Tesla EV credit update and honest model Y review

The cost of a tesla makes it more and more and more affordable, which is a huge thing and its a huge thing to swing. You know kind of the pendulum towards the eevee revolution. That begs the question: should i buy now? Should i wait for the new battery, or should i just buy […]

Ultimate EV Firecracker! Audi RS e-tron GT Exclusive Review

It sits at the pinnacle of both engineering and performance, and the design is not half bad either right. It is a sports car, but not necessarily for the track. It is designed for exhilarating performance on road and over long distances. Now we saw the arrival of the e tron gt to india just […]

Better than Tesla FSD?! Weltmeister M7 EV Review

Dont forget to leave this video a like and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with the latest news from the fast paced world of ev. The 21st century has become an era of automation of labor and easing the life of the population. The automotive industry is also rapidly developing in […]

All-new ORA CAT electric car for 2022: first-look video

This, then, is a bit of an odd one. This is the aura cat and its arguably got flashes of all those cars mixed into one plus. Perhaps a bit of porsche 911 in the nose aura is an all new brand from chinese parent company great wall. You may recognize that name from a […]

VW ID5 Premiere GTX AWD vs Pro RWD REVIEW EV SUV Coupé

The sporty gtx here today with thomas and autographer, and were also in a digital studio here today, its really impressive, because we can actually just change our location by a click yeah very impressive sunset. Maybe or what do you like best see the atmosphere? These are actual photos and yeah, really cool right, […]

Hyundai and Kia electric cars for India – Tata Nexon EV rivals in development too! | Autocar India

. The korean car maker has been quiet on the eb front since, but as we can now confirm, hyundai and sibling kia motors together have six electric models lined up for launch over this video well tell you whats coming and when, but before we go any further. Do like the video subscribe to […]


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Tata Tigor EV Review 2021 | Detailed Review on Price Range and Features | Disha TV

Already, hundreds of charges charging stations fast charging stations subscribe, 11.99 variant of chassis level, 12.49 uh exit plus uh hsc 12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31RLVpsGmks

Ora Cat First Look – Would you buy this “cheap" Chinese electric car?

This is a compact all electric car that originates from china, china and theyre, trying to break the european market with its stylish, but retro looks packed full of technology and an electric range of up to 261 miles. Now you may have heard of the auracat its kind of been floating around the internet […]

Will Today's Electric Cars Soon Be OBSOLETE? 4K

You knew exactly which of the latest engine technologies. The car had just by looking at the letters on the back, i for injection 16v for 16 valve ooh, again t for turbo. Double? U etc, etc. Some car makers then went a bit bonkers and started adding badging to show what other technology the […]