They have to borrow the cx 30, as well as the mazda 3s platform, and were going to see some of the disadvantages inside. Unlike the nissan leaf or the volkswagen id series, those are electric cars from the base up and because of that, theres more room on the inside theres, more range, well, its just a better ev. Overall, this theres compromises, namely that electrical range 100 mile range or 160 kilometers isnt too much for a lot of people and for most its not enough, but here in bc, 160 kilometers isnt bad. It really depends on the type of person that you are if youre well, just driving within the city. The furthest you go is maybe like whistler every now and then its not going to be a problem. You can charge there. You can charge on the way there. You can charge when youre back home and theres plenty of charging spots in the city, its actually one right there, its not being used. So there are options, but if youre you know in the middle of texas youre not going to love this. In fact, youre not going to be able to buy one, because this is only available in quebec and bc for canada and california, for the u.s. But first lets talk about the looks of the mx 30, its very different isnt it its kind of similar to the cx 30 because its based on that. But it has a coupe like shape on the back its that coupe profile, which im personally not a fan of, because it reduces just how much you can put inside.

But on this i dont mind it as much its kind of like the qx55, the coupe made. It better so its completely up to you as styling is subjective. You can, let me know what your thoughts are on the mx30 in the comments section down below, but here are some highlights. It has a distinct hood that mazda has and a very distinctive front end as well. I love the headlights on basically every single mazda vehicle, and this is no different. The grill is a lot smaller than any other mazza its electric. After all, and on the side we get these fender flares, theyre large, very large, i mean its only front wheel drive. I dont know why they have such large fender flares, but it completes that overall suv look which everyone really loves these days and then these mazda well, they made the rx 8 before you may remember it rotary vehicle and has these amazing doors the front opens almost 90 degrees and so does the rear. So you have well great access to the cabin well get to that in a bit. Lets take a look at the back side first, because the back side is just as distinctive. I love this mazda plaque thats here on the top end trim. You can get this dual tone: roof which im a big sucker for lovely mazda, tail lamps, just love how these look as well, that dual tone spans the entire pillar in the rear and then trunk and a brand new badge e sky active inside the trunk.

Well, not big manually, operated gate, you dont get a powered option and its all right, its about the same size as the cx 30, which is sufficient for a sub compact. But if youre, comparing this to like the leaf, for example, the leaf is absolutely humongous compared to this, but lets get to the inside getting into the back seat, relatively pain. Free, i mean im 511 and i have enough headroom and legroom is fine, but the front seat. I had to move that forward. There is a button back here that i can press on and this will move it back into my driving position. Well, im a little bit more scrunched up back here, its not the greatest and because of this pillar here, the outside view isnt that great, neither and thats really it back. Here you dont get heated seats, theres, no usb ports, no ventilation, but i think thats. Okay, the mx 30. Well, it can fit people back here if youre shorter. If youre, you know just a smaller person in general, it honestly wouldnt be that bad speaking of smaller people lets move this out of the way. First, i have my clek foof here. I was able to put a river facing seat on the passenger side. My wife at 5 2 was still able to sit in front but, as you can see at 5.11, its a little bit harder, but you certainly cant fit child seats in here.

However, if you are interested, i have a separate video linked up here, where i have a click film, a rear facing seat. I also had a forward facing as well as a collect ling in here, just so that you can see exactly how much room there is within this cabin to carry child seats, but lets go to the front. The front seats are actually kind of nice. The seat material is very different than any other top trim mazda products out there is this well cloth and leatherette on the side. Its a leather free interior, but maza has kind of spiced things up a little bit with cork, and you see that right here in the center console, you also have it on the door poles, but thats only available on the gt trim on the base trim. You dont get these torque kind of door posts which is a little weird, but i think they well. They look really cool um. The only thing thats in my head is, if you have a drink in the middle and it spills that cork is just gon na soak it up, and i just dont know i mean i use cork as like insulators on my dining table right and that kind Of just looks bad over time, so im thinking of this will be basically the same over time, but well see in the future in front pretty typical, mazda steering wheel here. No real difference behind.

I actually still get paddles and they control the regen on this vehicle and ill show. You that when i start driving cluster behind is very similar to other mazda vehicles, but a little different, because on the left, its your power meter rather than your tachometer and in the center, you can still have your speed. I mean its a good cluster theres, nothing wrong with it. Its simple, its just very well laid out theres, also a heads up display that shows your speed and some other driver information, and then we have our infotainment screen. Its typical mazda use the rotary dial thats in the center to control it its just like any other mazda vehicles, its a good system overall theres carplay theres android auto, but you would have to plug it in through the usb ports down in the center theres. No wireless option, unfortunately like unlike a lot of other evs, where theres a lot of technology baked in to tell you about the vehicles battery and whatnot the information thats available within the infotainment, its good or its efficient. I should say, but just others does it better. Being mazdas first ev theyre, i guess theyre learning, but i just wish there was a little bit more, but its kind of like the mazda way simplify right and the rest of the cabin its about the same. You got really good materials throughout top of the dash. Its just injected mode of plastic, its really nice, you get this soft kind of fabric feel thing on the top, its weird but its quirky.

