2022 Alpha Saga Electric Sedan, Review, Exterior, Interior

Electric sedan at the l auto show. The first thing that strikes, you is the design saga, has the same blunt front and rear ends, sloping roofline and muscular haunches of the vintage inspired ace coupe, a car that won the xava peoples choice awards program in the top coop category. Alpha has a growing […]

MG ZS EV Long Range 2021 review

Your support means a lot to us. Thank you, Music. What is it? Mg continues to hone in on the ev market around one in three cars it sells is now electric the affordable zsev has played a key role in this growth, and now it has been rewarded with some design changes and a […]

Mercedes EQB 350 AWD – the Full Driving REVIEW of the new 7-seater EV SUV !

It looks very similar to the glb as it should, because it is based on the same platform, in fact its the electrified version of that vehicle. But it brings that eq design philosophy, and we see that right here in the front with this panel grille similar to the eqa theres, also an led […]

Subaru's Go-Anywhere AWD EV | 2023 Subaru Solterra

This is subarus. First full battery electric vehicle lets. Take a quick look around the zotero was developed in coordination with todos. This definitely looks a little bit like the toyota bz4x, but the subaru version is going to be a little bit different. This is going to come standard with all wheel drive, whereas […]

New Kia Soul EV Review | MotaClarity

If youve been waiting for the right moment to join the battery powered automotive revolution, that time may just have arrived, given that there are now no longer any combustion engine versions of this sole, its just as well that this ev models, wltp rated all electric driving range – Is quite lengthy, 280 miles […]

Mazda's 100-mile EV | 2022 Mazda MX-30 Review

We can do about it, even mazda, a relatively small automaker, with a tiny lineup of cars. They know that if you dont get your ev assembly lines running soon by the time you do it might be too late and thats. Why today were looking at the 2022 mazda mx 30. Now? Is this […]

Tata Nexon EV Tamil Review- Safest Electric SUV from TATA Motors#Tata#Nexon EV#chennai 78

, Its tatas first, electric SUV from tata.. This is the safest SUV in India. You get a projector set up with halogen and a fog light.. You will see a lot of blue accents on the outside and inside.. You will get a diamond cut alloy with a gloss black finish. tire. Specs are […]

2022 Restomod Hyundai Grandeur EV concept Heritage Series

Heritage ev for one. The parallels to the striking design forward. Iona q5 are obvious: hyundai calls the square gridded lamps, parametric, pixel exterior lighting, and they work just as well on the wrist modded grandeur as they do on the ioniq q5, its a vision of the 80s, but seriously enhanced check out the […]

2022 KIA EV6 vs Volkswagen ID 5 GTX (2022) Luxury ev SUVs! kia ev6, vw id.5, 2022 kia ev6! (review)

I will begin with a short overview of the many design features weve been working on. We designed the ev6 with the ambition to inspire and improve the lives of our customers. We take our responsibilities towards the environment and our future very seriously. This is reflected in our zero emission electric powertrain and also […]

New Electric Car ⚡️ क्या मस्त लग रही है भाई 👌🏻 Tata Nexon EV Dark Edition TOP MODEL

The price of the Tata Nexon EV XZ, Plus Lux Dark Edition in New Delhi, is Rs 16.85 Lakh Ex showroom Tata Nexon EV, the safest electric compact SUV in India, powered by Ziptron technology. Rear of this Nexon looks dope Key fob of Nexon EV interior of Tata nexon EV, Dark Edition. The Nexon […]