So both these cars are kind of cross over family vehicles, with 77 kilo hours of usable battery capacity, and what weve got to do this afternoon is drive home. So weve got about 140 mile journey where were driving convoy and compare exactly how the efficiency and usable capacities of these batteries compare whats the real world range of these cars, as ever, the only way to tell exactly is to drive them on the same day. At the same speed at the same time and thats exactly what were going to do in this video, so what exactly we got here, so this is a vw, id4 first edition um its about six months old and has nearly six thousand miles on it. This is a rear: wheel, drive only vehicle um, its a four wheel, drive version of the id4 coming. This is a rear. Wheel, drive first edition 77 kilowatt uh usable battery from about an 82 83 kilowatts gross battery pack and i think theyre great cars. The id4 is a really nice size, crossover loads of space inside not too big on the outside, and i think theyre really good theyre, comfortable, theyre, quiet and superb family vehicles. Then weve got this kia ev6 a really intriguing car and remember: ive. Had the hyundai ioniq 5 in the past and weve done a couple of videos with that car, including driving from scotland to the south coast in one day, so do check out our other videos as well.

So itll be really interesting to see how the ev6 compares now this car here is brand new, just picked it up its got 20 miles on the clock, and this is a gt line – s basically the top spec you can get in the uk at the moment. Uh theres a faster one coming, but this has got a little bit more battery than the hyundai ioniq 5. It has slightly more power than the hyundai 95 and it can let you charge a little bit quicker than the hyundai five, and i know from that video that that is a really fast charging car. But what were going to focus on today is what the real world range of this car is going to be, and this is the dual motor car and this does have the heat pump, which is optional. The id4 actually doesnt have a heat pump. It is a little bit cheesy, its about 15 degrees im outside in a t, shirt and kind of a tad chilly, so probably well run the heat and that could have an effect, but nonetheless, these are the two cars weve got today. These are two cars. Weve got to drive home in weve, got a bit of mileage to cover, so itd, be really interesting to see what we can get out of these cars now were not going to hyper mile were going to drive at 70 miles an hour on the natural speed Limit the whole way – and i think what we do is just put them in normal mode, so not run eco mode were going to run these in just normal mode like you get in the car and drive it by default every day, okay, just pulling away from Toddington services now so this car, the ev6 and 92 percent – shows 250 miles of range, which means pro rata would be 272 miles of range.

Nearly 270 miles range, the id4 at 90 percent. Well, i had its more 100 showed 250 miles of range, so in theory uh that now 90 shows 230 miles of range. So in theory, ev6 is being more optimistic. You know it thinks were going to go further, so this is where this will pan out and like i say we will drive in convoy at the same speed. So just two cars behind me, but well get in convoy and well make sure that we swap around that well be in traffic, but well make sure theres no kind of error advantage between the two. Will. The ev6 be more efficient than the rd4 well find out. All right lets join the motorway, oh good punch on the ev6. It is the quicker car and you can feel it both more inadequate, but you can feel the ev6 has got more punch now. I will do more ill. Give you a bit of opinion on the ev6 briefly, but there will be more videos reviewing this car ive only driven it 10 miles so far, thats brand new 24 miles on the clock right now um. So i will be able to give you some more opinion about on the uh uh back of what i think of it, to drive and remember: ive, driven the honda, five and ive driven a tesla model y turn off to the left. So ive got some reasonable basis for comparison, and i know the efficiency of the tesla model y and its charging speed.

So again we we do know that well probably do some more videos with the ev6 in the future. So do stay subscribed. But for now im going to get on with the drive and were going to see how were going gon na compare okay surge 50.6 miles covered whats your average uh miles per kilowatt hour. Ive got 3.3 uh miles per kilowatt hour. Ive got 3.3 as well and whats your state of battery at the moment, mines on 73. Remember, you had two percent less when we started anyway, so really very similar. Okay, well lets carry on lets, see it pans out ill. Tell you what serge from here as weve covered nearly half the way lets go to eco modes and lets see if that makes any difference between the two cars, because, obviously normal they just seem to be pretty much the same or the same. So just go to eco mode, see if theres any difference to be had there. Okay, eco mode enabled see if that makes a difference so whats the ev6 like to drive well after nearly 70 miles today, of driving its very good theres, a familiarity to the hyundai and its actually, i think, very similar to the id4 one thing i sort of Noticed with this car is that the id4 you feel like you, sat higher up in more of an suv type car and actually with the ionic five again, it feels like a taller, bigger square of car um.