I like it. One thing they changed here is the climate control its this screen layout and its relatively thin here, its well a single zone, climate control. That is exact same as a lot of other masses just in terms of functionality, but because it is an ev, i guess they had to put in a screen and just looks. It looks fine but usability wise, its not as good as just a traditional rotary knob that you get in the mazda3. You see x30 and every other mazda vehicle. But what is nice is. There are physical buttons for you to control your temp fan, speed, theres, an auto button and theres a front and rear defrost for quick, easy access. You do not need to go into the screen for that. So thank you, but i think thats really. All i got to say about this interior lets go for a drive because well underneath that hood its kind of weird its kind of quirky all right on the road with the 2021 mx 30. It feels like a mezza should the steering the suspension just dynamically. It definitely feels like a mazda, and i mean why shouldnt it its a cx 30 based vehicle, so it should feel just like a cx 30 and it kind of does except the power delivery. Obviously, you know with the electrical motors its very, very different than well any other mazda that has come before theres a 143 horsepower and 200 pound feet of torque here, so i mean its sufficient.

When you depress the throttle, it does move relatively quickly. It does put you back in your seat a little bit as it kind of struggles for traction as its kind of raining today, but its not like any like tesla or even like the hyundai kona, the hyundai kona electric, like it. It spins its front wheels for days like you can billowing clouds of smoke from a burnout that you can do on the kona, which is quite hilarious and a little bit of fun, but also a little bit wasteful. This doesnt do that 143. Horsepower is enough for city driving when youre on the highway, when youre passing it just doesnt have as much power as you want, like it. Doesnt find youre still able to pass. You know trucks and whatnot, but it doesnt feel as quick as other electric vehicles. Thats kind of normal i mean there are other electric vehicles are slower than this uh that mitsubishi imev or, however, you pronounce it or whatever its called that came out. I dont know like 10 15 years ago, something like that uh, that was, that was quite slow. Uh, but this is this is better than that at least, but if youre, comparing you know, 2021 vehicles, this kona ionic, not the new ionic 5, just the regular ionic. What else do you have the nissan leaf? The bolt this is quite far behind i mean its massas first electric vehicle, so they get a pass.

I guess 160 kilometers, you know for most people its enough for them to go to work, go home, go to groceries, do whatever they need in a day, and then they charge the vehicle. And if your average commute every day is under 100 kilometers or under 60 miles, youre going to be fine with this honestly, i think you are because you know you drive your 60 miles or 100 kilometers. At the end of the day you go home, you plug it into 110.. You dont even need 220 on this ill, bring up the charging specs. As you can see here, you can plug it into level three, but you dont need to because of the smaller battery size you plug it into 110. I think its like 12 15, or something like that, its its long, but overnight its enough to charge a vehicle from almost empty youre, really never gon na drain um an electric vehicle. Most people wont anyways because you know when you reach that 20 mark youre, like scared, so you know youre going to go home youre going to plug it into 110, its going to charge up. You know in the morning and youre going to be fine thats. Really. What this vehicle is for and theres an app that you can download that you can see exactly you know what the charge rate is, how long its going to be to be fully charged to the full, its actually the apps, not bad.

You know you can recirculate all the air and warm up the vehicle and all that good stuff i mean its basically, every single, like electric vehicle, has that these days and mazdas no different in my week of living with this, there was a few things that got Me a little off guard this cork in the center, absolutely beautiful. I love it, but it also blocks your cup holders when theyre down. So if you need access to your cup holders, you need to flip them up. Then you dont have as good of an access to whats inside your center console and if you move your center console forward or armrest forward, where you kind of want it to be, then you dont have access to those cup holders at all, like its just theres. Not enough room, so i guess its just because of this kind of bulkier center section. If they made this a little bit smaller, it may have been a little bit better there, but that was one of the complaints. The second complaint i have with the vehicle its just well its tight, the back seats well to put my son in here. It was definitely a challenge. I found it the easiest to let him in through the drivers side. Here i mean hes, 11 months old, so im carrying him in through the drivers side, so i can put him in to the seat on the passenger side, just because of how the rear door is open.

I cant slip him in like regular cars can so that was definitely another issue when he goes to like forward facing it. Definitely wouldnt be an issue, but he wouldnt get there until like four years of age, or you know whatever the height restrictions would be so until then, this doesnt feel like its a great family vehicle. I think this is the type of vehicle for those you know. One or two people you want to have more of that urban lifestyle kind of that downtown life. This is good for that, but i think thats really it because if you start to compare everything on specs thats, where it really falls apart for the mx 30, but it does have charm, which i guess that helps it. But charmony gets you so far and for a lot of people right now when theyre shopping for evs. The first thing that theyre looking at is range and unfortunately at 160 kilometers it is, it is a big deal. It really is im sure you know in the next electric vehicle mass is going to get better its going to have more range, but this is kind of their first test of you know what a vehicle should be or what an electric vehicle should be. Dont think theyre gon na sell a lot of these thats. You know how i feel about it, but at least its there, and it shows what mazda can do in the future and that im happy for in any case.

Thank you so much for watching this video, like the video. If you do subscribe, if you want to see more, let me know what your thoughts are on the mazdas whats going to call it cx30, but its the mx 30.