Curiously, electric vehicles of the upper market segment easily meet and even outperform these criteria as evidence for today we have prepared a lineup of the newest premium, electric suvs of 2022. Very likely these machines will be putting the final nails into the coffin of internal combustion. So subscribe to automotive territory and enjoy the lineup of the future ev flagships genesis gv70 electrified, unlike the first electric crossover by genesis. Gb60. This compact luxury suv is more of an electric retrofit. It keeps the internal combustion platform instead of getting a dedicated egmp, though the battery modules do have the appropriate architecture to support the 800 volt charging and have useful vehicle to load charging capability. As for the range for now, we only have the preliminary data based on the vague test cycles of china and korea, but the real life numbers should reach 250 miles. The only visual changes are the tweaked grille, with the familiar two line: quad lights, a charging port up front and a three spoke steering wheel. The gv70 electrified is equipped with two independent electric motors for the front and rear axle in the overboost. The output 483 horsepower and 516 feet all wheel, drive is the only configuration and one will see 16 ph in the speedometer in 4.5 seconds. Xspeng g9. The latest reveal by the chinese x. Bang motors brings us the companys largest model to date designed to be sold. Not only in china, but also internationally, the vehicle debuts, the xbanks new axe, eea 3.

0, electrical architecture – it is 800 volts compatible, which means that this uv will be able to use the companys in house developed dc chargers with up to 480 kilowatts and will replenish 144 Miles of range in just 5 minutes. Unfortunately, beyond this statement, we have no info about the g9s drivetrain or maximum range design wise. This uv continues with the brands robot face appearance. It has lighters built into the headlights and rides on 21 inch wheels. It also gets the x pilot 4.0 autonomous driving system that should allow for the full autonomy in a variety of driving situations. The latter relies on two nvidia drive: oren autonomous driving processors, front and side view cameras, as well as the already mentioned, sliders mercedes, benz eqg mercedes cannot electrify its future without bringing along their most iconic model of the recent decades. The gallant wagon of tomorrow was previewed for the concept eqg that rides on massive 22 inch wheels and gets rid of the front grille in favor of a backlit led panel with a large logo. The roof houses an led light strip that mimics high beams, while the usual spare wheel in the back is replaced with a utility box for cables. Of course, the electric g class should retain its superior four wheel: drive off roading capability with the help of four independent motors, a redesigned rear axle and a new two speed gearbox its battery supports 400 miles of range and 200 kilowatt recharging.

Finally, since the latest interior finish for the ac model, looks rather fresh, it keeps the traditional mbux layout smash the like button. If you see the electric future is the only possible pathway for humanity lets push the revolution forward. We shall proceed Music review, an r1s for now. Raven stock price still makes it the second most valuable car maker in the us, but this does not help the young startup to keep up with the delivery schedules. R1S, for instance, has been pushed till early march 2022. The long overdue newcomer will get three versions: the sold out, launch edition, plus the adventure and explore packages that are still available for pre orders. In all three versions. The proprietary powertrain puts to work for electric motors that produce up to 800 horsepower and a battery pack with 316 miles of range. The r1s strikes a perfect balance between an adventure vehicle and a comfortable yacht on wheels. This utilitarian spirit can be seen in the carbon fiber and steel, reinforced underbody 14.9 inches of clearance, independent air suspension, hydraulic crawl control system and up to 108 cubic feet of cargo storage. There is also vegan leather interior panoramic roof driver plus level 3 autopilot and over the air updates human horizons. Hi fi acts. We live in the era when conceptual suicide doors and elevating roof sections become the new norm for the emerging teclux segment. The futuristic hifix has gone into serious production in china and, as we speak, the full system uv is being delivered to the first 3 000 buyers of the limited founders edition offered as a 6 or 4 seater.

It relies on a 96 kilo hour battery with 285 miles and a single rear or dual motor. All wheel drive powertrain powered by bosch. The hifi has four wheel: steering customizable matrix lighting system 5g, ready vehicle 2x communication system and 562 sensors. That, in theory, can provide a level 4 autonomous driving the interior gets through huge displays, a reclining front, passenger seat and door, cabin controls for the rear passengers, plus intelligent voice command with artificial intelligence, Music, mercedes, maybach, eqs daimler cannot brag if some groundbreaking achievements on the Plane of electric vehicles, however, we can still expect that their future models will remain at the helm of the automotive luxury. The first harbinger of the upcoming eqs family of suvs was revealed under the mybug brand. The concept rocks the brands signature two tone paint scheme with chrome accents, its unique lighting and large 24 inch wheels in the build design. The model is built on the dedicated eva2 platform, but, unlike its lower spec siblings, it will be available exclusively in all wheel. Drive among the available numbers are the 600 wltp kilometers or around 330 epa miles of range and the presence of a 56 inch mbux hyperscreen cockpit. This concept amazes with the maybachs typical interior, opulence, yets, finest leather upholstered seats and white and dark blue and rose gold trim, bmw ix the most controversially looking electric suv of all time holds the status of bmws global electric flagship. Its dedicated eva architecture has 118 inches wheelbase and offers a lounge like seating for 5.

