The toyota bz4x is toyotas latest electric vehicle that is supposed to be available in june of 2022.. Toyota bz4x is the first model of the new series of eevee ever made by toyota. It is the first car to be introduced under the merchandise of beyond zero introduced by toyota. It is also the first car ever to be manufactured under the companys bev platform based on etnga battery technology. Toyota has partnered with subaru to manufacture all the evs to be made by using etnga technology for manufacturing evs. This technology is safe. The beyond zero target values provided by toyota are toyotas. Bz4X is a production of beyond zero series, which enables you to have a positive relationship with your surroundings. You and your car, you and your family, you and your society you and your environment. You and your car toyota bz introduces you to the comfortable and safe driving experience using the best technology of all time interior. The interior of the car has been kept very minimalistic and highly futuristic. They say that it gives the ambiance of a living room. The satin finish detailing soft textures and panoramic roof is the proof. The steering wheel has been kept as a design of space aged yolk style. That increases the grip, along with the change in steering. You get a 7 inch digital display with a touch screen. The cabin is airy and it is created to enhance the driving experience for all passengers. It has been estimated that the toyota bz4x has 452 liters of boot space.

The bz4x is designed and made to be comfortable and spacious for you to have a good time while driving you and your family toyota bz allows spending quality time with your family and friends. The latest bz4x is a spacious car to spend time in infotainment system. The infotainment system is the highlight of toyota bz4x that has been kept very futuristic. A screen is installed in the middle of the dashboard and it has a cloud navigation system and map information to get traffic information and parking space availability information. There is a system of bz4x in which an application is supposed to be downloaded in the drivers phone and he will be able to lock, unlock and start the system. Without screen operation, the driver will be able to park the car music mobile phone. You and your society with all the unique specifications and features toyota bz aims to create an environment where everyone lives in peace. Toyota, safety sense is to protect the driver and the passengers. This is how the bz series helps to create a safe society. Exterior the exterior of the car is highly sleek and robust toyota has produced an excellent car for modern urban life with a hook of an advanced bev. The front side of the car has a hammerhead signature shape and slim headlights. The vehicle frame protects the battery from getting damaged the system. Design has a separator between non conductive coolant and battery to maximize safety. The car is designed to take over the control of the driver.

There is a recognition system installed for the safety of the driver, passengers and the people walking around. There are two versions of the toyota bz4x vidya friend price ranges. The cost of the bz4x is estimated to start at thirty thousand dollars and end at forty thousand dollars in different versions. The entry level model is the xle and it has limited features. The price of the xle model starts at 37, 000. The standard model will be called limited bz4x that will have more features as compared to the xle. The price of the limited model starts at 32, 000 range battery and performance in front wheel drive. The bz4 x gives a 64 kilowatt hour battery pack, which claims to cover up to 250 miles of driving range per charge. Toyota bz4x is overall a smart car for sale and reliable driving range. Toyota, bz4x has incredible features as it can charge through solar panels and it is not necessary to charge it every day for the front wheel, drive version. The bz4x is powered by a high response: 150 kilowatts, electric motor – it produces 201 horsepower and 265 nm of torque enabling 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration in 8.4 seconds. On the other hand, the four wheel drive version of the toyota bz4x will be powered by 215 horsepower and 336 nm of torque enabling 0 to 60 mile per hour acceleration in 7.7 seconds. The top speed of both would be 100 kilometers per hour.

Toyota bz4x will be able to recharge on solar, energy and toyota says that the solar panels will be able to store energy for about a thousand miles of driving range per year. You and your environment, toyota me bz series aims to contribute to the conservation of the environment by reducing carbon dioxide and other emissions. Electric vehicle manufacturing automobile companies are trying to maintain the environment by their sustainable and practical approach to carbon neutrality in the environment. All the automobile companies are emphasizing the conservation and safety of the environment. Toyota has taken the responsibility to make evs that are carbon, neutralizing toyota bz4x takes care of you and your environment. Evs that are supposed to be launched in 2021 and 2022 are sustainable and charge using solar energy. I hope you all liked it if you liked this video, then do not forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Please click on like and subscribe to the channel for interesting content.