EV9 Concept! Did Kia Create A Ranger Rover Killer?

According to the latest internal report, after the very successful launching of kia ev6, the korean companys very first dedicated ev, based on the advanced egmp electric vehicle platform, kia is now unveiling the concept for the second dedicated ev model called the ev9 kias. First, large suv will be developed alongside the sibling, hyundai […]

Toyota bZ4X All Electric SUV Malayalam Review | 500km Range | DE MotorWorld

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New Kia EV6 Review – World's Best Electric Car by Kia

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