. In the upcoming months, the bmw ix will be offered in two variants: x, drive 40 and x. Drive 50, both motivated by dual motor setup with electric all wheel, drive capabilities, their peak outputs, reach 300 and 516 horses respectively, with the energy efficiency of 21 kilowatt hour per every 62 miles. I access 100 kilo at our pack is sufficient for up to 300 epa miles, plus it can add to 90 miles of range per every 10 minutes at the station. As always, the cabin of this bmw is well thought out and very comfortable. There are high end finishes: sustainable upholstery, materials, dimmable, panoramic moon, roof and a curved dashboard. It is comprised of two 12.3 and 14.9 inch screens that are powered by the brands latest idrive 8 infotainment Music, cadillac lyric, already spotted in camo. The lyric is nearing production as one of the most good looking electric suvs of tomorrow. It will get a stunning illuminated black crystals shields with three dimensional texturing, fully vertical led head and tail lamps and large 22 inch. Dynamic split, spoke alloy wheels. The scary rides on a modified ltm platform in a single motor rear wheel, drive specification, the permanent magnet unit, outputs 340 horses and 325 pound feet. The battery has 100 kilowatt hour and 300 miles capacity. It comes with a 19.2 kilowatt charging module for home and offers rapid charging at 190 kilowatt. The cavernous cabin feels airy thanks to the sloping. Full glass roof woolie power sunshade.

While the seats follow the iconic furniture architecture, there is a 26 collar remote led lighting, active noise cancellation through the akg studio 19 speaker system and a massive 33 inch display according to caddy, they have already sold out to the debut edition of the model and the Reservation will open again in summer 2022 gca on lx plus aeon is an all electric luxury mark owned by the chinese gc motors. The company already has five evs in its range, including the mid size, alexis uv that was launched to the market in 2019.. The upcoming lx plus represents the evolution of the model, offering faster charging higher battery capacity and improved interior attack powered by dual motor. All wheel drive promises 725 horses acceleration to 60 and 2.9 seconds and the top speed of 106 miles per hour. The setup is paired with a huge 144 kilowatt hour battery that should pack enough juice to travel 400 miles. The lx plus is also capable of recharging. At 480 kilowatt inside this uv gets white leather upholstery, a 15.6 inch infotainment and adigo 4.0 driver assistance. Software enabled by 35 different sensors cameras and radars Music hammer, ev suv, ignoring the dubious claims that detroit and gm specifically have electrified the entire auto industry. We can still admit that the hammer suv has good chances to become a decent full size cv with rare off roading capabilities. This gm giant will be built on the same platform as the mighty pickup, but has an 8 inches shorter wheelbase among the announced trends are ev squared ev, squared x, first edition and ev to the power of 3x.

The former 2 get a dual motor powertrain with 625 horses, while the 3 motor setup will yield 830 hp. The hammers ltm battery can reach 200 kilowatt hour, providing over 300 miles of range and four wheel drive capability. Moreover, the soft rotor gets unique, four wheel, steering with grab lock mode and a six inches adjustable air suspension, the hammer, evs uv sports, removable, roof panels and the interior embraces the next generation technological luxury of a 12 inch drivers display and a 13 inch infotainment. Then fast, vfe, 35 and vfe 36 after successfully selling to nestle his ukrainian company that made instant noodles femnet wong returned to vietnam in 2009 and began building his business empire. Today, the richest man of this asian nation has a net worth of 9 billion dollars and steadily conquers the automotive world as well. Benfast was founded in 2017 becoming the first vietnamese volume car maker. Their current lineup includes a couple of premium internal combustion models but wong eyes: the rapid expansion onto the ev territory, the very first electric models by vanfast were revealed at the 2021 los angeles, auto show with the first delivery schedules for the end of 2022. The venn fast vfe 35 is a compact crossover, while the vav36 reaches for the mid size dimensions. Both were code designed with the italian pen and for arena and right on the skateboard platform, with the rear or all wheel, drive configurations and up to 350 miles of range.

How do you like the luxury that electric suvs can offer and what are your thoughts about? The new lineup presented today well be discussing these matters in the comment section below subscribe to automotive territory and electrify the car world by smashing the like button, more eevee content is waiting for you through the links on the screen.