NEW MG5 estate 2021 review: the world's most underrated EV?

Now, as you might know, mg is actually a chinese company. Now it was bought out by the chinese mega company saic, and the mg5 is actually sold as the railway i5 over in china, because, allegedly when saic tried to buy mg, they couldnt get rover, so they also launched their own brand. That […]

This Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars

Now, if you were wondering about driving an electric car across country, well, people been doing it, the guy just did it. He found the midwest was an ev wasteland. The machines didnt work right, there didnt work at all and they were spaced too far apart and realized. This is just the beginning of […]

The All-New 2023 Niro Is Here! And It's a Perfect Car Between ICE and EV! Comes As HEV, PHEV & BEV!

Second best selling electrified model responsible for making kia the seventh top brand in europe. The next generation kia niro is focused on improving on the aesthetics, as the rather plain boxy looks of the first generation model were considered one of the vehicles shortcomings, the all new kia niro, will feature the design cues […]

2022 Genesis GV70 EV – All Electric Premium SUV

Music genesis claims the new electric gv70 will do over 300 miles on a charge. It also supports 350 kw charging so well charge from 10 to 80 in just 18 minutes inside its also familiar to anyone who spent time in the standard gv70. The only difference being the use of a new three […]

2022 VinFast VF e36 Vietnam's first electric car

The vfe 36 has two versions, including the standard version and the plus version. The standard battery powered version can travel up to 485 kilometers, while the plus version uses the battery to go up to kilometers the overall dimensions. Length x, width x, height are 5120 by 2000 by 1721 millimeters respectively, which is […]

Synthetic Fuels: A BETTER Alternative To Electric Cars?

People are saying that we dont need electric cars. All we have to do is invest in this great new co2, neutral fancy, pants next generation, petrol and all of our environmental and transport issues will be solved. I see it all the time in the comments it seems like people really believe that this […]

World Premiere Vinfast Reveals Futuristic EV!

You ready for this two brand new models lets see it. Music been fast, is going to take over the ev world. These are all electric vehicles and look here. This is how youre going to identify it in future with the v here. These beautiful v shaped lights as well. V stands for vinfast, […]

Exclusive: Hyundai IONIQ 5 Review | Simple, Sustainable & Unique | carandbike #SVP

Now we are seeing the products and they are credible, capable and clever. The car a lot of people are talking about, in particular all over the world is the hyundai ioniq five, the retro modern, looks the large airy cabin. The obvious tech and terrific performance make this a very strong player on the […]

Kia EV6 vs Tesla Model 3 in-depth review and comparison / Electrifying

I reckon that, right now the kia ev6 is the most wanted electric car in the uk yeah, but wanting it doesnt really mean anything. Does it i mean yes, when i get home tonight, i want to go on the treadmill and maybe even perhaps run a mouth, and but that doesnt mean im […]

2022 VinFast VF e35 Vietnam's first electric car

s van fast, officially introduced a completely new suv model called vfe 35 to the global market. This is one of two electric car models brought to the exhibition by van fast Music. The van fast leader talked about the vfe 35 saying that this model impresses with the balance between delicate but sharp curves, […]