The tesla model 3. and in this review were comparing these cars inside outside. On the road were crunching all the numbers to pick a winner, but before we start make sure youre subscribed to our channel and if you want a great deal on your next new car click on the link to go to Music first lets cover the basics. The ionic 5 is a new electric hatchback, which is very similar to the kia ev6, and if you want to watch our ev6 review, then just click on the link at the top of the screen there. Now this car has received so much attention, mainly because of how it looks so. Its got loads of cool design, features like these pixel lights and it manages to be retro and futuristic all at the same time, its available with two different batteries: theres a smaller one and a bigger one, which is the one that weve got here today. And if you do go for the bigger battery with rear wheel drive, then the wltp official claimed range is up to 298 miles. This is the tesla model, 3., now its already a few years old, but it had a mild facelift towards the end of last year and it still is at the very sharp end of what modern evs can offer, in fact, its the best electric car that you Can buy but to test whether it still is were putting it up against the ioniq 5 in standard range plus form which just about undercuts the ionic in terms of price, even though it cant actually travel as far on a full charge.

Officially at least but were going to be testing the ranges in this video review as well, but we want to know what you think of the styling of both of these cars. Do you prefer the looks of the model 3 or the ionic 5.? Make sure you tell us in the comments below and by the way, just after we finished filming this review, the standard range plus left the model 3 lineup being replaced by a new entry level version simply called rear. Wheel drive its very similar to the standard range plus, but with a bigger battery and a better range well be reviewing it soon, so make sure you subscribe to find out exactly whats new, but for now heres how the model 3 and ionic 5 compare inside. Now. The model 3 has had some changes since it first went on sale in the uk and we go deep into what all those changes are in. Our full review of this car, which you can watch by clicking on the link at the top of the screen there. But for this comparison test, basically, the main change to point out on this interior is the fact that it doesnt have the gloss black center console finish from before and its actually all the better for it, because it helps lift the interior quality of this car and, Generally, it is better than when we first saw the model 3 in this country. What hasnt changed is the fact that this is basically a minimalist interior to the extreme, so theres, hardly any buttons theres, not even a driver display and instead thats all on the touchscreen infotainment system here which isnt ideal.

But you do at least have the important numbers in the top right corner of the screen, so they are close to the driver. You also still have these buttons and dials on the steering wheel, which can control the mirrors and also the steering wheel itself, which is weird Music. This dual screen layout in the ionic 5 looks pretty cool doesnt it. But what do you think? Do you think this? Actually looks better than the model 3s interior tell us in the comments below the disappointment. Here, though, is that in the ionic 5, you might think it looks cool, but the materials dont feel plush to touch so theres. Quite a lot of hard plastics around and also theres, quite a lot of wobble in this center console too, and really all these materials just feel a bit cheap, which is a big disappointment on a car that costs about 40 000 pounds. The model 3s interior isnt. Perfect but theres more soft touch materials around, so ultimately it does feel better in terms of quality. The model 3 also has a better range of adjustment than its steering wheel, because in the ionic 5, you do just wish that the steering wheel came out a little bit further than it does, whereas the model 3 has a better extension on offer. Now, with both cars, the seats are comfortable for the most part, but they are just lacking a little bit inside support. So if youre going around a corner quickly, then it does just feel like youre about to slip out of the seat in both cars, but in the ionic 5.

Every version that you buy looks like this inside. So that means that you get a 12.3 inch touchscreen infotainment system with decent graphics, a nice, simple, layout, thats also quite responsive as well, and you also have some physical shortcut buttons down here to hop between the different menus easily and this button is programmable. And if you hit that, then it takes you to your most used screen, which is pretty useful to have, but its the tesla, which has the better system. The 15 inch screen is really bright and sharp and the software is much slicker, but with so much control through the screen. These icons are a little small which is fine for your passenger, but a bit fiddly. If youre the driver, you get netflix some games. Theres. Google maps theres no android, auto or apple carplay, but this system is so good that you dont really miss them. As we said earlier, the model 3 doesnt have a digital driver display the ionic 5 does its got this massive screen there, but the big problem with it is that the important numbers, how fast youre going how much range is left or out towards the edges of The screen so from where ive got the steering wheel set up, i cant actually see them and for lots of people they might just find that they need to have the wheel unnaturally high. In order to be able to see those two crucial numbers, which is a bit of a shame, but the general view out of the ionic 5 is pretty good and its actually better out the front than it is in the tesla.

Because, with the model, 3 youve got quite thick front pillars, whereas in the ionic 5 theyre slimmer here, but overall, all things considered. The model 3 is better up front space in the back of the tesla is similar to what youd find in something like a bmw. 3 series in terms of space theres certainly room enough for a couple of six footers to get comfortable, and it does also feel like quite an open and airy interior as well, but the ionic 5 is bigger. Legroom, especially, is really generous, headroom also good, and these rear seats they slide and they recline as standard. So it really is impressive back here, but in the battle of the boots, its the model 3, which is the clear winner you can fit. Nine of these carry on sized suitcases into its massive boot, which also has loads of underfloor storage, and you can even get another suitcase in its front trunk and because this is the facelifted model 3, you now have an electric tailgate. The ionic 5 can fit seven of these suitcases into its shallower boot and, while you do still have some underfloor storage, which is enough for the charging cables, its nowhere near whats on offer in the model 3 and the same goes for the space under the bonnet Too, but this is still a practical ev now, how do these two cars compare on the road? Well, if you know anything about tesla, then youll know that they make pretty quick cars.

