I am only 25 years old, so this car is a little bit before my time, but my dad assures me that, back in the day, this car was the absolute bees knees and, to be honest, i can see why this is the epitome of a cool car And it looks absolutely amazing, in this black and with this red trim, its such an iconic design and whilst its retained that core dna, which made this one of the most popular british cars in history, its been given a new lease of life. Thanks to its tesla drive unit already, it makes perfect sense to us, but what was the actual inspiration for electrifying? This model lets hear from the man behind the project kit, lacey of e dubs services. Its such an iconic car vw is something that were really close to at ew services, and the golf is just one of those cars that yeah its a slightly different vein. But so many things are similar from a conversion aspect. When we were approached to do a golf mark ii conversion, it was one of those where we could take some of the tesla technology that were really used to and maybe put it to a bit more use. Lets put it into a car that can really make the most of the power and the torque and the acceleration that a tesla unit can give us so readily. So its probably about time. But we got behind the wheel and hit the road, so were just cruising down these beautiful country lanes in york and, to be honest, this car is coming into its own that instant power is perfect for bombing around these little corners and nipping up these hills and Inclines its probably the closest ive, come to rally driving and im absolutely loving it.

The original petrol version of this car could do naught to 60 in seven and a half seconds, and unsurprisingly, this electric version absolutely smashes that out the park, its got 270 brake horsepower, which is an absolutely massive amount of power for such a tiny little car. And you can actually get away with having a bit of fun in this car because its got a properly decent range on it as well on a full charge. It can go probably for 170 miles, give or take and its also got chademo fast charging as well. So its perfectly suited for the real world Music – oh Music, now ive actually been forced to drive this brand new petrol golf as a courtesy car for the last few weeks and to be honest after looking at this car and experiencing it firsthand. I would take this over the petrol golf every single day of the week Music, oh Music, Music. I will always feel something Music. The ev movement is all about the future and looking forward, but there are some classic cars which just make perfect sense to electrify, and this mark ii. Golf is a shining example of that its got so much character to it and it just works so well with the instant torque and bite that you get with an electric powertrain thats all for this video. If you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe as well. Please also head over to our channel and check out all our other reviews and for daily news coverage features and much more.

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