We have a new addition to the fleet and it is the skoda eniac iv iv by the way stands for intelligent vehicle. Now were going to be running this car as a long termer were going to keep it for about. Six months or so, why well very good question. The reason is because whenever people ask me what is a good electric family suv, the enyak iv is always in my top five list, because on paper it takes a lot of boxes. Its got great space, its got great range ill. Tell you about that in a minute and its also, crucially, a very, very good price. This thing the entry level model creeps in at under 35 000 pounds, so it qualifies for the government, grant you get two and a half grand off, and that means the base price is 31 and a half thousand pounds now for an electric family car. That is really good value, so now weve got the car. Its literally just turned up, actually im quite excited. Let me show you around. I love the front of it. I think if i was to buy this car id be quite pleased with it. Its got these nice creases, which give it a nice contemporary design. This front grille its not really a grille, its fake uh, looks quite distinctive, so thats good. Its got this uh skoda crystal lighting with these strakes. These almost like, i know what you call them: stalagmites stalactites, sticking out the front.

Splitter makes it look quite sporty. You got an air curtain going on there. As for the color, this is called arctic silver metallic as standard they come in blue. But if you want a different color, you can pay 595 pounds and get yourself a metallic finish like this thats. Quite smart. The wheels are interesting. You get a choice of 19, 20 or 21 inch wheels. These are the 21s. I dont think ive ever seen a skoda on 21 inch wheels before but looks quite good in profile, its not quite as daring as at the front, i would say, but still quite a handsome looking car. Let me talk to you about the versions actually so theres. The eniac iv60, which is the entry level, then theres the neck iv80 thats this one and the numbers correspond to the battery size. So, with the 60 you have a 58 kilowatt hour net capacity, lithium ion battery pack and with the 80 i believe, its a 77 kilowatt hour battery pack with a range of 333 miles, which is important because we are going to be taking this car on some Long journeys we go all over the country to film and its going to be interesting to see how an electric car can cope with. All of that also interesting is how the boot is going to be able to cope with all our stuff. I think its going to do just fine. This is a 585 liter boot masses of space, and even though this is actually a rear, wheel drive car the boot floor is really low and its even got some yeah additional underfloor storage in here, which, in this case is for the charging cables.

One of the things about skodas is they have these little easter eggs. I call them or simply clever features so up here, youve got this green ice scraper built into the boot lid and theres, a bunch of other clever ones as well. So follow me up here in the um in the door: youve got umbrellas, which is something you normally expect to find in a rolls royce. But if you also head around here to the front youll see up here on the windscreen, there is a ticket holder for when you go into a car park. For example, you can put your parking ticket in there, and also the cup holder on the inside. Has a rubberized bottom, so you can open up a bottle of water with one hand by pushing down and twisting while you drive so little little. Things like that make this car feel a lot more special and speaking of special. Let me show you the inside Music wow come on. I knew skoda had set their game up massively, but this is this is taking liberties now its properly nice in here. Look at that its got like brown, leather, with white stitching ambient lights, glossy black bits. Look at the chrome on the door handles like a work of art. I almost dont want to get inside im. Saving myself im going to get in in a minute ill go and drive it, but just looking at it from the outside its i mean its properly premium.

I think if you were to put people in this car and they and then covered up the badge they wouldnt be able to tell that this was a skoda because it looks it looks properly. Nice really really nice the size of the screen as well. Absolutely enormous plenty of cubby space in the doors wireless charging. I can see properly practical car front and rear so yeah. I think, on the whole, this is going to work out to be a a really good family car, but b a really good crew car and, i think, were going to enjoy putting this thing through its paces. Anyway. That is the skoda eniac iv80. Our new long termer were going to have this one for a while and were going to do a bunch with it full review head to head tests against other rival. Cars ill probably do a range test and if theres anything else that you want to see specifically, then let me know in the comments down below if theres anything you want to learn about this car that you know you havent found elsewhere, then ill be your guide In this, so yeah stick with us guys and youre going to see plenty of this on the channel.