This model 3 standard range plus, is the least rapid tesla that you can buy, but it will still hit 60 miles per hour from a standstill in a pretty quick 5.3 seconds, thats with a 329 brake horsepower, electric motor driving the rear axle the ioniq 5 weve Got here is all wheel drive, but really the one to go for is the rear. Wheel drive version that has a 214 brake horsepower motor and is quite a bit heavier than the tesla, so not to 60 miles per hour is done in 6.9 seconds, but that really still feels more than quick enough for any type of regular driving. But its range rather than speed, which is likely to be more important to most people and the rear wheel, drive version of the ioniq 5, with the bigger of the two batteries in its lineup, can officially do 298 miles on a full charge and the standard range Plus version of the model 3, which has the smallest battery capacity in its lineup, can do 278 miles, but we conducted some tests in a controlled environment, simulating real world roads and real world driving and with a standard range plus model 3 and a rear wheel. Drive 73 kilowatt hour, ionic 5. It was the model 3 which was much more efficient. It averaged 4.2 miles per kilowatt hour of electricity compared to the ioniq 5s 3.4 miles per kilowatt hour, so that gives a theoretical maximum range of miles for the model 3, because its got a smaller battery compared with 247 miles with the bigger battery ionic 5.

. But dont forget theres. Now a new entry level version of the model 3, which gets a bigger battery than the standard range plus we havent conducted a real world range test on it. Yet, but it gets an impressive wltp claimed range of 305 miles. The model 3 has a clear advantage when it comes to charging up, because if you buy a tesla, then you get access to teslas fantastic supercharger network and from one of those youll get a 10 to 80 charge in around 21 minutes. But the ionic 5 has a really impressive maximum charging rate of kilowatts, so it can theoretically charge its much larger battery from 10 to 80 in just 18 minutes. The only problem is, you need a 350 kilowatt public charger to actually achieve that and right now in the uk there are only 20 different locations capable of offering that so there will be more in future, but its going to be a while before its as good And as common as teslas supercharger network, now loads of people, love teslas because of lots of the wacky things that are included with the cars like games and fart noises and various different easter eggs in the infotainment system. But the ioniq 5 has some of its own interesting features too, like this adapter, which allows you to basically turn the ionic 5 into an actual power source. So you can plug this in and charge your laptop. You can even charge another electric car, but pretty slowly, because this only has the power of a 3 pin plug.

Remember – and you can even use it to boil a kettle that adapter is only standard on ultimate trim, though you need to pay 365 pounds to get it on other trims, so you might be better off investing in a thermos flask. The ioniq 5 is also available with an augmented reality head up display, which shows things like route guidance as if its projected directly onto the road in front of you, but its only available in range, topping ultimate trim. The model 3 doesnt get a head up display at all. The ionic 5 also gets highway, drive assist level 2.. This is adaptive cruise control with lane keep assist, and it will also overtake cars for you, which is essentially what teslas so called autopilot. Does entry level sc connect cars dont, get that overtaking function in the ionic five and it doesnt have the apparently future proofed full self driving function that tesla offers as part of the technology pack for 1 495 pounds, you can get fully reclining front seats, but you Can only add that expensive option on the already expensive ultimate trim – and this is a premium trim car, so it doesnt have it now, whichever car has the best quirky features might genuinely be a deal breaker for some people, but surely whats more important is how these Cars drive, so if you value a soft supple ride, then the ioniq 5 is definitely the one to go for its got a really nice ride.

That does well to smother most bumps, but it can get a bit bouncy and floaty on fast undulating roads. But this isnt a great car to drive quickly. The nose is quite slow to respond to steering inputs and then when the car does change direction, theres quite a lot of body length, but it is comfortable and to go with that. Its quiet in here as well straight away in the model 3. You can tell that the ioniq 5 is the smoother choice of the two cars. This has got quite firm suspension, so impacts over pop holes are felt pretty sharply, but the upshot of that firm suspension is that compared to the ioniq 5, this feels much more agile if thats important to you now when it comes to the pricing, the ionic 5 Costs from around 37 000 pounds thats for the smaller battery with the smaller range, but it goes up to 48 000 pounds for the most expensive model, which then has the bigger battery with a bigger range. The version that weve got here sits somewhere in the middle of that pricing, so it gets the bigger battery but its in the cheaper of the two trims available. This actually has all wheel drive, but we think, unless you absolutely have to have it, the sweet spot of the ionic 5 range is a rear wheel, drive version with the 73 kilowatt hour battery in premium trim and that version of this car costs around 42 000 Pounds that midpoint of the ioniq lineup is where the model 3 starts.

So, from around 41 000 pounds, you get a model 3 standard range plus and the lineup goes up to almost 60 000 pounds for a model 3 performance, but just like the ionic, its the model 3 in the middle of its lineup, which makes the most sense. So for a model, 3 long range, you get a long range and an overall fantastic electric car and the long range is definitely worth it over the standard range plus because it just generally feels like a more polished car and definitely has a better ride but which Of these, two cars is best well. If youve taken one look at the ionic, 5 and youve thought thats the electric car. For me, then the good news is that the really interesting styling is backed up by what is a very good electric car. If you go for our favorite version, you get a near 250 mile range, its really comfortable, its got a practical interior, and it has that super fast charging ability, but that isnt quite enough to beat the model 3. its more fun to drive. It offers brilliant performance. Its a bit nicer inside so its the model 3, which claims victory here, but the ionic 5 is still a very good electric car. And if you want even more information on both these cars then go to, where you can also get a great saving on your next new car. Just click on the link and you can go straight to all of our deals.