This actually just feels like im in a normal car. If that makes sense, so still classified as a crossover on the outside just does sit lower than the id4 and probably lower than the uh ionic five as well um, but it just feels more like a normal car. Doesnt feel that big at all, it is quite a big car, but it actually doesnt feel it just feels like im in a almost like tesla model 3 size. I think you start looking back here. You can see that its bigger and theres definitely more legroom and everything um on in terms of the ride noise and everything like that. I think its actually really similar to the id4, so its well suppressed its smooth its comfortable. There is a slight firmness to the ride like most cars, but its not crashing through the cabin or anything like that is a comfortable car, its a really nice comfortable car, very quiet, im doing 70 miles per hour now and its relaxed and its easy going. I think there might be a little bit more wind flutter than in the id4. Perhaps the audi falls a tad quieter, but now nothing you can really pick between it and if i hadnt just got out of one to the other, you wouldnt be able to say to be honest, um its very, very nice, its nice, its a comfortable car. I find in the seats comfortable, i found my way around the screen fairly easily thats, no problem at all there.

This bit under here is kind of a bit awkward to reach. If you have to get to that, whilst youre driving and the usb is a long way away, but again as long as you dont have to do that when youre driving its fine theres lots of bing bonging noises. So it is picking up when theres speed cameras on gantries and such like a bing bongs interrupts your music to tell you that now, ive just found that you can turn those off theres kind of a high medium low low, still makes those big ball noises you Just heard but or you can go to completely off like the hyundai ioniq 5, it has the vented seats in this one, but again the lowest. Setting of that is instantly really quite cold um. You cant really leave it on for any. That was another bing bong about about something i dont quite know which one um it does that all the time. Basically, so i think i might just turn that stuff off now, because its starting to grind me a little bit um, but its nice yeah, its a nice smooth, quiet car very comfortable to be in enjoying it so far, im going to try and explain the difference Between the various uh autopilot drive, assist, features on uh ev6 versus id4 versus tesla model y. So this one here has sorry i forget exactly what they call it, but its called pilot assist package.

So it has radar crews, it has lane keeping and then, if you indicate itll, actually move across in the lane for you and keep all the system on and basically it seems to work pretty well its showing me the speed limit. I can adjust the crew speed on the display, then i feel that in the head up display its in front of me and it works pretty well just occasionally, you get this kind of slight sort of see saw in action on this, which i had a bit Of not hyundai as well, but actually for most of the journey ive been using it on this car today, its been very good, actually um and assuming, if you dont kind of hold the steering wheel, do much with a steering wheel. It does warn you, after a few seconds, not very long at all, to hold the wheel um. It works quite well in the vw, which is the same as in the audis and porsches driven uh. The lane assist is much more relaxed. It kind of like you feel, like youre driving a car more so again, radar cruise is always very similar, but in those cars its really, if you start veering to the very edge of the lane, they kind of pull you back in. So you still very much feel like youre driving more, whereas this is centering the car in the lane. I can sort of override it quite easily and let the car move around, but it is centering itself in the lane theres not much.

I have to do with the tester autopilot and model three worldwide and all the recent teslas it um will radar cruise and lane keep as part of the standard package, but you do have to pay extra for the functionality for it to change lanes. You have to buy at least enhanced autopilot, so this does have that, and this does also have like a summon type feature on the key same as the hyundai had been on the key, you can actually summon the car backs and forwards which again with tesla you Cant, do it from the key you have to do it via a connection on your phone and as part of either fsd or enhanced autopilot package, but with tesla autopilot that sort of feels a little bit more rigid than this, its much more in control of it. In in good ways and bad ways, the trouble you get with tests on autopilot is it kind of. If you want to move around in the lane a bit, it kind of goes no its my way or it kind of cancels the system quite quickly. With this one, you can let the car move around a bit if you wanted to come away from the truck and control that a little bit. So i do like this for that actually ill, give it that um and the other thing you do get sometimes with a tesla autopilot, with the current software at least. Is phantom breaking ive been driving the model 3 for the last couple of days, and you do get that you know youre going past the truck, youre, quite relaxed and suddenly the car breaks again.

