So this is a pretty big jump and at 28.5 000 pounds in the uk after the governments, 2 500 pound plug in car grant. It looks like proper value for money, but is the new zs eevee more cheap than cheerful lets find out Music right now? Im not going to beat around the bush here. The mgzs is okay to look at, but not really much more than that. This new update is model gets a grill which is exclusive to the electric version, a little bit more aerodynamic as well. Theres also been some sort of nipping and tucking at the front and at the back, but its not exactly gone all slinky now has it. I quite like this battery blue color its definitely going to brighten up an overcast day like today, but im trying to decide if theyve named the color after the dogs, home or the power station hmm thoughts. One thing i did notice is that the charge point is now offset to one side of the nose which is brilliant, especially because when you open it, it is much more substantial than it has been on previous models. You also dont have to bend down to see exactly where youre plugging into anymore and theres a new led indicator, so you can see how full the battery is getting. This is a really positive upgrade. I think mg obviously listens to feedback from electrifying on that one. There are also these led headlights on all versions and new wheel designs, but the basic proportions are exactly the same as before now is it me or does the body look a little bit too big for the wheels kind of like the whole car is sort of On tippy toes i mean it is absolutely fine, but i wouldnt say that its the most sexy or the coolest car around, but its fine Music.

So the big news when it comes to the inside is that there have been upgrades to all the digital bits. So theres this a 10.1 inch landscape touchscreen, which is in the middle and theres, also some new, clearer graphics, theres, the new digital instrument cluster in front of me and then, of course, theres wireless charging for your mobile additional usb ports for charging and lots of storage, Including two cup holders in here but theres, also an app now called mgi smart and that will allow you to do stuff like set charge times to make the most of cheap night time. Electricity and also pre heat the car on those cold frosty days, which is something that the zs wasnt able to do before thats a big improvement, as it means you wont, have to spend 10 minutes and 20 miles of your battery range. Getting the car warm and defrosted on a winters morning, you can do it all from the luxury of your bed, so its ready when you are and has used electricity from the charge point rather than the cars battery. You can also check your charge status, lock and unlock of a car, and the zs will now manage over the air upgrades too, so it should stay up to date as it gets older, which is a very handy addition. One thing to note, though, admittedly i havent spent loads of time in the car so far, but pairing my phone and just getting stuff to work has been a bit of a bit of a bug bearer.

I dont think its as slick as the competition, but generally it feels good in here and theres. Some nice contrast stitching down here. I think overall, maybe there isnt, that wow factor that you can have in other cars, but its probably just a little bit higher in quality than a vw id3 Music. Now the practicality back here is actually where the mg really scores in this price range, because there is space for no less than five full size, adults to actually be comfortable as well, which i dont think you could say about cars like the voxel, mocha e or Peugeot e2008. Now the boot is a bit bigger than the average hatchback, although there are a few odd lumps at the sides here other than that, though, it is a really useful shape for dogs, push chairs and you can actually fold the rear seats down. If you need to, although they dont fold completely flat now, i would say its probably not as practical or a spacious feeling as a car like the skoda enyak, which has actually been designed from the outset to be electric, but again its a very decently practical car. Its just not that surprising and also it can tow a small trailer or have a bike rack mounted on a tow bar Music. So obviously, the most attractive thing about the long range mg zs ev is the longness of its range and 273 miles, aint bad at all, theres, a 72 kilowatt hour battery mounted under the floor, and it manages average efficiency for this kind of car hitting about 3.

5 Miles per kilowatt hour in ideal conditions, stick it on a home wall box and it will take around 10 and a half hours from flat to full and it will take a feed from a dc rapid charger at about 80 kilowatts. That means you can pull into a motorway service station and you could see 10 to 80 in just over 40 minutes. A more common 50 kilowatt charger will see the same percentages in just over an hour and thats, putting in roughly 160 miles of range, which is actually what the old car can manage at 100 charge: Music, okay, so on to the driving. And yes, you have guessed it. The new fresh faced mg zs is uh acceptable. There are three strengths of brake regeneration via this little button down here marks curse. It works well enough, but i wouldnt say any of them are particularly that strong, you certainly wont be able to drive it with just one pedal like you can, with some cars like a its a leaf or a bmw i3, the steering its kind of a bit Video gaming theres not loads, of information coming through, and actually it feels oddly heavy, particularly if you put it into sport mode. It does feel fast enough, though, for obviously keeping up with traffic and dealing with the day to day stuff, and it does go around the corner confidently, but there are a few rough edges. That kind of remind you all the time that this is the more budget end of the engineering spectrum.

For example, when you pull away from the junction the steering kind of squirms a bit as you try to put down the power, its sort of something that you used to get in hot hatches, you know back in the old days. Similarly, when youre mooching along in traffic theres that initial bit of creeping forward, the car judders slightly almost like the engineers havent, quite got the fine tuning sorted its also, not desperately quiet on a rough bit of tarmac. It does get quite noisy in here and you can certainly feel those big bumps, nothing outrageous, nothing terrible, but you do notice after driving, something like vw or vauxhall or another european brand that this isnt quite the same standard. But of course the zs is cheaper. So you might forgive the odd rough edge here and there now there are three models in zss new range, the essie, trophy and trophy connect. The sc is pretty competitively equipped for full details, do go and have a look at, but in short, the trophy gets that sunroof plus a few more bits which are worth having. Oddly, though, you get these seats, which look really nice and leathery, but are actually vinyl now thats good for the cows, but it does feel a bit squeaky. They are heated, though, which is always a plus in my eyes, once youve actually managed to find the button in all the menus, but overall, i think id actually prefer to have cloth seats.

What isnt worth having really is the trophy connect model, its basically 500 quid more than the trophy, and only actually adds a couple of connected services that you have on your phone anyway. So there really is very little point because you can have all of that stuff on apple carplay or android, auto, but im, probably getting a bit niggly here. What were looking at is a very practical set of improvements to a very practical car and the zs ev long range is fine as long as youre prepared to accept that its not as sophisticated or perhaps as interesting as some of the competition saying that it is Of course, a few grand cheaper than similar models from other manufacturers and you should get decent enough money back when you come to sell it. So a cheap, please deal, might appeal to you all in all its a good car, maybe not a great one, not hugely inspiring purchase, but a solid effort from mg. As ever. If you want to know more about other cars in mgs, electrified range or any of its competitors like the kia e nero pia sol, hyundai, kona, electric or vw id3, then please do log on to