NEW Ora Cat walkaround – why this electric car from China could be AMAZING | What Car?

This is the aura cat. Its a new ev thats cheap, has a good range and gets loads of equipment as standard in this video were going to tell you everything you need to know about the car, but before all that, if you want lots of new car reviews, make sure to subscribe To […]

The all-new BMW i4. All you need to know

The new bmw i4 combines convincing e drive performance with a new digital experience in bold grand coupe design. The front obviously centers around the bmw kidney, but on this electric powerhouse it comes in the shape of an intelligent panel. The kidney holds sensory technology underneath the stylish design and the blue highlights mark […]

Hyundai to Introduce 5 All New EVs in 2022! IONIQ1, IONIQ3, IONIQ6, IONIQ7 & an Electric Minivan!

That comprises of 12 models by 2025.. However, with the eevee climate quickly, changing hyundai is revising its plan drastically. This is due to fierce competition expected from the formidable american auto industry, backed by 174 billion dollars. That biden administration is pouring into the market for the proliferation of evs and to develop relevant […]

2021 Audi e-tron GT | Full electric grand tourer in India | EV / Electric car Review | evo India

Well, if it looks anything like the audi e tron gt, i dont think you should be complaining too much after the e tron and the e tron spot back its now. The turn of the full electric car from audi and this e tron gt shares nothing in common, except for the name with […]

Is a cheap electric car any good? L003 Budget Nissan Leaf EV used car for commuting 50 miles to work

Is it any good? This is a follow up: video having driven roughly 1500 2 000 miles in this very cheap uh electric car and its a video l0203 in our series of nissan leaf videos, hello, my name is damian im an engineer, car enthusiast and youtuber from mid wales. I bought my electric […]

Ora Cat 2022 preview – The Chinese EV that's got the MINI Electric in its sights | batchreviews

Well, this is the aura cat. Its a brand new electric car and im going to give you a full walk around tour of it. So in this video im going to be showing you, the outside, the inside, talk to you a little bit about the batteries and how theyre going to be sold […]

Kia EV6 Review | The cream of the EV crop |

Another hugely anticipated entry to the ev sphere, which is growing by the day, and, to be honest, i dont think its ever been a more exciting time to be shopping for an electric car because they just keep getting better and better the evidence of which is right. Behind me, because i think this […]

KIA EV6 review | Spoiler alert, it's amazing!

Finally, here, the kia ev6 got a little bit of information on this sheet: 50 000 euro after grants for the earth version. This is the gt line. 54345. Again after grants so were into high spec skoda, enyak muni at this level the door handles pop out i mean, would it even be an […]

[2024]-Range Rover EV Could Run On Hydrogen

A battery powered model also remains in the cards. The new land rover range rover made its debut yesterday with an evolutionary design, powerful engines and comfort to spare. The super luxury suv will be launched in the united states with just two power trains: a 3.0 liter inline, six mild, hybrid and a 4.4 […]

2021 Kia Niro EV | SUV Review |

That includes my tester, the 2021 nero ev. It was introduced for 2019 and is sold alongside the neuro hybrid and plug in hybrid, its basically unchanged for 2021 other than a few new features. The nero comes in three trims, starting with the ex at 44 995 and the ex plus at fifty thousand […]