This will change with you know further software updates, which are always happening with tesla, but ive not had that anything like that. With this car ive not had that with the id4 and with a tesla, you do get that and it means you kind of dont relax into the autopilot so much or suddenly in the middle of the motorway it slams on the brakes. So the the pilot assist package or whatever they call it this one. I have to say it works pretty well just a little bit of seesaw action every now and then but its working well, and i quite like it so just pulled over it discouraged because i need a wii lets get the data. Do you want to swap around, and you drive this for a little bit now? Okay, what have you got 3.3 miles per kilowatt hour? 3.2 heat pump works. Well, have you got your percentage 58, so yeah dropping by a similar amount of battery percentages and really isnt it, so its three percent difference with every two percent difference. So, okay right lets go for a wheel, im gon na. Let serge have a driver this and then well swap back around again in a bit okay, so we both arrived back now and what have we got so since we switched drivers and the kia reset itself um, we reset this trip as well. We had the same efficiency before we stopped and then on the last section we driven another 40 miles and this id4 is reporting 3.

5 miles per kilowatt hour and i have finished with ‘, so it used 51 to drive. Lets have a look 126 miles. So if you call it 125 miles roughly on fusing 50 percent of the battery, then s cars only dropped to ‘ when i pulled in actually so it uh theres count 125 miles on 50, which means a real world range today of 250 miles pretty good. I think, but lets have a look at kia. Has it managed more miles so now with ive got 105 miles of range left according to the battery on this lets have a look at the kia all right, so you havent moved there. So what have you got? You got 41 percent. I remember you had two percent more than me. I finished with ‘, so its used exactly the same percentage of the battery uh ive got 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour 3.4. When we spoke on the right. 3.5 is just the drop here right at the end yeah. Well, i know we spoke when we pulled in you said 3.5, so its just dropped. If youve been sat here, um we didnt want to get searched to get out because in case it resets that trip again so um lets call it a dead draw. They i mean theyve used exactly the same energy or like these purple lights. By the way. These are nice arent, they mm. Hmm. This is a nice guy. You like it dont you yeah.

I love it yeah, i like it more than the 84. You like the rd4 dont, you yeah. I do you like this one, more yeah, its a good car. Actually isnt it its a good car, so its amazing. So this is now reporting 108 miles of range um and the id4 is reporting 104, so im going to call it an exact draw, so the way it would work out is that use they. Basically, both use 50 of the battery to do 126 miles so basically got 250 mile range in each one of these. So you have it in todays conditions. The kia ev6 dual motor 77 kilowatt battery and the id4 77 kilowatt battery rear wheel drive have both used. Um 50 of the battery exactly the same amount, and so theyve got exactly the same range into the days conditions at 250 miles so uh, both good cars, both nice colors. Do you think, let me know in the comments which color you would order a kiwi kia ev6 in, but this yacht blue, i think its lovely. We both like both cars, i think actually to drive theyre, really really similar theyre, both very good comfortable cars. Nice ride quality well insulated theyre, both on a pretty even keel. I think so lets call it a wrap for this video, comparing these two cars on the same journey during the same speed in the same day at the same time, and they proved identical um.

Maybe, if its colder would the heat pump play more of a difference? Well well have to try that another day perhaps – and i think we will see more videos comparing these cars, i think well do another one soon on practicality, try getting a big box in this! Does it fit in the id4 um and we can bring in some references to uh tesla model y and hyundai ioniq, five of which weve both uh driven both of those and by the way in terms of efficiency? Ive found this on this journey today, this key ev6 to be slightly more efficient than the hyundai. I think. Certainly, the honda gets punished at motorway speeds, its less aerodynamic, but neither of them or none of them are as efficient as when i drove the tesla model y, which tends to on our drive and when we drove the tesla model y in two days. It was exactly the same as our tesla model. 3 long range, uh, remarkably again within fractions of a difference, so a model 3 long range in those conditions. Today, ive done so many miles in that car. I think we would have been on about 3.8 miles per kilowatt hour, so in reality the test would be more efficient. However, with the long range y and three theyve got slightly smaller batteries, so the real world range pretty much pans out to about the same model. 3 model y 250, 260 may be 270 miles again, youll see in our channel other videos with our model.

3 long range and youll see our model 3 long range directly compared to the model y on our other videos well see if we can put a link below and maybe even in the video here so lets call it raptor for today, with this video and well Try and do some more soon, so stay subscribed, hit the thumbs up icon on this video and hit the bell icon for notifications of the next videos. So you dont miss them.