Is it actually cheaper than running my petrol or diesel car lets find out now ive made my way to eden mazda in taunton today, because were starting to get more and more affordable electric cars in the uk, this mazda mx30, for example, as an sel. This comes with things like a rear camera sat nav radar, guided cruise control, a big boot android, auto apple carplay, and at the time of filming. This is all for around 26 500 pounds. Now most of you probably are at least somewhat aware of the fact that evs or electric vehicles are in fact cheaper to run anyway than a petrol or diesel car. But perhaps you werent aware of quite how much cheaper it was so lets run into a little infographic and have a look this. What you see on screen right now is the formula, and you can even punch in your own numbers at home in this formula. P equals e times b, so p in this instance, is how much it would cost to charge. The car e is simply the cost per kilowatt hour that your house runs off, which is known as your home tariff and b is simply the capacity measured in kilowatt hours of the car, so lets use myself as an example. My home tariff is 13.9 pence per kilowatt hour and the capacity of my personal electric vehicle is 35 kilowatt hours. So all i need to do is pop this into the equation and times 13.

9 by 35, and that will tell me what a full charge will cost. My car from zero to 100 so for me to fully charge my car from zero percent, its four pounds and 87 pence, which seems pretty good right. Well, it gets a little bit better than that, because i and most people arent going to charge their vehicle from zero percent. I, for example, charge my car from around about 50 percent, so for me the cost is effectively halved because i charge my car sort of every two or three days so lets take a worst case scenario. Lets say that i charge my car every two days. This means per month my car is costing me 36 pounds and 53 pence, and that seems quite incredible but doing the same sort of journeys in my previous petrol car. That would normally cost me about 185 pounds per month, so thats a huge saving of 148 pounds and 48 p per month, quite ridiculous when you think about it really, but lets times that by 12 thats 1781 pounds and 76 pence im saving per year over my Cars warranty period is where it gets truly staggering: 5 345 pounds and some pence theres some pens in there somewhere, but at that point im more focusing on the 5 345 pounds. Not gon na lie thats a lot of money to save over three years. There is another way to make this escalate to an insane level, though energy providers are offering ev tariffs and you can set the charge at anti social hours.

In these hours, your home tariff can drop even lower the average that i research seem to be somewhere between four to five pence per kilowatt hour between midnight and 6 a.m. So, if we simply pop those numbers into our formula, this will give us a truly staggering. 1, pound 75, and if we use all of our previous scenarios, this would work out to a truly amazing 13 pounds, 12 pence a month just to run my car now thats 157 pounds 50 per year, which is less than i used to pay monthly. For my previous petrol vehicle, its simply staggering dont forget, if any of this still confuses you, our team will be happy to help. You can give us a ring on the number on screen and we can answer any questions you may have so right now. You must be thinking something along the same lines as i was when i first started learning about all of this. This sounds very tempting. I might have a look into this, but how much is a wall charger going to cost in my house? Could it cost thousands and thousands of pounds well have i got some great news for you, the average cost of a wall charger after the government wall charging oled grant is actually 500 pounds, not bad. When you consider that it may also increase the value of your house as well, it all seems too simple when explaining like this, but the process of buying my own eevee made sure that i never had to look back again.

Speaking of looking back dont, look back in regret, make sure to give us a sub if youve learned something today perhaps share this video with somebody whos, maybe considering an ev, so weve covered home charging. But what about when we go out and about surely its more expensive there and you know what youre right it is, while the ones we have at home are called quick charges that can charge your car in a few hours. Rapid charges that you can find on motorways and in supermarkets, well, they can do it in just minutes. Every charger on the road will tell you how many pence per kilowatt hour. It is the most expensive that ive ever personally seen is at my local gym that i totally visit every day. This was 40 pence per kilowatt hour. Ive, never actually seen one that was even half this expensive. As of yet and ive been driving an ev for nearly a year now, but lets use that as an example lets plug 40 pence per kilowatt hour into the same formula. So all of that together equates to 14 pounds per charge from zero percent. However, if we use all of our previous workings out, that equates to 105 pounds a month for me in this scenario, still 80 pounds cheaper than the petrol car i owned before, and this is assuming i rapid charge my car every single time in that months period. Oh and one last thing, dont think i owned a gas guzzler for my previous car, either for the last 5 000 miles of driving.

I averaged around 46 miles to the gallon out of the thing. There are, of course, other benefits for evs as well. For example, the government wont take pounds a year from you. Currently, they will actually take nothing if you drive an ev. Servicing costs tend to be somewhere around half of the price of the equivalent petrol car and because evs come a swath with safety equipment as standard. Quite often you find they can be cheaper to ensure as well. All of these reasons and more is why i chose to jump to ev early and in my opinion, there is genuinely no better time actually to jump to an electric vehicle eden want to help. You go ev2, so dont forget to leave a comment down below. If you have any questions, and i will personally try and answer them if you could leave a like and a subscribe, if you found this video informative, that would help out massively. Of course, there is a reason to subscribe as well. Next video im going to attempt to explain exactly how batteries work in electric vehicles and if you cant wait – and you just want your questions answered now – dont forget you can give us a ring on the number on screen right now or of course you can send Us an email, so thank you very much for watching and for one last thing enjoy these outtakes hello, im david from eden motor group and its a helicopter thats.